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Not sure where this is from but it is certainly unusual. The picture is probably from an era when co-ed public spanking was beyond the Pale. This sorority girl is getting a bare-bottomed spanking at a wild party as can be clearly seen by the exposed lower hip and the disarray of her clothing. Of […]

Weekly Round-Up


So much to report on I may flake out halfway through, so here goes. The pictures are from: Devlin, All Things Spanking, Aunt Carla, and Blossom & Thorn who have many great Superman spanking pictures. Rollin is plugging a competition – I don’t quite get it actually, but that is just me. The details are […]

Better you bet


The pictures above were sent in by Sam. He is not entirely sure what is going on but he thinks that they are from a Latin American college and that the girl has lost a bet. He says he was told (his sources are not divulged) that the girl is a sorority girl who had […]

LSF have published another novella by yours truly. This time it is the socio-religious exploration of an alternative Earth where college girls have guardians and questioning the faith or the mysterious origins of their society can be seriously dangerous for a young girl’s bottom. The publishers blurb has it: Chelsea and Candida are lying in […]

John and Petra exchanged a narrow-eyed glance; neither were quite sure if the girl that stood before them was for real. The girl’s ‘aunt’ had assured them that she was 25, but by her appearance, that of a 1950s school girl on her half-hols, she barely looked 18. She was short with well-groomed dark blonde […]

My girl is reading a book on the history of sex and punishment, she was hoping for more spanking subjects, but it is actually grim reading. Motivated by her interest, a quick search found a vanilla blog about church decor. If you are British you will know that there are hundreds of medieval churches in […]

Our story began here. Dear Gerald, it was a good beginning to a letter, accurate and straight to the point. However Sylvia could not think what to put next. Looking up she saw Tatiana on her knees on the lawn. It must be tiresome to have to cut the grass using only nail clippers, but […]

Weekly Round-up


Short but sweet this week, but Bonnie has a long list of new spanking blogs on My Bottom Smarts so you can do your own searching or not. The pictures are from Cutie Pie, About Spankings and the super hero cartoon is from Chicago Spanking Review, which also has a Wolverine cartoon this week. The […]

Another offering from TipTopper.

Army Discipline


This unusual snippet was sent in by Karl Gauss so many thanks to him. The women soldiers pictured above got in some seriously hot water after posing semi-naked and posting the pictures on the Internet. As the New York Post reported: Israeli military officials did not divulge the exact nature of the punishment they face […]