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After receiving an interesting email, more on which later, I did some research and stumbled upon this account. According to the French writer and biographer Pidansat de Mairobert, the Marquise de Rosen, the young and beautiful close friend and rival of Madame Du Barry learned of the price of falling out with the powerful mistress […]

Here is a short stage movie from 1940’s France. At stage film is an American term for the sort of movie men might watch at a stag party thrown for prospective groom. Although in the US, one understands, this sort of thing goes on without the sniff of a wedding. This movie comes from […]

Ahhh… so many to choose from, people are doing good things out there. This week’s is one that has been long neglected here, not even a link until today, as it is in French. It is a blog that has been on a regular visit list for years now maybe because of the added mystery […]