Weekly Round-Up


vintage marital bed strapping corner time Victor Jory spanks Evelyn Venable Streamline ExpressSadly I am in transit again and have not had time to write a full-out report this week. There is a lot out there though.

Firstly the pictures. In no particular order: The first is a historic find taken from Abby Sage’s Naked, if you want to read the text she has written out for us; the second was taken from About Spankings; the third picture is a JP drawing from several featured on Blossom and Thorn: and finally something snaggled from Ebay by Richard Windsor, Victor Jory spanking Evelyn Venable in Streamline Express.

For articles and more reading LSF’s Wellred Weekly hits its second volume.

Also Bonnie has some more spanking blog finds over at My Bottom Smarts.


2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Thank you! What a compliment to find myself here. 🙂

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