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Our story began here. It felt strange to be bent over the older woman’s knee. Katherine could feel the pressure of Alice’s thighs under her, the rasp of silk stocking on silk, and the smell of her perfume. It was unsettling to be in such intimate proximity to another girl. No, unsettling was the least of […]

Nowhere extended for as far as the eye could see and it was beautiful.  Karl Justice had no idea why anyone would want to change things, it was perfect.  He had just crested the ridge of the Never Hills and was on the final approach to the Vanity Valley. The forest of Tapu trees in […]

Our story started here. The Rusty Bucket sat under the boardwalk that led from Gremlin to the Old Town. Opposite it were corrupted old engine parts and various discarded elements of scrap too expensive to recycle in a system so rich in minerals. Already rusting, the blood red sky from the refineries cast its russet pall […]

The clock ticked slowly, almost like a dirge to match the gloomy dark hall that led to the Dean’s office. There was a musty smell of polish and old wood here and with all the doors closed against them it was like a gaol-cell as they waited to be seen. “It will be alright won’t […]

Our story began here. Janet felt like an old rain barrel that had been emptied out and thoroughly scrubbed ready for the spring showers. Her bottom still throbbed like a son-of-a-bitch and felt like smoking hot leather to the touch, but at least the scream of the sting had reined in from total hellfire down to […]

Kate Francis had just gotten off the phone from her cousin Nora. It had been tough call and her elder cuz was not happy. But at least she had finally agreed to let Kate’s apartment and oversee the new tenants; for the meantime anyway. For Kate there was nothing much to return to Chicago for, […]

The sun was unexpectedly warm as she crept from under the trees where it was still winter cool. Stepping from the shadows, she revelled in the contrast as she moved from the chill into the summer-like blaze that set a fire in her copper-sheened hair. Blue flowers now peeked out between the first of the […]

Our story began here. Jenny had been too embarrassed to get dressed in front of Miss Bowman but it felt strange standing in the hallway of the hotel naked from the waist down. She suspected that Alice had only allowed it because they were the only guests, but all the same she felt vulnerable and […]

Our story started here. The great brown and silver-grey rock rolled slowly past them looking near enough to touch. At 10,000 meters off to the starboard, in space terms, it was. It was just one of the hazards the Ad Astra as it approached Rigel Nine, although the asteroid belt here was not as extensive as […]



Spankmanship, the latest story to be published by LSF is now available. Sylvia Burns is married to Gerald, who is rich – very rich. She lives in a gorgeous house and has more money than she knows what to do with … nevertheless, she is bored. As she learns more about the household, she discovers […]


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