Letters to My Governess


The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

Your enthusiasm does you credit and when I have time to reply in detail I will do so, although I rather suspect that we will meet again before I have time to commit my reply to paper.

I will be happy to enlighten you regarding the switch and the ways that it is applied in the colonies, although I doubt that you will much enjoy the lesson. I will however save that for a future time as when next we meet I have other methods to demonstrate.

In your last missive you suggested that Ruth’s spanking lasted over an hour. I hardly think so, that would be an heroic undertaking for both of us. Such a feat can and has been done, but not on such an inexperienced posterior. I think you will find that a prolonged spanking only seems like it lasts an hour, especially from the point of view of the recipient. Incidentally, being sent to the corner has a similar effect on the mind for all concerned.


Jane Carlisle.

to be continued…

2 Responses to “Letters to My Governess”

  1. 1 buellfool

    I am so glad you posted more of this story.I have been waiting so long,I check back here more than I check my own e-mail.
    Thank you for continuing this.

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