Blog of the Week


Ahhh… so many to choose from, people are doing good things out there.

This week’s is one that has been long neglected here, not even a link until today, as it is in French. It is a blog that has been on a regular visit list for years now maybe because of the added mystery of language.

It often has something new and fresh that in the past enticed the reader to reach for Google Translate and certainly opens a gateway to all those French spanking movies featuring the likes of Dany Robin.

These days of course it has an English language version (via standard and US English no less) available at the click of a button.

Beware this blog does not shy away from graphic sex so people of a nervous disposition…

Without further ado we present Au Fil des Jour.

3 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. 1 Stan/E.

    Well. It’s not “au fils” but “au fil”, my friend.

    And it has nothing to do with any family stuff.

    Thanks for the post, anyway.
    Stan from Paris, France…

    • 2 DJ

      sorry Stan

      although I notice you don’t say what it does mean 😉


  2. 3 Stan/E.

    means something like : “all along (the days)” , not easy to translate.

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