Disciplined (Volume Three)


disciplined3_200LSF have published a new volume of my stories. So if you are looking for something to read during this time if enforced confinement you might consider Disciplined (Volume 3). With around 78,000 words, this anthology of mainly M/F spanking fiction features the 22 of my stories stories. Most of them have been published before and many of them can still be found on this blog somewhere. But if you want it all in one convenient place then you can buy it here.

Secret Memoirs of a 1950s Secretary: A legal secretary during the 1950s and 1960s, Brenda is very enterprising and manages to persuade her boss to spank her. Sir Brian is seemingly reluctant at first, but quickly enters into the spirit of things, progressing from spanking Brenda’s bare bottom with hand and hairbrush to delivering six of the best with a cane. The junior secretary, Linda, is also brought into the workplace spanking regime. Even Sir Brian’s wife gets a turn to bare her bottom.

The Trouble with Cowgirls: Jake returns home the ranch to find his wife Amy outraged about the behaviour of the younger sisters who live with them. Sarah and Emma had been smoking tobacco and caused a fire in the barn. Jake delivers swift and severe justice to their bare backsides, before making the two sisters stand in the corner. Later on he realises they didn’t cause the fire, someone else did… and that someone will also get a smoking hot butt.

An Interview for Aunt Domina: When Domina takes her ‘niece’ to be interviewed as a submissive in training she is confident and aloof, bordering on rude. Things don’t quite go to plan though. She meets her match in the dominant John, who accepts Tammy for training – but he also takes Domina to task. Domina has struggled with her outer dominance and her inner submissiveness, but now she has John to submit to, she yelps her way through a hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom, then prepares herself for a hefty session with John’s cane…

A Paddle without a Creek: When Lucy gets paddled at school, her mother Ann recalls how she too was paddled at school and how it has been her secret fantasy ever since. She visits Lucy’s school and complains, rudely, to the Dean about her daughter’s paddling. But on her next visit she apologises and admits she is the one who needs to feel the paddle. Dean Winslow happily obliges, and unexpected changes begin to take shape in Ann’s life.

Cade County 1892: Eleanor Whitlow is the new schoolmistress at Cade County School. As she punishes a student for cheating and bullying, her actions are observed by Henry Vaughn, the Chairman of the Board of Education. He then gives Eleanor the exact same treatment, as she too has been found out to be a liar and a cheat in falsifying her references.

The Girl: When Samantha goes to Aunt Mary’s house, she follows a strange girl upstairs and along a corridor, and listens behind the door as the girl enters a room. To Samantha’s surprise, she can hear the sound of bare flesh being spanked. Unable to curb her curiosity, she opens the door and steps into the room to find the girl bare bottomed over the man’s lap. What happens next is even more surprising: the red-bottomed girl is sent to the corner while Samantha is spanked for being a peeping tom!

Carrie Undercover: Undercover cop, Carrie, infiltrates the Colossians Baptist Ladies College in Alabama. Her Chief chose her for the role as she’s a petite twenty-five-year-old who can easily pass for eighteen. But things don’t go too well for Cassie when she’s caught snooping one night in the office of the principal’s secretary. Her attempts to find the student register are thwarted when the strict Principal Martin De Mark catches her in the act and canes her on her bare bottom. And that’s only her first punishment – she has yet to feel the bite of the principal’s paddle…

The Scarlet Avenger: Amy wants to follow the family tradition as a superhero, despite being forbidden to do so. She sneaks out as the ‘Scarlet Avenger’ one evening, but can’t hide her ripped costume or bullet graze. John soon makes sure her bottom is scarlet as well.

Weird about Spanking: Jan shares her memory of a painful punishment given to her sister and herself by their step-father, Jack, when she was twenty-two and about to leave college. Not only did they take his car without permission, they damaged it and let their sister take the rap for it. When Jack found out, two naughty bare bottoms were spanked in front of the neighbours – a public affair and very memorable!

In the Red Corner: A naughty girl is spanked on her bare bottom with a hairbrush, and to make matters worse, she is put into the corner and made to stand with her freshly spanked bottom on display. But visitors are expected! She hopes they won’t turn up… but they do.

