You can stop now, I want to get out…



No doubt this unprecedented set of world events will some day pass. One wonders what history will say. Maybe this really is all about the Chinese trying to discredit Donald Trump and he really is the true victim here? Or did he just mean those incredible narcissistic words sarcastically? he must have done, surely this about the 60,000 recorded deaths in the US alone, not him?

Then I thought about how these things are individual experiences that are so intense. This really is a human crisis that is about the individual. In a sense maybe the Trump Monster has a point. It is just that those in charge should be better than that, even if we are not.

Thinking ahead the permanent impact on the environment and economy has yet to be known, it could get very interesting.

Back home Indigo is working very hard and I am trying to readjust to being an inner cadre member holding down the fort from home. I really hate Skype.

I was going to write about how all of this is making us feel closer together and then we had a row about making a cup of coffee and where we put clean but slightly used tea towels.

In spank land I could say ‘you have some ‘splaining to do’ and then ‘someone’ would get a spanking to let off steam. But in the real world the right and wrong is less clear and the boss is on the Zoom or Skype and I have calls to make…

In a day or two maybe I can write a better post about spanking or the joys of coffee (although everyone knows tea is better.)



4 Responses to “You can stop now, I want to get out…”

  1. 1 bklynny0856

    Hang in there, DJ! It’s ridiculous what sometimes becomes the most important thing to us in these crazy times. Enjoy your tea. 👍

  2. 2 Susannah

    Coffee every time. We use FaceTime because we have apple computers, and it’s different when it’s your only way of seeing your grandchildren. Though my family seem to be having to work from home, via computers. I haven’t asked them how they feel about it!

  3. 3 DJ

    Mostly I love the housebound thing and we at least can get to the park to walk the dog – just you know… anyway thanks 🙂

  1. 1 Head for the hills « Grumpy old fart!!!

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