Vintage Sunday


spanked a lot spanked by an older man2 tumblr_nufpd33eQa1qd33wso1_500 vin _nkdwusydeD1r24e6ho1_540 vin _nkhwvlztBp1u3lrczo1_400 vin _nmt5pyRh7d1tk6crdo1_500 vin _nnk4342cKv1qd33wso1_1280

3 Responses to “Vintage Sunday”

  1. More retro than vintage this week but a nice selection of spankable bottoms ­čś«

  2. 2 Rikki

    I love the first one. She looks a little like Drew Barrymore. He’s made her spread her legs so he can spank the inside surfaces, but for propriety’s sake her undies are up high enough to cover her privates. But , of course, that could change if she doesn’t keep her palms flat on that table as she’s been told. ­čśë

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