Disciplinary Tales (Issue 11)


LSF have published another collection of my short stories.

This issue of Disciplinary Tales (11) features the following stories:

Memoirs of a Secretary: Brenda loves her job but isn’t very good at it. When her boss complains about her poor performance, she suggests he should spank her. Reluctant at first, he soon gets into the swing of things, and sometimes spanks Brenda’s assistant too – and his wife!

Prodigal Daughters: Before Thomas is made a member of the family by marrying Amanda, he has to follow tradition and observe exactly how her stepfather wields the cane on her bare bottom. Then Thomas canes his bride-to-be, as the other family members listen in the next room. Later, Amanda has to stand bare-bottomed, showing off her spanked bottom to her family and the servants. Next, it is the turn of Amelia and Chloe….

The Taming of Amanda Moore: When the feisty red-haired Amanda bursts in on Tom Halleck and loses her temper, he is swift to give her what she deserves: a damn good spanking.

The Agony and the Ecstasy: Casey plucks up courage to confess a sin, and asks to be punished for it. First she has to wait bare-bottomed in the corner for Alec to deal with her. It’s the hairbrush to begin with, followed by the dreaded hickory switch.

Close Encounters: Cassie is a commander in the space corp, selected for a solo mission which takes her through a worm hole. Things don’t go to plan and a large alien boards her ship, and after she insults and attacks him, he gives her a long and thorough bare bottom spanking.

Daisy Bell: Daisy is a wilful pupil at Winthrop Finishing School. She deliberately doesn’t do her work, and when she is spanked by the male teacher, finds it a very painful experience. Yet she is a bad girl, and this is exactly what she needs…

A Matter of Fact: Carrie is a student researching discipline and corporal punishment. But she has no real, first-hand experience of either, until Mr Harrington shows up on her doorstep and gives her a bottom-tingling demonstration.

What Is the World Coming To?: Tracy poses for photographs in a glamour magazine and her parents are furious. But her mother’s past is slightly shady, and she recalls how a spanking sorted her out – so instead of throwing Tracy out of the house to live elsewhere, she gives Tracy similar treatment and spanks her with a hairbrush.

You can get it here.

2 Responses to “Disciplinary Tales (Issue 11)”

  1. 1 Ruth

    I purchased this e book a few days ago found the stories a little different, prodigal daughters very harsh, but then I find a lot quit harsh. Have come to the conclusion I was gently disciplined. Loved a matter of fact, in fact prity much loved all the stories. Well worth buying.

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