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Phoebe had drifted through life since college. Feckless her mother had called it, but the petite redhead thought that Mum could just as easily be talking about herself for all the direction she had ever provided. Still the informal apprenticeship with a City firm of interior decorators didn’t exactly feel permanent and Phoebe fully expected […]

Casey sighed heavily. The heat of the day was oppressive and the relentless sun threatened to burn her a whole new set of freckles. With a toss of her shoulder-length red locks she tugged at her short shorts and sighed again. The water looked cool and inviting, even if the sign didn’t. ‘Keep out, no […]

Dear Mr Brandon


Lady Constance stopped at the corner of the rose garden and the small Tudor-style maze at the south side of the house. Since her elder sister and cousin had got married, life at the Hall had been somewhat lacking. In fact her only diversion was her growing obsession with Mr Brandon who served as tutor […]

Our story began here. By the time the car pulled out of the drive Alice was ready as she had been instructed. After a long night of contemplation her mind was made up to it, she was going to be severely punished as she deserved. She had fallen short of the high standards she had set […]

Just like the novella collection, this is a cut price set of short story collections of my stories. It is a marketing idea by the spanking enthusiasts over at LSF Publishing and I am not sure how it will fly. But it does give readers a chance to buy a large batch of my stories […]

Our story began here. Muriel Baxter sat in the window seat, the garden behind her even as sunlight poured in to flood the room. Alice’s two youngest charges, Janet and Jenny sat cross-legged at her feet and stared up at her as if hanging on every word. “Now tell me,” Muriel said conspiratorially, “Are you really […]

Looking for some holiday reading? Like DJ Black stories? Well here is a collection of all those summer spanking stories newly published by LSF. Romantique Legacy Wild child Zoe is induced to spend several months living with Tony, her dead uncle’s friend and comrade in order to inherit a fortune. But can he give her the guidance she needs? […]

The boat was called the Gypsy and Toni fell in love with it at once. Not that it was much of a boat; a red half-cabin affair at just 15 feet long. It was the kind she might have hired out in the days before she had become a beach bum and had to hustle […]

Part I The hour she stood in the corner had passed impossibly slowly for Sofia, a long miserable experience that left her with a strange new emotion she could not place. If she had been more worldly and less proud she would have recognised it as humility. At first she had been angry, but it […]

LSF have republished some of my stories, this time in a bargain box set. There is no new material I am afraid, although watch this space, but do feel free to buy them all again. The DJ Black Collection: Novella Box Set includes four complete novellas, which at 134,000 words makes it a novel length […]


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