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The Waiting


The sheets were cool beneath me and I shivered, although not from the chill of the cotton.  I tried to distract myself by counting the grains in the wood of the headboard. Would he come soon? I hoped he would. Well perhaps I did. I was naked and my hips had been elevated by the […]

This week, being away, there has not been so much time to read. However, as each week we look at a blog that has some twist (well a lot of twists being spanking blogs), but you know what I mean. This week’s blog, Devlin O’Neill, has regular contributions form Poppy St Vincent, who has been […]

Take four girls


Years ago after watching a TV play about three liberated women in the 1960s an old hippy said that it was pretty tame to what he got up to during that era. He continued to regale all with tales of how he ended up with four women on a hiking holiday just on the expedient […]

Princess Christina scowled at the gathering storm as if it were a personal affront, although that was not only thing to keep her from the hunt. Her so-called tutor, Dr Gaius Ghent, had cancelled her day’s deerstalking on account of recent raids by the Tamarinds, as if she were some nobody who was afraid of […]

Blogging is supposed to be personal. It is quite literally meant to be a web log of someone’s personal life and experiences. It has to be said that most tend to stretch that somewhat, A Voice in the Corner, with its huge fictional is no exception. So this week’s Blog of the Week is Erica […]

Now this may be a big ask for some or even an imposition. A Voice in the Corner is planning a spanking attitudes and reader survey in the near future for which will be needed some help. In order to kick this off it is intended that some research is carried out. To this end […]

Taken in hand


Deborah hadn’t really known her father and yet she missed him with all her heart. His sudden demise less than a year before while on business in Belize had been unexpected and had left her an orphan. At 19, she was too young, in her opinion, to strike out alone and she did not have […]

Back to school


Mary looked at the piece of paper in her hand not quite believing it. When she had started this it had seemed just a harmless bit of fun. Now she couldn’t quite believe it had worked. “Oh well here goes,” she sighed. The uniform had fitted closely enough. She was surprised, not having worn one […]