In the Service of the Wolf (part XXXVII)


wolf 37
Part I here

Alice sat on the bed gripping the covers clenched with both hands. She felt sick. What had come over her? The idea of two men fighting over her was exciting, but the pain on the brothers’ face was something she never wanted to see again. She only wanted… wanted… she let out a wail and stamped her foot. She wanted to tear up the world. How could she have been so… what… stupid? It was beyond stupid.

“You fucking bitch,” she spat and stamped her foot again. “You selfish teen brat destructive… fucking bitch.”

She tried to calm herself and again she felt sick. She actually wanted to vomit.

Alice realised she was panting hard and felt dizzy. After she apologised she would leave. She thought making the decision would make her feel better, but the thought of leaving made her panic. She bowed her head went back through the same cycle of emotions.

Alice might have spun herself around in misery for hours, but there was a knock at the door.

“Don’t pussyfoot around,” a male voice snarled, adding, “Out of my way.”

Adam strode into the room looking like he hated her. Behind him was a stern-faced John.

Alice could not look at them and dipped her head as if scanning the floor for salvation.

Adam too could find no words and wondered what he was even doing there. Never before had a woman come between him and John. Why were they bothering with her?

“Alice,” John began and when she didn’t respond he said again more sharply, “Alice.”

She looked up, misery like a mask on her face.

“Do you love either of us?” John asked. He looked as if he was about to fall off a very high mountain.

Alice swallowed and after a pause she could only nodded.

“No lies now,” Adam snarled. He looked as if he might punch her.

“No, no lies,” Alice took a deep breath and dipped her gaze again.

“It is Adam isn’t it?” John said in a hopeless voice.

Alice looked up suddenly undefeated. “No you fool, can’t you see that? Jesus I think I am going insane. I love both of you.” She looked at Adam for some hope that he already knew that.

John’s face was suddenly alive and she wanted to run to him. The with a more assertive tone he pressed her, “You have to choose”.

Adam half smiled and shot his brother a quizzical look, “Why?” he shrugged.

John frowned and looked at him as if for the first time.

“She can’t stay, can she, not forever, let’s face it. She isn’t one of us. But if this is… what? Just some kind of holiday romance,” he allowed his cynicism full rein and added, “then why does she have to choose?”

Alice was incredulous and suddenly strangely excited.

“You mean…?” John gaped.

Alice straightened up from her place sitting on the bed and pushed back a little. “Tell me Adam, do you love me?”

“Yes,” he spat without the least hesitation. “I think from the moment I saw you.” He looked at John and shrugged.

His younger twin only nodded.

“So what then, you share me?” Alice’s head spun with the idea, but everything she had been taught riled against it.

“Maybe,” Adam shrugged, “But first there is another matter that needs attending to,” he said.

Alice tried to form a question with her mouth, but it was as if she already knew but her mind was still playing catch up.

“First, John is going to give you the soundest spanking you ever, ever got. Hell that any girl ever got,” Adam smiled, but his eyes were sharp.

Alice gasped and felt her heart race.

“Then you’re going to spank her,” John smirked.

“Oh yes,” Adam’s smile extended to a grin.

“… And I guess duty and pride demands that you best my efforts,” John chuckled.

“But of course,” Adam had removed his leather jacket and was now rolling up his sleeves.

Alice gulped and although she did not stand up, she visibly backed up.

“Then you are going to punish her in any way you see fit or until she vows never to trouble us again,” Adam spoke to his brother as if Alice wasn’t there. “I might add something if I still think she needs it, depends if she learns to be a good girl or not.”

“Adam… John… listen I know…” Alice protested as she looked frantically from brother to brother.

John tossed his own jacket onto a chair and sat down beside her. Then he crooked his finger to beckon her draw near.

“Please John… I’m…” she spluttered.

“Sorry?” he supplied, “Is that it?” With a growl he grabbed her by the arm and hauled her across his lap.

Yes, she thought, she was. However, something told her she was only beginning to understand the meaning of that particular word.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go first?” John asked his brother with a grin.

Adam grinned back, happy to see that his brother had returned to his old self. “No, you get started, I’ll catch up.”

“Guys,” Alice wailed, “Please don’t…” then she gasped as she felt John’s thumb hook at the band of her denims and then tugged until the button in front popped.

“You want out?” John said in a low voice dripping in menace, “you want to hide behind city-folk consent? But I am monster remember?”

Alice was breathing fast, her head was reeling. “You’re not,” she replied breathily. She was scared and something else. She chose this, she knew that now, and in any case after what she had done maybe she had it coming. Maybe if she was less proud she might even admit that.

“Not what?” John asked sharply, misunderstanding her words, “Doing this? Oh my girl, you have no idea.”

He finished dragging her jeans down to her knees and noticed that her panties had come down with them. Damn she had an ass, he thought, but the not-so-little man in his own pants was way, way ahead of him.

Alice could not help a wild flush as she shot a look of panic at a grinning Adam; she was half naked in front of two men. Then John seized her attention by cupping her bottom.

“This is a nice milky white,” John soothed.

“Alabaster I think they call it,” Adam said knowingly as if discussing a fine wine, “and look at those curves,” he whistled appreciatively. Then he made a mocking frown. “Hey didn’t we make that tail end red already? I am sure I did.”

John nodded sagely and followed his brother’s gaze. “Yeah, you know I think we did. I guess we did a lousy job.”

“Sadly yes,” Adam said gloomily, “So I suppose there is only one thing for it.”

Alice was mouth-breathing now and her eyes rolled back like a newly bridled pony. “Guys, come on,” she wailed.

“I think our high and mighty lawyer is beginning to catch on,” John chuckled.

“Not so high or mighty today, more of a brat I would say,” Adam replied.

“Y-you… you b…” Alice spluttered and began to struggle.

John slapped her hard. Alice froze in a gasp and gaped in awe at the breath-taking sting.

“I think that got her attention,” Adam laughed.

Alice was still processing the burn when John spanked her again.

“Bastard,” she blurted and began to twist. Then gasping heavily she wailed, “I didn’t mean that, I…”

“Dear oh dear,” John sighed.

Adam offered him a mock shrug.

“Look I mean…” Alice squirmed.

“Belt?” Adam suggested.

“Or we could have her go and cut a couple switches,” John countered.

“Oh a dozen at least and just as nature attired her,” Adam chuckled.

Alice’s eyes started in her head and she prayed they were joking.

John addressed himself back to Alice’s bare bottom and rapidly pump-spanked her with his powerful arm in a rapid volley that left the woman bucking and yelling. “Something on account,” he told her and then repeated the action.

“Oh please,” she wailed, “I’m sorry.”

“Are you? I wonder,” John mused aloud and began spanking her vigorously again.

By now Alice’s bottom was a deep pink and yielding to red in a series of angry blotches around the lower curves. She was also panting heavily as if sprinting from hungry wolves. However, to the two beast that now held her captive, this was more of a long slow marathon.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” Alice blustered, “Can’t we talk about this.”

“Are those tears?” Adam asked, ignoring her pleas.

John firmly but gently cupped her chin and turned her face towards him. “The first of many don’t you think?” he said and then set down to giving Alice the longest hardest spanking he had ever given anyone.

To be continued

6 Responses to “In the Service of the Wolf (part XXXVII)”

  1. 1 Ruth

    Guess she had it coming, but would not want to be in her shoes, all for being a bit confused poor girl. Great continuation of the story many thanks.

  2. 3 Erin

    I’ve been waiting for this, and it looks like it’s going just the way I was hoping it would! Pleeease don’t be too long in posting the next part!

  3. Another instalment soon!

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