Some Summer Reading


It has been a busy week at work so less posts. Also the CMS company have changed how the blog works and their improvements and simplifications are impossible to fathom and seem much more limited so far. Images are very complicated and every bloody link requires CCS type specified or some such thing. I used to do this for a living but I am rusty and in any case I do not want to do any programming just to quickly post something. As a consequence I am not sure I can publish more than one image at a time without setting up a image config every time I want to publish and as yet I haven’t even been able to work out how to do that.

I do have time for a quick shameless plug. This partly in response to a couple of inquiries about my books.

John K asked, ‘Are all my stories included on this blog’ and Jane69 dropped me a mail to ask ‘do I ever contribute to other publications.’

The answer to the first is no. There are several stores for various reasons are no longer on this blog or mostly never were. The ones listed above are as far as I know only available in this form. Magic and the Academy were once here but were removed for technical or publication reasons. The Russell Corner has been available in print (and still is in the US, so I am told). The Exit Bureau is only available from Amazon or LSF Publications as an E-Book.

The Spanking Hand Book – the authoritative guide to adult discipline, was published in Australia and I contributed one chapter.

I have also contributed to other publications, principally the LSF, but that has only one or two short stories and articles not published here.

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