For the girl in red


girl in the red pyjamasYou know who you are.

3 Responses to “For the girl in red”

  1. 1 PDBB

    The Serial Teen
    In recent years there seemed to be a growing trend for some outwardly mature and “successful” woman to slow down the ever increasing “rush” or pace in their lives. A mere two week sabbatical or holiday didn’t quite cut it nor lesson the feeling that the walls were closing in. They were living the shared nightmares of “forgetting what and where that *important* class was(??)” and “running away from something and not being able to make progress”.
    For some; the monetary gains were countered with increased demands upon them and higher costs in maintenance. Being “in the red” appears to be a common shared experience among the more established as well as those newly emerging into “the heart attack machine”.
    What was the answer. More new graduates found that it was impossible to move out of their parents home and chose or were stuck continuing to live “under their roof”.
    Here is an example of the former[our girl in red]. An “all grown up” daughter who had what could be described as a promising career but needed that extended break from the “treadmill”. Moving back home with mother (or a surrogate in some cases) was the only option open.
    Here too lies a tale of unintended consequences. For many the desire to go back to a time free of the stresses of a modern fast moving world with its instant decision making demands and allow others to make the choices for you had a caveat.
    How often has the phrase been used “if you want to continue to act as a child, I shall just have to treat as one(!)” when she did have to live under her mother’s roof, follow her rules and protested not being allowed to grow up.
    How ironic it seems is the reality of her situation now. As the condition for coming back home and living back with mother is having to surrender her hard gained autonomy(as well as control of all of her assets). A small price to pay for the “comfort” and refuge she sought. This step was obtained through irrevocable legal documentation, making her once again a ward of her mother. And being such; she got her wish of relinquishing control of her life – totally!
    All she was required to do was simply “do as she was told”. And if she did not? Had she forgotten how some mothers deal with disobedience and rebellion? Many sound spankings, early bed times and extended periods of corner time *reflection* were waiting for her – for the girl in red.

  2. 3 George

    I hope a very serious young woman, even in her first 30s, is still under parental DD. And looks for a suitable husband!

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