Cade County 1983


cade county spankingKate Francis had just gotten off the phone from her cousin Nora. It had been tough call and her elder cuz was not happy. But at least she had finally agreed to let Kate’s apartment and oversee the new tenants; for the meantime anyway.

For Kate there was nothing much to return to Chicago for, not for now at any rate, and besides she was beginning to like Cade County. Teri Vaughn her new landlady had let out a room to her on a more or less permanent basis that was so cheap that once she took into account the difference in rent, she could almost be a lady of leisure once her Chicago apartment was let.

In any case, the job in LA had well and truly slipped through her fingers so for the time being Teri had gotten her a job as a clerk and switchboard operator in the County Sherriff’s department where Teri Vaughn worked as a deputy.

Of course there were one or two drawbacks. Before she had before there a week she had run afoul of Teri’s rather strict notions of behaviour. She had just been told that her car would be in the shop for another week and had absently let slip with an F-word.

“Oh I am sorry, I just…” Kate had apologised hastily.

She had already been warned about her smart and dirty mouth but despite her first encounter with Teri she had not believed it was of true consequence. It was just that these backwoods folks were a mite sensitive as Teri had warned.

They had both been on the porch of Teri’s small house during this exchange and Kate had felt awkward at the slip.

“You know, I don’t think you are,” Teri had sighed.

Kate had been mildly embarrassed when Teri had just got to her feet and strolled inside, but to leave her alone so suddenly was rather extreme, she had thought. But not as extreme as what followed. In a moment or two the deputy returned with a purpose and Kate immediately saw the hairbrush in her hand.

“I like you Kate, but I don’t think you were handled right growing up in the city,” Teri said casually, “You really can’t give in to that potty mouth of yours.”

“I’m sorry but…” Kate stumbled over the words as her mouth went dry; her bottom’s muscle memory way ahead of her head and what it was telling her did not yet compute.

Teri tipped the younger smaller woman easily across her lap as she sat in the swing seat and Kate found herself bottom up across her knee.

“Hey, you can’t just…” she began.

But Teri had already hauled down Kate’s sweats and panties and was lining up the flat surface of the brush.

Kate felt the sudden evening breeze where the sun hardly shone and her first thought had been that someone might be out there in the gloom watching. But it was a transitory thought as the brush landed with a sting and she yelped.

“Ow, oh come on,” Kate wailed out in pain.

But that spank was to be the first of many.

“Terri,” Kate shrieked as another spank landed.

But the deputy lay on with a will just as she had been taught, landing two dozen spanks as the city girl kicked and spluttered.

“Ooh, ouch, ah-yah, Terri, please,” Kate squealed her bare bottom now afire.

“You know I had my mouth washed out with soap for cussing like you do and not so very long ago and while you’re under my roof you’ll get the same,” Teri told her with not the least regard to her friends growing misery.

“Oh Teri,” Kate sobbed, her breathing fit for a runner at a sprint.

“Mighty hot eh?” Terri chuckled, “It is certainly mighty red.”

“Oh you bitch,” Kate gasped.

“Is that a fact,” Terri said pointedly, “I guess we have a ways to go then.”

“N-now I didn’t mean… Terri,” Kate shrieked again, “Please I’m sorry…”

The spanking lasted a good 15 minutes before Terri let up and by then Kate was hugging into her thighs rocked with tears.

“That’s a good girl,” Terri soothed, “You needed that didn’t you?”

Kate could scarce speak and could only nod as tears run down her nose and off her chin, her bottom now two hot pads of fire.

“Now to see the evening out let’s have you nose to the plank wall there so your behind can cool some in the breeze,” Teri chuckled.

“What… come on,” Kate protested, now finding the breath to complain.

“It is a matter of professional pride and tradition,” Terri said with undisguised glee, “Besides I just love seeing you city girls taken down a peg.”

“Not out here,” Kate wailed, annoyed that she had blurted out an implication that she would even consider submitting to such a thing.

“Well it’s that or another spanking, a mouth-soaping and I’ll still have your pretty nose to the wall for a spell,” Terri teased her, nodding at a waiting space.

Kate stood now, a look of horror dancing on her face. Her hands fluttered at her lowered pants threatening to pull them up, but although Terri hadn’t said so, some instinct told her that bare bottom exposure was part of the deal.

