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Anette watched the nervous young woman enter the room through the one way glass. She was petite with a fashionable pixie cut to her dark blonde hair. Anette knew the type, party girls whose high jinks had gotten out of hand. She was now devoid of her other fashion statement garb. The grey prison smock […]

The Invention


“Marcus, please this is uncomfortable,” the inventor’s wife said in some annoyance. “Hetty the world of science is a perilous thing, now stop your squawking and let me make some adjustments,” Marcus Tyler snapped. The ever fashionable Mrs Tyler might have felt better if she had been allowed to keep some of her finery, but […]

The picture above poses several questions. Firstly when is a spanking a spanking? Specifically, can one really self-spank in the true sense of that word? In other words is self-spanking really spanking? The presumption here is that a spanking is an activity between two or more people, which brings us back to the question, when […]