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Indian Summer


Time was running out and summer had passed her by. Even the late September reprieve of sunshine felt fragile, as if the lightest breeze would blow it away in favour of autumn. The trees, which like her hair, were a copper brown but there was a dryness to them that reminded her of death and […]

Bridget sighed. Not so much of a sigh but the start of a tear that would fall if she blinked. So she did not blink, even though the computer screen shook and wobbled before her. She traced the keys with her fingers, letting the pads race in between the letters, lingering around the “f” and […]

Our story began here. It had been a long few of weeks but suddenly it was all coming together. Katherine remembered her father telling her what a mess his unit made of a simple thing like marching in step during his basic training. Then how suddenly one day it all fell into place and how […]

LSF have published another of their box sets. This time you have the opportunity to buy four novellas for less than the price of one. Two are recent romances and two have more have a mentoring theme. All are M/F scenarios but so are more intense than others. The Semester of Standing for Supper, for […]

Lady Arabella reached the rise above Grainger Manor with relief. The party had gone on for far longer than intended and against all expectations she had been winning all night. That arse Carstairs had lost game after game until she had nigh on £300 in front of her, which was all very well, but the […]

The noise from the street seemed close, but it could have been worse. The old block of flats was up a side street and they were three floors up with only one level above them. The young woman danced before her three friends in some consternation as she trawled her air-headed brain for an excuse. […]

Louise Garland was late. In fact she was always late, a habit she was fully inculcating her daughter to follow, she thought bitterly. Ever since her divorce some three years before, her new found business talent and freedom had come at a price. Namely, her domestic situation had gone to hell. She eyed the stop […]

In a Flap


The clack-clack of the typewriter filled the office as Amelia Travers picked her way through desks piled high with old tea chests. Many were over-ladened with business sundries and long dead accounts for transactions now  forgotten. She was a slight girl from the modern cut with a dark page-boy bob and a straight up and […]

Spanking Story


What can I say? I always did live in a world of my own and my whole life has been one obsession after another. Little did I suspect that one day one obsession would crash into the other and change my life forever. What am I talking about? Okay I am stalling, that is because […]



The bell for matins shook Sister Mercy from her slumber and she yawned. That old hag Sister Mary was leading prayers today and she was half blind. Mercy doubted she would be missed and for a long moment pondered staying bed. Mercy scratched her rough-hewn cropped red hair and yawned again. When not in use, […]


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