Just Because Girls Just Want to Have Fun


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A young lady (presumably) rejoicing in the name Casey the Sorority girl dropped me a quick line to say that ‘red is new black’ and that the 21st century sorority girl ‘likes to show off her blisters.’

I get these brief enigmatic mails from time to time and beyond a quick acknowledgment their contributions usually go on file to be posted sometime. But in the spirit of her sentiments I did a quick look around at my sorority collection and came up with these to illustrate her point (I think).

9 Responses to “Just Because Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

  1. 1 Tony

    Yep still more proof that sororities still paddle. I really need to contact Courtney and she how she is doing. She has graduated and has a full time job now. I got some great sorority stories from Courtney.

  2. 3 ohiotailblazer

    Its true and the girls surely seem to want to share the evidence of their fun with their male admirers. And we are thankful!

  3. 4 pcasper59

    Yes in younger days having more fun outweighed the spanking I got after doing something I shouldn’t have!

  4. 5 Haily

    Lol funny how we were so proud of out spanking when we were young. I would always compare redness with my sister. Or in the bathroom after the paddle at school

  5. 6 happyfreeconfusedlonelyatthesametime

    This is so beautiful

    • 7 DJ

      Thank you – one and all – but it is just a throwaway from the archive. 🙂

  6. 9 Tony

    After about 2 hours of searching contacts I found someone who has Courtney’s new cell number. After catching up with how her new job in the city is going and she is officially engaged, he gave her a diamond, blah, blah, blah. I asked if she had any sorority paddle stories to share. She said no but I have a friend that works with me who has a younger sister who pledged this semester. She said her sister got paddled every night for a week during hell week. She said, I remember hell week, my ass was purple 3 weeks later. Courtney confirmed that the paddle initiation is alive and well.

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