Spanks for the memory


! spankedbyherboss (2) ! vin 2 !!!1_appointmentThese are taken from a couple of secondhand out of print books about sexual fantasies and experiences.


I had no spanking or BDSM fantasies growing up therefore meeting Tom and what happened with us came as a bit of a shock.

I didn’t really like him at first, he was cold and a bit rude at times, but he worked where I worked and he was good looking. I only went on a date with him to get one over on the girls.

I was totally surprised to be taken on a picnic and to find out he was into wine, good food and books. He was so laddish, it didn’t fit. The event, as I call it, came after I over did the wine and started in on him about his manners and his general attitude. Mine left a lot to be desired by then I think.

“You need your bottom smacked,” he told me after I continued to get a bit gobby.

I was stunned. I am not sure what I said but somehow after a semi-playful struggle I was across his lap in the middle of a field while he pulled up my skirt. I got a few whacks on the bum and instead of being outraged or contrite provoked him into more. Somewhere along the way I got my tights and knickers pulled down and some good hard smacks on my bare bottom.

I tried to be mad, but mostly I just yelled that I was sorry until the roughhousing ended in kissing.

Spanking became pretty much the norm with us after that, I certainly minded my manners, but I loved it. Even after 20 years of marriage I know my place all because I got a spanking.

Pam’s account, The Women

I have a weird fetish about humiliation. Even at school as a teen I got a secret thrill out some types of hazing, like wedgies and anything to do with kids getting spanked. I used to fantasise about getting the paddle, especially out in the hall or in front of class where other kids could see me.

It never happened that way sadly and my first actual experience was after a very embarrassing incident at a party when I was 21. I was drunk and a little high and I wet myself. I had to wash out my panties and put them in my purse. I decided to chill out a bit and lay off the booze, but all the same I got a secret thrill from being at the party with no panties on under my fairly short skirt.

But as I said I was a bit drunk and the party got wild and a couple of the jocks were play spanking some of the other girls and I went to watch. I mouthed off a bit about some guy being a wimp and that he should spank this blonde chic harder.

Instead, he grabbed me and hauled me over his knee. Of course when he pulled up my skirt my ass was bare. So I got spanked in front of everyone and this time parroting my own words he spanked me hard why everyone laughed.

It was odd being humiliated to the point of tears and digging it at the same time. I made a complete idiot of myself crushing on this guy who wasn’t into me at all. The upside was that this other guy watching kind of dug my ass and my attitude to getting spanked and asked me on a date.

We did a lot of spanking and public semi nudity stuff. No panties and very short skirts mostly. We played a game that where I would take it to the edge and if anyone noticed I got a spanking when we got home. I also got spanked for other stuff, corner time with people around the whole bag.

My fantasies are extreme, naked slave stuff, made to lick floors, kiss butts, public spanking, the whole bit.

Julia, The Women

I have not spoken or written about this much, most of the time when I have told this story people, especially women, tend to be disgusted.  But what happened was consensual and was one of the happiest times of my life.

At 18 I went to live with an ageing uncle so that I could go to University in London. The uncle was a collector of old erotica, which I am sure my parents didn’t know about, and he had a lot of odd friends. I have to say here and now that Uncle was a kind man and never did anything inappropriate, I wouldn’t even know about his erotica if I hadn’t been snooping.

We talked about it and over time I got used to the strange old men with whom he played cards on Saturdays and I sometimes even sneaked a few peeks at his books while he was busy with them. I was particular drawn to his spanking photographs, which were mostly black and white Victorian stuff and some glossy Betty Page.

One day I was in his room looking at some new stuff he hadn’t put away when one of his friends who had been playing cards walked in and saw me. I was a bit shy and embarrassed but I was about 20 by then so I stood my ground. The man said he had a better collection and he even had some old canes. I didn’t tell my uncle about the encounter but I was curious and decided to have an adventure of sorts.

John was about 60 and was a bit posh. He was a perfect gentleman but he had ‘a penchant for spanking young ladies’ he told me. It was all very casual and he persuaded me to bend over for a few strokes of the cane. Out of curiosity I did and one thing led to another so that after a few weeks I went to see him most Sundays and we would play out school scenarios where I would either be spanked or bend over for the cane across my bare bottom.

There was no sex or anything like it, but the scene play got quite intense and most times we were both in character for two hours and I took some dreadful thrashing.

After I graduated I lost touch, but spanking and other punishments have been part of my sex life and I am grateful to my uncle and his friend John.

Excerpt from Sex, Sin and the Whole Damned Thing  (Virgo 1979)

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  1. Enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing.

  2. 2 happyfreeconfusedlonelyatthesametime

    This is hot

  3. 3 DJ

    Just some found stuff – glad you liked it.

  4. 4 doublecee

    Ah, Those were the days. What a shame they are not likely to return.
    Thanks for reviving some lovely memories.

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