“I am so glad you are beginning to respect our traditions,” Terri giggled and then with a flash of serious intent in her eyes she made a circle with a finger and pointed at the wall again.

“Bu-but what if someone…” Kate swallowed.

“No one around that I can see, but if-n anyone happens by then they’ll get quite an eyeful,” Terri chuckled her pointing finger becoming firm.

Kate thrilled with a warm tingle at Terri’s authority and wondered at herself, but a hint of a threat by the deputy with the hairbrush sent the city girl scurrying to obey forestalling anymore consideration on that point.

“This is just so embarrassing,” she groaned.


Three weeks later Kate was sitting at her desk in the Sheriff’s office when Terri came in with two forlorn looking young women. It was pressing on ten at night and Kate was looking forward to knocking off, this being her one late that week, but something about the look in the deputy’s eye made her perk-up.

“Is the sheriff still in?” Terri asked.

“He headed up the street for a coke I think,” Kate answered, “But said he drop by before he called it a night.”

Kate’s eyes were firmly fixed on the two women, both of whom were around 20. Both were tall and pretty bottle blondes, but despite the cut-offs and over-indulgence in make-up, the new clerk could tell they were loaded.

“I need him to call the mayor at home,” Terri sighed.

“Hey you don’t need to do that,” one of the women snapped, “I am sure we can work something out.”

Kate frowned and looked the girls over again. The one who had spoken had face set to sneer and was dripping with entitlement. Kate knew the type from college. The other looked more inconvenienced than nervous. But they were so alike that at first glance Kate might have taken them for twins.

“You two, get out back,” Terri snapped, “You can cool your heels in the second cell while we sort this out with the sheriff.” Then as she passed Kate’s desk she dipped down and whispered, “Mayors’ daughters; caught them speeding out on highway nine with half a six-pack on the back seat.”

“So…?” Kate shrugged.

“So I need to run things by the sheriff before we handle this informally,” she hissed, “If that’s how they want it anyway.”

Kate looked at the clock and wondered if Sheriff Tate would be back before she had to go. Something at the back of her mind told her this was about to get interesting.

The Sheriff came back at a little after 10 and frowned in concern when he saw Kate still sitting there. He was a large man in his early 40s with short dark hair and sideburns that made him look a little like Burt Reynolds. The only think that spoiled the image was the slight paunch and the mermaid tattoo on his heavy right forearm.

Holding to the code of the strong and silent, he strolled into the office with his hand half hovering at his holster and cocked a quizzical eyebrow at Kate.

“Terri, I mean Deputy Vaughn is looking for you Sherriff,” Kate answered the unspoken question, “She just arrested the mayor’s daughters.”

“It figures,” Tate sighed, “Must be at least a month since I ran them in here. Takes ‘em that long to forget I guess.”

Just then the backdoor opened and Terri half-leaned into the room.

“Got Wendy and Jolene Brinkman back here Sheriff,” she began.

“So I heard,” Tate groaned, “Please tell me it is only traffic again.”

Terri snorted in amusement and nodded.

“Fetch it will you,” Tate drawled and sauntered across the room and out to the cells.

Terri smirked and shrugged in Kate’s direction before standing aside. Then once the Sheriff had gone out back she headed to his office.

“What’s going on?” Kate hissed.

“You’ll see I reckon,” Terri sighed.

Meanwhile inside Tate drew-up a chair next to the open cell and dropped into it wearily as he looked the two miscreants over and checked his watch.

“Ladies,” he said in false bonhomie, “So nice to see you again.”

“Hi Sheriff Tate,” Jolene said breezily.

Her sister, the younger by 10 months, blushed a cherry red and hunched into herself at the sight of the lawman.

“I haven’t looked at the charge sheet cos there ain’t one yet,” Tate said casually. “That is how you want to play it I guess?”

“I guess,” Jolene said with a wink.

Wendy swallowed hard and nudged her sister in the arm.

“What?” Jolene snapped angrily, “You want to go to court? You think that will sit better with Daddy when he finds out?”

Wendy blushed even more and looked at her shoes.

“Mind you,” Jolene continued pleasantly, “There is no need for Daddy to find out at all is there?”

“You know that there is,” Tate said sharply, his easy smile now vanishing as quickly as it had come.

“Oh please Mr Tate, we won’t do it again,” Wendy whined.

The Sherriff leaned back in his chair and laughed. This time in genuine humour until the younger girl was crushed and even Jolene looked uncertain.

