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LSF have published another collection of my work. Disciplinary Tales Issue 10. This issue of Disciplinary Tales features the following stories: A Hapless Girl: Carolynn is a naughty girl, first for messing around with a married man, secondly for being 45 minutes late back to work at lunchtime. But her employer, Mr Black, knows exactly […]

While we were away LSF published this collection of stories and one or two of you have asked about it. I just realised that I never seriously plugged this book and it might have slipped under the radar. It is a pretty hefty collection and a handy round up of some of my stories if […]

LSF has just published the next book in this series. The details of this collection as per the publishers blurb below. Tails from the Riverbank: When pretty divorcee, Helen, and her eighteen-year-old daughter, Emma, go on a boating holiday, they encounter a man living in his boat as he carries out repairs. ‘Doc’ is friendly […]

Since the relaunch I have had a few inquiries as to whether readers may have missed any stories written while the blog was down. Also Mark and Melanie D asked if I have written anywhere but this blog. The answer is that while most things I have ever written are available here, some shorts and […]

Abraham Heights is the small American town that time forgot. It scarce lets the 21st century trouble its 1950s sensibilities and old fashioned family values matter and sororities are right off the pages of a Will Henry novella. No young woman’s bottom is safe from a spanking and even out of town English Professor Donna […]

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic comments. I want to stress that Indigo and I are very touched by your support, but apart from the obvious, there is no cause for concern. Both our lives have changed radically in the last year and we are both going through a period of positive but nonetheless far-reaching professional […]

By the Book


Most of the pictures above are from mainstream pulp fiction cover illustrations. Only one set, the black and white Benson drawings, are actually from spanking books. The rest have either picked out a brief spanking scene from the book to carry on the cover illustration or as far as is known, have no spankings in […]

An Australian publisher, Instructing Eve, recently approached yours truly for a contribution to a book called The Spanking Hand Book – the authoritative guide to adult discipline. After some discussion it was agreed that DJ Black would write a chapter on the history of spanking. The book includes not only stories and history but various […]

Here is a little snippet from something called Memoirs of a Pervert, which was knocking around in the late 1980s. Although, as I have said, my formative years were the 1950s, the seal was put upon my proclivities after a visit to my Aunt Margaret way back in 1961. I was 14 and one Saturday […]

Trying to think of a blog for this week it seemed appropriate to fall back on divine inspiration. However it didn’t work. So clicking on the links on the right there was a post about Corporal Idaho on Devlin O’Neil’s blog; a book that has only just been put down on the bedside table. Now […]