The Deal (part 18)


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“Now where were we?” John said with a mischievous grin.

While her body still attempted to face the wall Carolynn rolled her shoulders around as she turned to offer him a sour look.

“Ready for the final dozen?” he chuckled.

“Six,” Carolynn blurted, “It was only six,” she repeated in a panicked voice.

“Glad to see you are paying attention,” John smiled. “Six it is, if you take it like a good girl that is.”

Carolynn nodded. Six didn’t seem too bad compared with 12. Maybe that is why he had said it.

“This time you can bend over the back of the chair,” he told her as he tested the cane. “Heels together and your bottom pushed right back and up.”

Despite recent history Carolynn still managed to bristle at the indignity and her cheeks coloured. But her exposed bottom was a far more vivid hue and the tracks of the cane were still violently making themselves felt. God damn the man, I won’t be able to sit down until Christmas, she thought bitterly.

“That’s it, stick it out a little more,” John suggested.

Carolynn arched her back so that the curve of her bare bottom jutted upward obscenely and she felt like a lewd dancer in a vaudeville show.

“Eyes front,” John commanded and she fixed her eyes on an unidentified blemish on the magnolia office wall.

The pain of the first slash was a terror and Carolynn’s eyes bulged as she gasped.

“One…? Thank you Sir, may I have another.” she said tentatively, “Or… eh…?”

“Can’t remember the last count eh?” John said with an evil smile. “You do know that traditionally we have to start the whole caning over don’t you?”

Carolynn didn’t turn round and glared at the spot as she silently prayed.

John might have corrected her, but he too had forgotten. “No need to count these last ones,” he said at last.

Carolynn’s relief was palpable.

“Gaaah,” she gasped as the second stroke took her unawares.

“Feeling it?” John snorted.

He watched while she squirmed and rode the pain, waiting until she had settled down. Then over the next minute he slowly delivered the last four strokes.


“You were so right about the cane,” Carolynn groans as she entered the room taking oh so careful steps.

Imogen makes face that suggests sympathy and amusement.

“You look like you have been in the wars;” she says, “Sit down and I’ll make some tea.”

“No thanks, I’ll…” Carolynn groans as she lowers herself to her knees on the floor next to the sofa and rests an elbow on the seat. “But tea would be lovely.”

Imogen nods in definite agreement and makes a wincey face. “So let me guess, John Dacia has caned you.”

“Yeah, you could say that,” Carolynn’s voice is brittle, “But talk about an understatement alert,” she adds breathily.

“You okay?” Imogen frowns.

“Yeah,” her sister doesn’t sound certain, “I think the cane hasn’t finished with me yet.”

“It does that,” Imogen agrees wryly, “The gift that keeps on giving,” she adds in a faux American movie voice.

Five minutes later they are resting in silence sipping tea.

“Imogen?” Carolynn says at last, her tone one of inquiry.

The younger woman looks up and braces herself. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to exchange war stories. “Ah huh,” she answers.

“Do you get much corner time?” Carolynn asks without meeting her sister’s eyes.

“Oh, don’t you just hate it,” Imogen gushes, now forgetting her reluctance.

“How long do you get exactly?”


After some persuasion Carolynn had dropped her business suit trousers and her knickers to show Imogen the damage.

The lawyer gave a low whistle and shook her head in respect. “Been close, but never as bad as that,” she said in a hushed voice.

“I could have died when the Barker’s came in,” Carolynn rolled her eyes; “It was so embarrassing.”

Imogen startled and shook her head in disbelief. “What?” she said. “Someone came into the office while you were…” Her mouth formed an O.

Carolynn grimaced as she relived it, the blood flooded her face. “They talked about me while I was just standing there like it was the most natural thing in the world.”

“These people… they actually saw you standing in the corner with your bottom on show?” Imogen gaped. She herself felt a hot flush, but wasn’t certain if it was from sympathy or something else.

“I can’t believe I let him,” her elder sister groaned.

Imogen drew her mouth into a passive line and murmured, “I can.”

“You too?” the older woman gasped.

“N-no, not exactly,” Imogen said thoughtfully, “But I can see how it could happen. I mean, it is a submission thing isn’t it, once you embrace it… or, or let it go…” her eyes fixed on the middle distance. “Well, anything is possible isn’t it?”

“Mrs Barker seemed to think so,” Carolynn agreed, “She said she had been in the same position and she had to be in her late 30s at least.”

“God,” her middle sister said huskily, “Corner time is bad enough but if anyone saw me standing like that…”

“Like what?” Lucy asked as she strolled into the room. She threw herself into a large stuffed chair and then took a huge bite of an apple she was holding.

“How long have you been in?” Carolynn flushed, hastily pulling up her clothing.

“Just got here,” Lucy said defensively, suddenly seeming to notice her sister’s disarray. “Why, what did I miss?”

“Nothing,” Carolynn said hastily.

Imogen looked shifty and blushed.

“You’re talking about spanking again aren’t you?” Lucy accused with a giggle in her voice.

“Look it is one of your business,” Carolynn scolded.

“Hey, it’s cool, it’s just like the movies, you know,” the youngest said imperiously, “Everyone is doing it.”

“They are not and anyway, I refuse to discuss my sex life with a kid.” Carolynn growled.

“I’m 19, almost 20, it is no big deal,” Lucy said huffily.

“She already knows, so what is the big deal?” Imogen shrugged.

“Yeah, it is just a spanking,” Lucy said with a dismissive wisdom.

“What do you know?” Imogen asked.

Lucy pouted and then shrugged.

“Maybe I should spank you and then we can see how funny it is,” Carolynn snarled.

“Well maybe you should, you are supposed to be my guardian you know, sometimes I get away with too much… stuff, sometimes I don’t think you care at all,” Lucy said sullenly.

To be continued


5 Responses to “The Deal (part 18)”

  1. 1 MrJ

    Beautiful account of the embaraasment

  2. 3 deltawood

    Mighty glad you are past the worst of your computer problems. I can see where Miss Lucy may soon be getting a spanking and some corner time.

  3. 4 Jane

    I am really enjoying this series. You make your stories so realistic that it can be hard to return to reality afterwards! *sigh*

    • 5 DJ

      Thank you and everyone – almost done with this for now – just two more after this episode 🙂

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