Life and other stranger things


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Given the current situation and intermittently having time on my side I have been appraising my life, this blog and other things.

My life has changed a great deal since I started this blog, for one thing I got married. I also had a spiritual epiphany, moved house twice, got a dog (yeah historically not a dog person, you have no idea). In addition I lost my mother and other tragedies.

The most important thing in my life is my wife who is the reason and inspiration for much of what I do. For many reasons I rarely write about her or us. The biggest reason I don’t is that I often have trouble connecting to my feelings I think. If you read my stories you may have sensed a certain detachment in many of my heroes. Life is so much easier when you write your own script.

Indigo used to have a very successful blog under a different name, but an envious sociopath stalker threw a hand-grenade into our lives and my wife retreated from all that. She used to write emotional witty pieces that inspired so many. She was so much better than I at the meaning of this-thing-we-do. I would love her to come back to it, but she is not ready.

Before I met her I think marrying a woman who shared my interests would have been the greatest thing. It is, for sure, but she is not a character in a story and my life with her is far more than that. Having a sub-Dom relationship with a real woman is not easy and sometimes it falls apart altogether. In real life I am not so good at it. Life, marriage and a spanking relationship is like a good garden: it takes a lot of work and sometimes there is more manure than roses.

In future I may try and explore more of who I am and amid the stories and reportage I may write more introspective pieces. I hope that doesn’t sound too pretentious or self-indulgent, but I rarely take time to write properly these days and maybe I should use some of that effort to develop rather than produce just light sketches.


15 Responses to “Life and other stranger things”

  1. One thing that should always be remembered is …….Keep your home life, and activities, separate from your daily blog ! What transpires between you and your good lady is nobody`s business but yours ! By all means use that to encourage writing other stories, but do not write them in a first person context. I too write stories, albeit on other topics, but never does my private life come into them, and nor should it. Just keep writing, as you do so far, and you will find that you have plenty of followers. Take care of yourselves, especially during these rather trying, corona times. Lia.

  2. 2 Richard Greenberg

    Welcome to the real world!!
    It’s a rocky place but the journey should be worth the occasional turned angle!!
    Good luck and thank you!!

  3. 3 travelmark

    We men often muse that women are complicated. It seems so are men, after all. My wish for you is to roll with the droughts and rains of the garden, but remember that renewal can always happen in amazing ways with faith and tenderness. Blessings on the journey, and thank you for what you articulate for all of us who follow you.

  4. Loved learning more about you and your real life 🙂

  5. 5 Susannah

    Thank you for your thoughtful post. I only started reading you and other blogs about a year ago, so never got the chance to read Poppy’s blogs. I wish I had, indigo sighs is a n example of how to she by any chance a journalist, I wonder? Your stories in particular are a delight to us all. And I. Look forward to reading more of your musings. It certainly isn’t pretentious or self indulgent! Ps how is your dog? At least you have an excuse to go out! I am one of those 1.5 million who is not allowed out beyond the garden, thank goodness we have one but it’s not huge. Sorry to start moaning!

  6. 6 Spanky

    Congrats and I really enjoy reading your VITC.
    Thanks for sharing and I wish you and your wife the best
    of health.

  7. 7 lilorphanannie1

    Being one who has experienced so many changes in life and is continuing to see those changes, some good some not so good. I commend you for recognizing the gift you have in your marriage. Being married to someone with whom you can share this special life is definitely a gift. Enjoy it as much as you can, and although I have not had the pleasure of reading your wife’s pieces, please tell her from me…don’t allow that person to destroy her pleasure…but also only resume it when she is comfortable to do so.

    As I can, I am enjoying reading all of your blog pieces, and have plans to purchase several of your books. Thank you for providing me with such pleasurable reading.

  8. 8 Melanie

    I have never left a comment before, I just don’t. But I wanted to say thank you to Indigo for her stories I used to love going in and reading them. They were witty and funny and real, touching on emotions most of us have felt in our own lives at one time.
    So when I stumbled back and found you were posting again I was disappointed to see her corner gone, but now I understand. I am sorry the world has such people, she put herself out there and that was brave and beautiful. So although I am sorry for the loss I am thankful for the stories I got to glimpse. So again, thank you Indigo for what you were able to share.

  9. 9 DJ

    Thank you – I was just thinking aloud really – I do not intend to write details about our relationship – only that life is not a story and I should explore reality more. Thanks again 🙂

  10. 10 Susannah

    Without wishing to pry, what form did your spiritual epiphany take?

  11. 11 DJ

    That’s a very long and complicated story – I would need to think about that one. Let’s just say for now that I didn’t suddenly find Jesus. 😉

  12. DJ
    This is your domain so fill it with what you enjoy.

    We your fans will support you in all your endeavors.

    You have earned a special place in our hearts, so fulfill yourself in any way you want.
    Love and respect

  13. 13 Susannah

    Hear, hear!

  14. 14 DJ

    Aw shucks folks 🙂

  15. DJ
    I’ve just discovered your blog and happened upon an old comments section from way back in 2012. There was a discussion of grown ladies who were living with their mom’s and were still spanked and paddled by their mom. I found this intriguing and would love to see it discussed again.

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