Look Back in Wonder


Daddy tattoo on caned bottom punished apprentice !!!doctor !1_1_1_1_1_1_1severus01 !1_1_1_1_1_1autumnSeverus from Raw nude girl at windowLast Saturday and almost unnoticed this blog published its 1,000th post. A quick calculation suggests that there have been around two million words and almost seven million visits.

Since I had nothing better to post I thought I would pause to consider that for a moment.

Above a few pictures previous published here.

15 Responses to “Look Back in Wonder”

  1. 1 Kia

    Congratulations on a very impressive milestone! Even more impressive considering the wide variety of places you have taken us in those 1,000 posts. Thank you again for sharing your writing.

  2. 3 paul1510

    I second Kia’s congratulations.
    Not only is the menu varied, it is always tasty and calorific. 😉 😀

  3. 5 cindy

    I concur. The quality of the prose and the images on your site is unsurpassed, and you should be congratulated.

  4. Congratulations A Voice in the Corner, on your wonderful and interesting spanking blog. When I visit your blog, it always have found it ‘tops with bottoms’. Please continue same, into the future.

  5. 9 Mike

    Great stuff here. I really enjoy it and I’m glad I found it. I sure wish I had found it sooner. By itself that anecdote from ‘Jeannie’ about her adult spanking experience stands to save me hundreds of thousands, if not millions, dollars that might have been spent on Viagra.

    I hope I haven’t driven off any regulars with my horrible puns. Thanks for putting up with me everybody And thanks for this great spot to visit every day, Damian.

    • 10 cindy2

      Mike, based on your Viagra comment, if the form that a patient is required to fill out upon visiting a physician were to include a line for sexual interests, and then the patient complains of ED, the doctor could write a prescription as follows:

      Take one half hour of voiceinthecorner.com before bedtime.

      The insurance company would be happy and the patient as well as there would be no copay (coinsurance).

  6. 11 Mike

    BTW: I love that third photo. But here’s one goofy way my brain works sometimes: Instead of thinking “Man, she really pissed him off this time!” or “Wow! That psycho looks like he’d be just as comfortable with a knife or a gun in his hand” I think, “That hairbrush doesn’t look like wood, and the room and the scene look too old for plastic. The hairbrush must be made of Bakelite or gutta-percha.”

    Now THAT’S perverted, eh?

  7. 12 John

    I like the pictures, picture 4 is from Raw, Severos & picture 6 is from Raw, Stangers. I hope we are going to hear more of Raw soon. I thought Raw was even better than Magic , and that is saying something, keep up the good work.

  8. 13 DJ

    Came back from a weekend away to find a zillion comments.

    Thanks everyone.

    Tasty calorific, Viagra, and puns… not your usual response 🙂

    As for Raw John – that format is very demanding as each story is a complete novella in itself. I will definitely be returning to it and Abraham Heights and Ad Astra but I have resolved to finish one strand at a time for now and I have fixed on Magic which is 70% done and should be completed by the autumn (that’s the plan anyway.)

    Thanks again.

    • 14 John

      Sorry to hear that there is only 30% of MAGIC left I had hopped it would it would go on much longer.
      magic is not really my thing but your MAGIC has changed my mind, I think I am a Pandora man, that is I do not like ,what you call wild magic, thaumaturgy is a different matter.
      As for Raw, I understand, but some of the novella could have a second part which might make things easier, for example, strangers seem to end a bit abruptly in several places, any way keep up the good work.

      • 15 DJ

        That’s half again as much as has been written over the last two years or so. Still a ways to go and it is already twice as long as your usual novel. It has to end some time. 🙂

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