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Here a couple of vintage pictures that make the most of mirrors to enhance the shot. The advantages of such pictures, especially in a spanking context, are obvious. It also makes me think of a comment once made on a spanking forum. A young lady hated being spanked in public at parties, which is to […]

Weekly Round-Up


Despite another busy week I have had time to work, write, shave and check out the blogosphere. I must be getting better organised. Let’s begin with the pictures. The drawing is from Chicago Spanking and is another in the series flagged up last week. There is an interesting article accompanying the picture which like last […]

These images courtesy of TipTopper. The first has western cowboy woodshed feel. Contrast it to the playful nature of the second and the moderate ambiguous thrid picture.

This morning almost unnoticed the visit count rolled up and past six million. So can I take this opportunity to thank all my readers.

Our story began here. Sylvia was in a sea of emotions as she stood in the corner. Waves of a storm swept over her, vying for her attention; too many emotions for her to process or hold onto. It was embarrassing to stand there while the housekeeper and two maids pretended not to be watching […]

The only thing more irritating than the highly implausible ‘as the youngest of seven daughters I was spanked every night’ story on all of those forums; is the swamp of cynics who often ad nuseum say this has never and could never happen. There is nothing wrong with a good story and let people make […]

Our story began here. Sylvia was on tenterhooks for a few days and fully, not to say nervously, expected a confrontation with Mary. She tried to tell herself that she was afraid at the prospect and perhaps she was, but her overwhelming emotion was something else. That first night after witnessing Mary’s punishment Sylvia had […]

Weekly Round-up


After last week’s pathetic effort with this feature I hope this week is more interesting. At the time of writing this I have a busy weekend ahead and already there is plenty to find in Spankville. But maybe it is a case of getting it while it is hot. Last week I reported on the […]

This was found on a vanilla site dealing with 20th century social history. It was included in a general section from the 1930s entitled Memories of Hong Kong. It was captioned ‘Remember Sister Mary from our seminary days.’ It was rather amateur blog with random old photographs and no provenance, so make of it what […]

Our story began here. It was harder than she thought to follow the action once it got outside. Mary trudged like a condemned woman naked and exposed to the breeze while Drake followed her at a short distance. Sylvia could only leave the house once they had got clear of the garden and she quickly […]