Calling all spankmasters 2


Many thanks for all spanking blogsters who have sent in some usage stats. It would be very useful if we could collect a few more.

In case there was any misunderstanding it was not the intention to publish these stats, but only to ascertain some general information about the total size of the spanking blog audience out there as a prelude to a readers’ survey.

Only the results of the survey would be published.

Many thanks also to those who agreed to help.

In any case happy Easter one and all and for those who live in cultures that eat chocolate – don’t eat too much.

For those who don’t – we are very sorry for your loss.

9 Responses to “Calling all spankmasters 2”

  1. Happy Easter to you too Miss 😉

    Bunny Spanked!!

  2. I’ve never been called a spank master before. But I think I like it.

    Anyway, I emailed you my stats. They are super secret. Lives may depend on them.

    Enjoy your weekend,


  3. 3 allie

    I want a bunny like that! 🙂

  4. 4 scarlet

    Happy Easter, DJ!

  5. 5 DJ

    Happy Easter

    thanks for the added responses

    now back and once I wake up I have a couple of posts. 😉


  6. Happy Easter!
    I hope you are happy and full of chocolate!

  7. And I have sent you all our stats! I am good like that- please spread the word that I am well behaved.

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