Adventures of the trespassers


The beach was secluded and a long way from the nearest dwellings. It had seemed a perfect place for them to sunbathe nude. Anita had certainly not oversold the place.

“This is perfect.” Karen purred. “It’s so long since I have had a good holiday. Even longer since we had one together.”

“I know. I told you that Cornwall was so much better than Spain. Just as hot and no airports.” Anita agreed.

“How comes this beach is so empty?”

“I expect the fact that is only accessible by boat has a lot to do with it.” Anita explained. “Actually I think it is private, but who’s to know.”

Karen rolled onto her stomach to turn her magnificent bottom sunny side up. Anita eyed her friend’s assets enviously and then followed suite.

A short while later Karen contemplated more sun block when they heard the sound of an engine.

“Hey you.” An angry voice called them.

Anita sat up huddling nearer to the boat and covering her naked breasts with her hands.

“You.” The man in the boat called.

“Go away.” Anita squealed.

“This is a private beach what do you think you’re doing here?” The man bellowed in response.

Karen scrambled into her long t-shirt and pulling it down as low as she could in front stood up.

“Sorry we didn’t know. Is it so terrible that we are here?” Karen said sweetly with a hint of fluttering eyelash.

“Not for me to say, its part of the Duke’s lands.” The man shouted over his engine and the waves. “I have enough trouble keeping the local teens out.”

“The Duke, surely not in this day and age.” Karen said incredulously.

“Its all duchy land sorry. I have a job to do.”

“Oh. Oh that Duke. I see.” Karen said the penny dropping.

Anita was still naked and laying down as close to the boat as she could get while she hunted for a beach robe.

“Look I’ll head off. Just make sure you are gone when I get back.” The man said patiently. Then he powered up and turned out to sea.

“I suppose we had better go.” Karen groaned.

“No way.” Anita said standing up naked with her hands on her hips. “We can moor the boat up around the other side of those rocks and sunbathe there. No one will know.”

“That’s what you said last time.”

“It will be fine.”

The two naked women re-launched the boat and steered it half way into a cave further around the secluded cove then they settled down again behind some rocks out of sight of a passing boat.

An hour later, having concluded the beach warden or whatever he was would not be back, Karen had finally began to relax. Then they heard the sound of a motor.

“Oh shit.” Anita gasped.

It was too late to launch the boat; all they could hope for was that it wasn’t seen. So they both grabbed at their towels and hid behind some rocks. But then as they watched they saw, not the man, but two young girls in another boat.

“Someone has been here Lisa.” A young blonde who was around 18 said as she surveyed the disturbed sand.

“Tom that beach warden creep probably scared them off.” Lisa replied as she anchored the small boat in the sand.

“What do you think he did?” The blonde leered.

“Tracy don’t.” Lisa blushed.

“You know as well as I do what he does when he catches lady trespassers.” Tracy teased.

“I know what he does to us.” Lisa said with a pout.

“Oh don’t be a sissy he won’t catch us.”

The blonde wasted no time she pulled off her sweat top and shucked down her shorts to stand naked on the beach.

“There’s no boys to flash your boobs at here Tracy.” Lisa giggled.

“Least I’ve got some.” Tracy poked her tongue out.

Despite her teasing, Lisa was soon naked as well and the two girls set to sunbathing where the two older women had been an hour before.

“What are they doing here?” Karen asked in an angry whisper.

“How the…” Anita whispered back. “Should we show ourselves?”

Karen shrugged and looked anxiously over to the girls.

“We can’t stay here naked in the shadows while they have all the fun.” Anita said indignantly.

She had been about to show herself when they again heard the sound of an engine.

“Get down.” Karen hissed.

Sure enough, the man who had chased them off earlier heaved into view with a face like thunder.

“Run.” Lisa yelped.

“Where do you suggest we run to?” Tracy groaned as she hastily tugged on her sweat top.

Tom didn’t speak this time as he brought the boat to a halt and tossed a rond anchor carelessly onto the beach. After he had secured the boat, her turned to the two girls with his hands on his hips.

“How many more times?” He growled.

Tracy was on her knees trying to pull the sweat top over her bare legs as she chewed her lip. Lisa had got her t-shirt back and hastily wrapped a towel around her hips to cover her nudity.

“Look you can’t… we are not kids anymore.” Lisa protested.

“I can just as well talk to your dad.” Tom said darkly.

“Look don’t. We were only…” Tracy remonstrated.

“Only what? Trespassing for the umpteenth time. How many years has it been now? Two or three times every summer, you try it on. When are you going to learn?”

