Weekly Round-Up


1wr1 chross2wr _o7ly5hT09V1tw3dolo1_500 2wr able wr2 _moy1bbuhCD1rojfyfo1_1280 wr2 443 wr2 BARE-SPANKING-1 wr2 Shakespeare-in-the-Park-ny-1960 wr2 woody_kimbrell_teacher_spanks wr2 xReallifeAn odd week this, for one thing I have too much to do to linger here, although there is much to report on. It is just that is not from usual quarters. I ma not the only one who seems busy. Chross, who is still very much blogging, is slowing a bit due to work pressures and Stan (if my limited French is not failing me) was thinking about stopping, but isn’t. I think a few people are having too much fun to blog and my own post will be picture heavy and word light.

If you want more on Spankville, Ronnie Soul has a list of new stuff.

One thing of particular interest was something I didn’t follow up on published by All Things Spanking last week. This was a report on the article in Playboy by writer Jillian Keenan who gives one of the most honest and informative views on her obsession with spanking I have read in a while. She talks about spanking and Shakespeare, which lost me somewhat, but she is better on her confusion when growing up and into adulthood fantasising about spanking and not sex. She also talks about sspanking not necessarily being sexual but being a need. I have to say I strongly identified with her thoughts and feelings. Anyway, you can read it here. Thanks to ATS for the heads up and sorry to be tardy.

The pictures this week are from: Able, Spanking Toons, About Spanking, CutiePie, Richard Windsor, Chross, Acknowledging Imperfection and Chicago Spanking.


2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 richard

    SPANKING my bride was a need one that i persuded from the day we met until it finaly happened She did not meve being well taught to be still eventaly that one became many over my lap then during sexual union as she asked to be when she needed the added fire it creates YES SPANKING 4S A NEED

  2. Thanks for the mention.


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