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11wr _na3ql9Q9VE1rr17hvo1_1280 11wr _nxcuz0wvni1ruus05o1_1280-427x640 11wr 28 11wr 13455_009 11wr archie 11wr bathroom-paddled-01 11wr rosie_gagged1 11wr s-l1000 rw 11wrvspanking-blog-2Not a quiet week here, but the rest of Spankville is having one of its occasional rests. Between writing for the blog and some other projects (unrelated)  I have been reading about Caesar Augustus, a remarkable man who changed the world.

Of course many will judge him by modern values and find him wanting, and I wouldn’t want to get into that discussion here. But I was tickled by the fact that he waited 40 years to build a temple because he couldn’t get planning permission (which doesn’t exactly paint the picture of a tyrant). It seems that several quite humble Roman citizens wouldn’t sell up despite some generous and affable persuasion offered by Caesar. In the end the structure was built at irregular angles because two landlords on the edge of the plot still refused to sell up.

Another of Caesar’s foibles was a penchant for strict adherence to the paterfamilias. This where the man is the boss and respected head of the house. Although he wasn’t above advocating the whipping of wives, indeed he suggested that Tiberius take his hand to his own daughter Julia if that would resolve some marriage difficulties. But when she herself was caught in a series of spectacular adulteries, he choked at giving her a spanking and made it a matter of state.

Many at the time were appalled by his overreaction and there was a general outcry when Caesar banished Julia to a very small island. Even her estranged husband objected and one might suppose they both wished that Tiberius had taken a firmer hand instead.

I am sure there is a story in there somewhere, especially as Julia by all accounts was a bit of a looker, but my historical ramblings here are a bit of a stretch I suppose.

Pictures are from: Real Spanking, AAA, Vanilla Spanking, Able, Spanking Blog, Richard Windsor,  Hermione, Devlin O’Neil and CutiePie.

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