“Look you can’t.” Tracy wailed.

Tom was in his late 30s, with broad suntanned arms and legs that were well revealed by his armless singlet and shorts. He didn’t answer but undid his belt at his waist and pulled it through the loops.

“We’ll go now and we won’t come back.” Lisa said firmly with more courage than she felt.

From the rocks, the two naked women stayed well hidden as the drama unfolded. Neither daring to speak but exchanged puzzled glances.

“You’ll go alright.” He growled. “After I have tanned your arses. You know the position.”

“Please.” Lisa wailed.

But Tracy sighed in resignation and turned and knelt by the boat and placed her elbows on the bench seat inside. Lisa stared in horror at her friend’s ample bare bottom so causally exposed to the beach warden. She glanced hopelessly out to sea for a chance to escape and then back at the bottom, which she knew would soon be joined by her own.

“Its me or your father.” Tom shrugged.

A tear rolled down Lisa’s cheek and she dropped the towel and scurried to join her friend.

The beach warden surveyed the two teenagers bottoms elevated over the side of their boat and still white where the sun had yet to shine. He would soon change that he thought grimly.

“I am sure you must like this.” He said incredulously.

“No sir.” Lisa wailed. Then to Tracy she sobbed. “Its all your fault.”

From the rocks, Anita gripped Karen’s arm her eyes wide. Karen didn’t notice she was too absorbed by the scene.

“Oh my.” She whispered. “You don’t think he’s going to…?”

Before she finished her question Tom brought his belt down with a heavy crack across Tracy’s upturned bottom.

“Awww.” She gasped her cries muffled by the sides of the boat.

Karen clapped her hand to her mouth as a broad band of red developed on the teen’s cheeky posterior.

Tom delivered five more, each with an accompanying wail before switching targets.

Lisa was blinking hard her nose only inches from the bottom of the boat and she blushed so hard her ears were burning. She crossed her ankles to hide what she could of herself from Tom. Then she didn’t care as the belt seared a path across her exposed rounds. She spluttered sobs like a kid as she took five more.

From where Karen and Anita hid, they could see that Tracy’s taught up thrust young bottom had already turned a deep red, but unlike her friend she had so far only cried out with the impact. Lisa’s bottom was chubbier and wobbled more as it was struck, this together with the fact that it held its colour well made it all the more vivid.

Lisa also continued to cry loudly as Tracy took six.

“Alright we get it.” Tracy hissed. “We won’t come back.”

“That’s what you always say.” Tom sighed as he took some more swipes.

“Please we mean it this time.” Lisa sobbed pathetically, her voice lost under gunwale.

Then Tom gave her another six and she shrieked out incoherently.

Tom took his time as he switch his belt from bottom to bottom. After a while, he stopped being so even handed as he knew that Tracy could take so much more than her friend. Eventually, he was so frustrated with Tracy’s lack tears and defiant grunts that he attacked her by now scarlet backside until she did at last break. Then switching back to Lisa’s bottom, he gave them another round each before one last swipe apiece.

“Alright stand up.” He growled.

The two crying girls stood up slowly their hair tumbled over their face and their hands clutching at their fronts as they danced in the forlorn hope of hiding themselves.

“Am I going to see you here again?” Tom asked.

“No sir.” They both sobbed in unison.

“We will see. Now get out of here.” Tom pushed the boat out as they scrambled aboard and took their position kneeling on the small boat’s floor.

From their hiding place Anita noticed that Karen was gripping her arm so hard that she was causing a bruise. For her part, she had been so rapt at the girl’s punishment that she was decidedly sticky. And not just from the days heat.

“Alright you can come out now.” Tom called over, after Lisa and Tracy’s boat had gone from sight.

He turned to see two horrified faces peeking over some low rocks.

“We had rather not.” Anita offered weakly.

“Now you know what happens to trespassers in this cove.” Tom chuckled.

“You are not laying a hand on me.” Anita said indignantly.

“Perhaps not this time.” Tom agreed. “But I can get you a night in the cells and turned out of your hotel in St Jude’s.”

“Look if you let us get dressed we’ll go.” Karen said in a plaintive tone forestalling her friend from saying anything else confrontational.

“Alright.” Tom said turning his back. “But if I catch you here again you’ll get a taste of my belt. I will just as soon as give a 28-year-old a good hiding as an 18-year-old.”

“You wouldn’t dare. We’d call the police.” Anita snapped.

“The police know how I deal with lady trespassers here. Its 80 miles to the nearest police doctor, by the time they looked for ‘evidence’ you would be quite healed and I would ‘officially’ deny it.” Tom shrugged.

