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An advert for quirts in a Sears Roebuck catalogue back in the day included an introduction for the ‘lighter’ model. Apparently the shorter ‘third-weight’ size was perfect for applying to difficult wives as it could be felt through heavy prairie clothing without ‘harming your lady.’ Perfect apparently for those quick corrections. A quirt is a […]

Cowboy spanking


  There was a very nice email from Karen asking if there will be any more cowboy spankings. Well I don’t usually do requests, but I am sure that there will be a tale or two one day soon in this direction. The western theme has been explored here before, after all, meanwhile here are […]

“Well I think he is an absolutely horrid man,” Candy said as she whipped up the reigns so that the buggy smartened the pace. “Yes, I suppose,” her sister Martha sighed. Her elder sister Candice was right, she was always right. Martha was small with a button nose and blonde hair that she could never […]

Here is an excerpt from a cowboy story called West’s Way, by yours truly. The original novel was a complicated story about various people on a wagon train in frontier America. The background to this excerpt is that our hero John West has reluctantly accepted responsibility for a woman and her three daughters who are travelling […]