The Blog of the Week


Still hopelessly lost in deepest Europe, there was a bit of fun when it came to reviewing this weeks’s blog of the week.

For one thing the whole thing was viewed on a somewhat narrower screen than one is used to so the screen arrangement held added interest given the juxtaposition of images.

Now this blog was considered once before as blog of the week, but on that particular day there was a surfeit of male submissives that was a bit off-topic. So it was decided to revisit it at a later date.

However, it has to be said that Carla Marie of Colorado, the United States, better known as Aunt Carla is mainly an exponent of F/F spanking stories.

One should always have time for someone who writes spanking novels along side a blog, but really you should check this out.

Blog of the week: Carla in the Corner.

4 Responses to “The Blog of the Week”

  1. Well, I’ve just made the announcement to my partner and our close friends who know of our kink: “Carla in the Corner is officially on the map!”

    Thank you, DJ, for featuring me here; it’s a kick and a half! I still read every one of your entries and consider your stuff some of the finest spanking fiction on the ‘net. Thanks again!


    Carla Marie

  2. DJ, hope you soon find your way out of deepest Europe, and get to spank a few feminine continental bums on your way out.

    I heartily agree with your choice of “Carla in the Corner” as your blog of the week. Carla Marie is a talented and creative writer whose blog not only features her spicy stories, but also her musings on TTWD. A beautiful, intelligent and saucy lady whose blog is an erotic entertainment of enjoyment.

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