Spanking in Advertising 


ad bride ad cigarette ad college larkSpanking is not the force it once was in the advertising world, for one thing it has to be said that in a vanilla environment it is hard to get away from the accusations of sexism. Also we live in less innocent times and such content is far too blatant. But the idea that spanking was only deployed for its comic affect or conservative punitive ideals should move over.

The treatment of the college art school project in the cutting above must dispel that one. Please note the bare rueful and casual reference to Daddy spanking his adult daughter.

The cigarette advert is evidently real, although the graphic has been enhanced to remove any subtlety in case we missed it.

The bride is less spanking focused and more recent, but is apparently a still taken from an advert for a bridal wear company. There was another more blatant spanking scene from an advert that I have seen but couldn’t find. Racy to the point that the bride is spanked in a thong, but that now banned scene was played for laughs. I think it was an advertisement for an employment arbitration service.

The most recent outing for a ‘spanking’ scene was the one where a woman is birched on a massage table on the beach. This was shown in the UK for a few months, but again I couldn’t find it and don’t remember what it was advertising.

8 Responses to “Spanking in Advertising ”

  1. 1 js666

    Interesting that the college paper story is from 1954, several years after the ad in question, and the paper could simply refer to “the Chase and Sanborn coffee advertisement” and expect everyone to know what they were talking about.

    Another ad, that I can’t seem to find right now, came out in the 1970s. A jeans line called “Cheeks” published an ad showing a man and woman wearing the jeans, and the woman was bent over, being spanked by the man. Feminists were, of course, outraged, and the ad was quickly pulled. It was reported, however, that the women’s jeans sold much better than the mens’.

  2. I’m almost embarrassed to say this, but I believe that the 1954 article is a satirical post that I made a couple of years ago. In fact to tell you the truth, I didn’t think that I had posted it, but evidently I did. It is true that the couple in question are in fact recreating the Chase and Sanborn coffee ad for a school art project, but the attached newspaper commentary I’m afraid was created by yours truly. I will have to see where and when I posted it, but I made sure to note it as satirical.

    As a sidenote, I consider this picture to be the best find that I have made to date.

    • 4 DJ

      Missed this – oh see – thanks – appreciated Lol – oh well, still fun 🙂

  3. I found it, and even more embarrassing I actually wrote on my main blog in June 2011 that I had just posted a spoof article on my vintage site, but not on the vintage site itself. Now I will have to edit that when I get home. Yikes! Sorry to say, but I am the guilty party here, but there was never an attempt to deceive, it was a satirical post as noted on my main site.

    • 6 DJ

      Thanks Richard – not sure if you are saying it is a hoax or if you were the original publisher – but your insights are always welcome.

  4. 7 js666

    Don’t feel too bad. Anything’s possible.

    I know you’ve seen the 1941 Life magazine story about the girls being paddled at the Utah sorority. (You covered in your blog.) Several years later, The American Weekly ran a totally vanilla story about an old lady who had decided to go to college. They illustrated it with a picture of her in class, surrounded by her teenaged classmates, clearly based on one of the accompanying photos from the Life story. In other words, someone at AW, one of the most prolific providers of mainstream spankabilia, had that story lying around.

    • 8 DJ

      Thanks – I don’t recall actually – but almost 2,000 posts 😦 Interesting. 🙂

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