The Tempest: Abby, in a rebellious mood, ignores instructions, skips her chores and finds herself in danger as a tornado nears. Ungrateful and surly after being rescued by Tom, one of her father’s farmhands, she finds herself riding the storm out in a storm cellar as the big man paddles her bare bottom.

I Stranger: In this tale of cultural planetary exploration, Amanda and her crew of three arrive at their destination, but things are not quite as they usually are for this foursome. Roles become reversed which presents problems, as does the local culture which features the subordination and discipline of women.

Taking One’s Due: Divorcee Paula has a spanking fantasy, and when she discovers the famous socialite Paul Sparrow appears to share the same kink, she makes it her business to meet him at an event. To her dismay he is monopolised by an attractive brunette called Kimberley, who begs him to spank her. But things take an interesting turn when Paul includes Paula in the conversation. One thing leads to another, with both women boasting that they can take 100 strokes of the cane. A wager is made, and two very sore bottoms ensue… but which woman has won the wager…?

Soul Mates: Adam is still grief-stricken more than a year after the death of his wife and daughter. Consumed with memories, his reverie is broken by a reckless driver who ends up in a ditch. The young woman, Stacy, reminds him of his daughter. After he gives her a ride home, they discuss discipline, and Stacy realises that it is what she needs and asks him to spank her. It is a cathartic experience for both of them, and marks a new beginning.

Naughty Clare: Clare admits to scratching the paint on Jackson’s car, but unfortunately she fails to tell the whole truth. However, a phone call from the owner of the car she reversed in to reveals the extent of Clare’s carelessness.

Faery Godfather: Jessica feels very guilty after shoplifting. That night she finds herself in school uniform in a classroom. Macqus Darklast has been watching her past crimes in life, and now punishes Jessica to help her change her ways. But was it all just a dream?

Long Live the King: Two female London reporters get themselves into serious trouble when they go to the Fens to investigate a potentially ‘hot’ story. An ancient tradition is upheld deep in the heart of the Fenlands, and there is a vacant position as King. The safety of the two nosey reporters depends very much on who gets the position and therefore decides on their fate. Once the new King is proclaimed, he has his own daughter’s misbehaviour to deal with, and the two reporters limp back to London with very sore bottoms.

The Last of the Troll Hunters: Aerin the elf maid and Lady Jane, a human girl, share the same aspirations and the same type of punishments for their plentiful mistakes. They are both obsessed with troll hunting and are determined to prove themselves by hunting one down. As Jane bathes naked in a forest pool, a troll appears unexpectedly and she shoots it with an arrow. But the troll appears to be a friendly giant who grabs her and carries her off – only to spank her bare bottom for shooting at him. Later, Aerin receives similar treatment; a deal is struck and there is a parting of the ways, with Aerin remaining to serve Bran, the troll, and Jane going back to the forest to be with the elves for a year. Both girls have another thing in common – a sore bottom.

Tails from the Riverbank: When pretty divorcee, Helen, and her eighteen-year-old daughter, Emma, go on a boating holiday, they encounter a man living in his boat as he carries out repairs. ‘Doc’ is friendly and good looking, and the two women get along well with him… until Emma repeatedly misbehaves. Doc carries out his threat and gives her her first ever spanking – on her bare bottom. And a little later, it’s Helen’s turn… followed by great sex. So Doc has a different way of doing things, but Helen reckons his discipline is exactly what she and Emma need.

Red: Portia says way too much for her own good, and is very quickly over her boss’s lap for a spanking.

Remonstration: When Martine sees 22 year-old Cathy bent over about to be caned by Braden, she intervenes, claiming Cathy is way too old to be spanked. Braden disagrees – he gives Cathy twelve stingers, and on hearing Martine’s confession, gives her twelve strokes of the cane too.

A Right Royal Spanking: The High Seer has declared that in his vision he has seen a royal princess spanked. Empress Jasmine decides she is not going to be spanked and arranges a game of Hazard (certain that she will win) in which all the princesses must take part. Jasmine almost gets away but is finally caught by Garth who gives her the spanking she so richly deserves.

All stories in one volume available here.

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