Atonement: spanking stories of the Wild West


Spanking CowboyIf you like cowboy spanking stories then LSF have published a short collection of mine called Atonement: spanking stories of the Wild West.

These are mostly M/F stories of the traditional kind where hellcats and brats in pursuit of their men get what they most need.

about to be spanked cowgirlHer eyes turned by the delights of a younger man, Rachel Bedford leaves her rancher husband, John, who is much older than she is. She realises her mistake and three months later returns to town on the Denver steam train, and makes her way to the Lucky Strike saloon to find her husband and apologise. He accuses her of making a fool of him in front of the whole town. He will take her back – but there is a price to be paid. She will take a licking – and is sent to the store to purchase a hairbrush for that very purpose. Her humiliation intensifies as she later has to step out half naked in front of the townsfolk and cut a switch from the apple tree.

The Taming of Candy Drew
When Candy Drew travels out West and tries to rescue her sister Martha from the ‘beast’ of a husband she thinks is abusing her, she discovers a happy marriage based on old-fashioned discipline. After a spanking and a thorough switching, the two sisters come closer in their acceptance of the status quo.

The New Mrs Harris
Charlotte and her daughter Amelia alight onto the muddy sidewalks of the mid-nineteenth century Missouri town. William Harris, intrigued to view his ‘mail order bride’ from afar sums the two women up as they meet his daughter Rosalie. Trying to be too helpful to the newcomers, she feels her father’s rage. Several days pass before the long wagon train is ready to begin its gruelling journey to the far north-west. After her severe thrashing, Rosalie keeps clear of her father, but the girls cannot resist teasing some of the boys. Judging that their behaviour is dangerous, William Harris orders them to the tail of the wagon. Charlotte is in a very strange mood. Well into the trail now, it is time for a rest, bathing and washing. Safety is paramount but an encounter with a snake angers Mr Harris. Having punished the girls, he turns to his new wife. It is an interesting and challenging encounter and defines their marriage.

All the Young Dudes
It is a normal, busy day at the Lazy Lanes dude ranch where the resident staff, led by arrogant Cameron Lane and comprising her younger girl cousins, work hard to entertain their customers. Young Paige has been in the firing line for being careless with equipment and neglecting a horse the previous day. Visitors cannot fail to see her and sympathise – but that is only the start of tables being turned!

Wild West Hero
Resentful of the adulation cowboy Brad receives after rescuing a child from a well, town beauty, Becky, steals his horse. When he catches up with her, she gets a good spanking and agrees, reluctantly, to be his date at the Saturday dance. But does she mean it?

6 Responses to “Atonement: spanking stories of the Wild West”

  1. 1 Kia

    You certainly have a very impressive body of work! I love these reminders of older favorites. Looking forward to rereading.

  2. Keri,

    Now that’s what I call cozy reading on a Saturday evening. Just what the old town doctor ordered.

    I’m in! I’ll download it tonight…maybe I won’t make it to Saturday! *wink wink*

    Thanks DJ,

  3. Good luck with this one, DJ. You have the Western culture, e.g., language, customs, down very well, yet you’re English. I mean, those stories read very naturally and authentically, at least to my ear. So how did you manage that? Read a lot of Louis L’amour and Zane Grey? Watch Rawhide on TV?

    • 6 DJ

      I am sure it wouldn’t stand expert scrutiny but fortunately experts are rare. And in any case the Wild West probably never existed as we think it did outside of a movie – and as you say I have seen enough of those. 😉

      Thanks for the compliment.

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