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  Part I here Warning this story contains very graphic sex John had been spanking Alice for at least 15 minutes and although he was only using the flat of his hand the burn put the hapless woman in mind of a spiked running shoe. For the first three or four dozen spanks she had gritted […]

Part one here Tzara still lay firmly across his lap. The spanking had lasted for what seemed hours and she had long since surrendered to the idea that it would never end. At some point she had stopped yelling and had given over to moaning and gentle tears. Sensing that she had reached that point, Galen […]

Part I here Adam sank back against the door and took in the sight of the humbled woman facing the corner. Her pants and panties bound her at the ankles and it had been a while since he had seen such a well-spanked bottom.  Alice’s exposed bare behind gloried in a heavy sheen of raw red […]

The early morning warmth, pushing my bottom against your thighs and wriggling until you wrap me in your arms and make me blush. The plans we can make that fill up calendars – parties and gatherings that blossom along the path of our year as it curls into the distance. Sunday afternoon spankings that leak […]

The Petard


The island fell away from them at this elevation, a teardrop of rock in a turquoise sea a thousand miles from anywhere. The sub-tropical forest that dominated 10 miles by five of private haven was impossibly green and only here and there did purple rocks poke through like natural towers that gave vantage points like […]

So Embarrassing


“It was sooo embarrassing,” she drawled. “What have you done now?” Jessica asked with a heavy sigh. Caitlin leaned forward and adopted a conspiratorial whisper. “You know that Jonathon has been keeping tapes of every televised Chelsea game going back to… oh forever.” As she spoke, Caitlin’s eyes were two large white discs with crystal […]

To explain the picture above here is an excerpt from the Independent about Michael Farrell’s Madonna Irlanda. “One would have to be brain dead not to be instantly in lust with Boucher’s portrait of one of Louis XV’s younger  mistresses, Mademoiselle O’Murphy. The combination of her pose on a sofa, the expression on her face, […]

Following the post about the South African Star article on spanking entering the mainstream, last night’s Sex: How To Do Everything on the UK’s Channel Five (AKA Fiver) they had an item on spanking. It started off well enough, natural between consensual couples, how heavy it gets is up to you etc. They even had […]

So you know you’re not vanilla. But then what are you into? Maybe its not important to you because you don’t like labels?

But then again perhaps before you can cast aside labels you need to be clear what the labels are.

What for instance is the difference between BDSM and BD or S&M? Are these the same as subDom or is that something else? Perhaps you are just an anal-centric spanking fetishist.