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A good friend of ours, Kia Sera, who writes an interesting blog, Acknowledging Imperfection, is an American living in Ireland. In recent times she has become involved in helping out with the Irish spanking project, Class Ireland. To quote their mission: CLASS Ireland, the Continued Learning Academy for Switches and Submissives, is a school which […]

Eleanor Whitlow blew a stray strand of hair from her forehead. At least it was not plastered there with perspiration on account of the heat. The heat, it was barely March, as she remembered it Boston would only have just seen off the snow. But Eleanor was a long way from Boston and as strive […]

Angela’s story continues: After I had left David Ashley’s office I walked very slowly, taking pigeon steps, down the hall to the senior girls cloakroom. I took a moment to tug my knickers down and to look at a vicious set of purple ribs scoring my behind. Then I grabbed a huge wad of paper […]

For perhaps obvious reasons there have not been any school caning stories on this blog. So this is a first. This story is inspired by two unrelated experiences. Firstly, at school, an older girl had to redo the whole of her upper sixth year. Her younger sister, who was in the lower sixth, took immense […]