Community on a Tuesday… the world has gone mad. Still last week we missed it altogether. Can things be getting better?

Social distancing has put the blockers on spanking outside of the household, so marital spanking is still in (and no doubt on the rise) and scene play is very much out.

So what have people been doing?

Contemporary Spanking has a look at bare bottom selfies (which are on the rise). Vanilla Spanking takes a look at spanking in the movies. Indigo and I recently watched the Halfway House (the 1944 British black and white not the 1980s horror, which also has a couple of spankings). This has a marital spanking halfway through. The estranged wife overfilled her bath in wartime and left the water running so no one else could take a bath. Bath brush was deployed (see above).

On the same theme there is a still from Everything in Life, another old movie, found at Chicago Spanking Review.

Hermione has a feature on educating your spanking partner; much needed at this time maybe. I can always be open to improvement.

The pin-up was from Devlin.

I am still writing – last part of our short soon, more Governess and the Wolf also. I haven’t been furloughed so today and tomorrow (at least) I am working.

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  1. The “fishing pic” is superb, where is it from ?

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