The Deal (part 17)


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The tears were tamed but the raging lines of pain across Carolynn’s exposed bottom threatened to escape and assail her senses again. It would be weeks, if not months before she could sit down, she was certain of it and for once she was more than content to stand in the corner of John Dacia’s office so long as it meant she was getting any more cane yet.

The corner was ever a humbling experience, especially at 30-years-old, but in the hands of her mentor and now lover she felt safe. There was something de-stressing about knowing your place and her place just then was facing the corner with her nose touching the wall.

John eyed his conquest from his desk and then turned back to his notes. It had been a hard road for the woman, his woman, he amended; that thought was as strange one. But then she had courted this, provoked it in a surfeit of curiosity and bravado. Carolynn Blake was definitely one woman you couldn’t easily tame.

Carolynn squirmed under his gaze, mostly from the throbbing in her rear that she hadn’t been permitted to rub. It was uncanny. Just as she thought the burning sting was abating it came right back at her.

“Oh God,” she groaned.

John looked up and smiled. Her bottom looked twice its normal size and the tight ridges between the tramlines looked fit to burst. Hers was a bottom not yet accustomed to the cane, but she would learn.

“Remember you still have six more today,” he told her.

“Don’t I know it,” she sighed ruefully, “Don’t I bloody well know it?”

“Your tail certainly looks colourful,” he chuckled.

“Hmmm,” Carolynn muttered, “How long are you going to make me stand here anyway?”

“Why are you in a hurry to bend over again?” he asked pointedly.

She definitely wasn’t and for once the corner was far more preferable.

“No Sir,” she blurted, now remembering a more humble set of manners.


The seemingly unrelenting throb striped across her still exposed bottom had begun to abate at last; as well it might have given how long she had been in the corner. She had taken to shifting her weight from one leg to the other and every now and then she gave out a heavy sigh.

Cornertime always seemed like hours, but this time it may well have been that long. Carolynn was beginning to wish he would cane her again to get it over with, after all she only had six left. She sighed again.

The intercom startled her and an officious female announced that someone called Barker and his wife had arrived.

“They are early,” John responded.

Carolynn was tense now, she had almost forgotten the working world beyond the office and the danger that she might be seen. She wondered in alarm how many people had slipped into the outer office since she had been standing there and who might have had a good laugh at her expense.

“Shall I ask them to wait?” the secretary asked.

There was a pause as John weighed the situation up. Lawrence and Jane Barker were old friends and well entrenched in the scene. “Send them in,” he decided.

Carolynn whirled around her mouth gaping, “John, you can’t,” she wailed.

“Face the wall,” he said sternly, “Don’t worry, it isn’t anything they haven’t seen before.”

“They haven’t seen me,” she gasped.

“The corner, turn and face it, or it will be more than just a sore bottom they will witness,” John barked.

Carolynn obeyed, but anxiously danced on the spot as suddenly the boredom of the wait evaporated.

“John,” a gravel voice said warmly as the door opened.

“Hey Larry, Jane… I was going to catch you later…” John replied.

“Oh… I can see why?” the woman said in a giggle.

“You haven’t met Carolynn, my… my girlfriend actually,” John said, liking how the words felt in his mouth.

“Quite a naughty girl by the looks of it,” Jane giggled again, “Please to meet you.”

Carolynn wanted the floor to give way and she made a choking noise as she shrank into the wall.

“If she is new to this maybe we should…?” Lawrence Barker began in a kindly voice.

“No she’s getting the hang of our world just fine, aren’t you Carolynn? Say hi to my oldest friends.” John could scarce keep the chuckle out of his voice.

“Hi to my oldest friends,” Carolynn parroted sullenly.

“You really want to go there?” John warned.

Carolynn half turned and offered a very red face in profile as she tried to guard her sex. “Sorry,” she said in a tone of forced politeness. “As you said, I am not used to this rather… social dimension to my humiliation.”

“It’s okay, think nothing of it, been there, worn the t-shirt, with nothing much else as it happens,” Jane said solicitously, “I know how you feel. Men are such beasts.”

Carolynn found a laugh and a shy word of hello for Lawrence before making to turn back to face the corner.

“Did she really deserve…? Good God, you have really gone to town…” Lawrence said.

“Carolynn, did you deserve your punishment, this punishment?” John asked the well caned 30-year-old.

“I suppose,” Carolynn admitted reluctantly.

“Have I made my point?” John continued.

“Yes Sir,” Carolynn agreed. It was embarrassing but she felt a strange fuzzy feeling and now something like pride to have her submission displayed so publically.

“Good girl,” Jane said warmly, “I look forward to meeting you under other circumstances.”

“Why not bring her along later?” Lawrence suggested.

John wheeled to ask the cornered woman but she forestalled him by saying, “Unless I am told to then I would like to go home after… well you know.”

“Looking at your eh… well I doubt if you are up for sitting in a restaurant,” Jane said, “So we quite understand. Another time.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Carolynn said now feeling more awkward than ever.

“Oh it is Jane please, you and I really are in the same boat I assure you,” Jane said firmly.

“Well perhaps if you two wait in the outer office… Carolynn and I will just… finish up,” John said pleasantly.

“Leave you to it,” Lawrence said.

To be continued.

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  1. 1 Svetlana

    The good bit about compassion from other submissive women is that it’s almost never tainted by pity.

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