“Okay, so you caught us only last month,” she admitted.

“Last month, the month before that and… oh yes back in May wasn’t it?” Tate said pointedly.

“I ‘spose,” Jolene shrugged. “I guess we got something coming then,” she admitted, “But… well maybe you don’t have to tell Daddy this time.”

“And then maybe I do,” Tate sighed.

“Please Mr Tate,” Wendy wailed.

“You want this on or off the books?” Tate asked. Now he was in full sheriff mode and his eyes showed some steel.

“Off, I guess,” Jolene agreed with a groan.

Wendy nodded.

Right on cue the door at the end opened and Terri came in carrying the heavy leather strap with holes. At three paces behind Kate crept in and hung back against the wall as if hoping she wouldn’t be noticed.

“I’ll just check in with the mayor and then we can…” Tate sucked in his lips and rolled his gaze between the two women, “… resolve this.”


When the sheriff returned Wendy was leaning against the back of the cell biting her lower lip with her arms folded. Her head was bowed and suddenly the centre of the floor was the most interesting thing in the room.

Jolene on the other hand was pacing confidently as she were waiting for a store to open.

If either girl had any doubts about the nature of the conversation with their father it was dispelled when Tate took the strap from Teri and hefted the chair he had been sitting on to take it into the cell.

The wooden legs scraped on the hard floor with an unnerving squeak and Kate jumped. Her belly had the flutters now, almost as if it were her bottom that was in jeopardy and she remembered her first encounter with Terri in this same cell.

“Quite the gentleman Sheriff,” Jolene smiled, but her voice was tight as she added, “to provide a chair for a lady to sit down.”

“You’re welcome to sit on it once we’re done,” Tate snorted, “If you still can.”

Jolene shrugged and without further preamble moved her hands to her cut-off denim shorts and shucked them down with her panties in front of everyone without a blink.

Kate sucked in her breath as the girl’s pubic triangle was revealed, completely shocked at the casualness of the affair. She was further surprised when Jolene strode forward and flopped over the back of the chair so that her bare bottom mooned the ceiling and pointed itself at the sheriff.

The curve of her bottom jutted out in profile to Kate’s position and her hair cascaded in a curtain over her head as she took hold of the chair’s sides.

Wendy looked more pensive now and had started in biting her thumb.

The strap moved in Tate’s hand before Kate even saw it. One minute he was stepping forward and the next there was a mighty swash-thwack.

Jolene’s head whipped back flaying the air with her hair, but any pretence of stoicism was surrendered to an angry shout.

This was repeated as another blow fell and then thrice more as Tate swung his arm down with an experienced force. Each time Jolene yelled and bucked until little by little her cries became moist and she gave herself over to tears.

Occasionally she twisted and turned her bottom so that Kate could see a hard swollen band of red across both cheeks extending down to her thighs, but mostly she dipped ever lower towards the seat of the chair as she literally bowed to the inevitable.

There was no definite count to the punishment, but Kate guessed around 30 swats had landed before Tate stood back to size up Jolene’s punished bottom. By then the girl was sobbing hard and her shoulders shook up and down.

“Alright, you can stand up,” the sheriff growled.

Not that Jolene moved. She continued she dangle over the back of the chair crying until Terri moved forward and helped her to her feet.

“It hurts,” Jolene sobbed, “It hurts.”

She sounded like a punished kid and without restoring her shorts to their former position she massaged at her rear end.

“Come on,” Tate said gently, beckoning to the slightly younger girl.

Wendy didn’t move.

“Come on,” Tate said again, “You can bet you’ll get worse later if I know the mayor.”

Wendy was already silently crying and sucked in air through her nose. But at the sheriff’s words she nodded and reluctantly stepped forward. She was a lot shyer than her sister at disrobing and hunched over cupping her sex before she bent over the chair. But once the paddle started its works she took the blows in silence all the way to seven or so before she emulated her sister’s distress.

Kate was agape throughout the whole episode and hugged herself as if to pin herself to the ground not quite believing what she was seeing. Inside she felt a little guilty for enjoying the scene, especially as Teri looked so dour during both punishments. But towards the end the deputy winked, reaffirming some normality.

They were so going talk about all of this over a beer later.

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  1. 1 paul1510

    preferable to court and a record, I suppose. 😀

  2. 2 DJ

    Thanks Paul 🙂

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