“If you think…” Anita raged.

“Anita let’s just go.” Karen said quietly.

Tom waited this time until the two women hastily got dressed and set out for St Jude’s in their boat.


Karen dreamt she was back on the beach. Only this time it was Anita and her who were bent over the gunwale of the boat. She woke up sweating telling herself it was just a nightmare. But she had never been aroused in a nightmare before.

At breakfast she tentatively asked if they should take the boat out again.

“We haven’t been out for days, not since… well you know.” She said with a pout not daring to meet Anita’s eye.

“Where did you want to go? Neither of us a great at handling the boat so we can’t go too far.”

“I don’t know. Do you know any other secluded beaches?”

“Not close to. All the land around here is part of the Duchy or is MoD land.”

“Oh. It’s such a pity that we got caught at the last beach. I thought you said you had been there before.” Karen said matter-of-factly.

“I have. Lots of times. We were just unlucky.”

“You mean…?”

“What?” Anita looked up.

Karen pouted and stirred her tea slowly still not finding the courage to look up.

“It was a laugh.” Anita giggled. “Alright I will if you will.”

So some hours later they found themselves again nude bathing at the cove. For the first few hours Karen jumped at every sound lest it was an engine but in the end it clouded over and Anita said she fancied dressed crab for supper.

Karen felt strangely disappointed somehow as they slipped away from the beach. But as soon as St Jude’s came into sight, all thoughts quickly turned to seafood.


A week later they were lounging on the beach of their favourite cove. It was the third time since they had been caught that they had risked it and their tans were coming on a treat.

“Three more days and the holiday is over.” Karen sighed.

“Yes and its back to miserable old London for us.” Anita agreed as she rubbed yet more sun block onto her bare breasts.

“I thought you liked London.”

“Oh I do. But it’s too hot to go back to work.” Anita sighed.

Then they heard it.

Karen sat up and strained to hear.

“Shit it’s an engine.”

“Maybe it’s those girls.” Anita said hopefully.


Then they both began to scramble for their tops.

Tom had a face like thunder by the time he had pulled into the cove.

“Are you trying to test me?” He growled.

“Look we aren’t doing any harm.” Karen pleaded with a blush.

“I am paid to keep people off the beaches. I could lose my job. Besides, some of these beaches aren’t safe. There are currents and undischarged ordinance.”

“Its not like we have been here much. We…” Anita began.

“You have been here almost every other day. I have seen your tracks.” Tom barked.

Anita’s mouth moved in protest but no words came out. Then finding her voice she said: “What are you going to do? Spank us.”

Tom gave her a look.

“Now let’s not be hasty I was only joking.” Anita swallowed and backed away.

Tom strolled nonchalantly towards her with his arms folded.

“Look can’t we…?” Anita began to look around frantically for somewhere to run.

Tom took four great strides towards here and caught her by the arm.

“Get off or I’ll call the police.” Anita squealed.

Tom ignored her and sat down on an exposed rock. The petite Anita was easily upended over his knee so that the back of her shirt rose to expose her bikini bottoms.

Tom swept them to her knees in one motion and exposed her bare bottom.

“You can’t do this.” Anita wailed.

Karen suppressed a smirk. She had to admit Anita had this coming and she did look comical over Tom’s knee.

Tom brought his hand down hard with a smack and Anita returned a very angry retort. Karen knew she was not really hurt. Not yet.

Anita’s knees were bent so that her feet were pointing upwards. Her right buttock carried a perfect imprint of Tom’s large hand.

“It didn’t hurt you bully. I’ll call the coast guard.” Anita pouted. Karen winced at this.

Tom began spanking in earnest as Anita yelled and kicked her legs in time to the swats.

“Oh please stop I’m sorry.” Anita wailed.

Tom took no notice and spanked on until Anita’s bottom was a healthy read and her eyes had begun to pool tears.

“Are you still going to call the cops?” Tom mocked.

“Nooo sir.” She gasped.

Tom spanked on a little.

“Are you sure?”

“No. I mean yes. I mean please I’m sorry.” Anita was sobbing a little.

Tom dumped her unceremoniously on the floor and turned to Karen. She blushed and looked towards the boat. If she made a run for it he would only laugh at her and not follow she was sure. Tom crooked his finger and beckoned her.

Karen swallowed and remembered her dream. She glanced once to where her bikini bottoms lay, not having been so quick to replace them as Anita and then with a shrug walked slowly to her fate.

“I bet you enjoy this you mean bastard.” She said quietly. Perhaps hoping he wouldn’t hear.

“And why not?” He grinned as he tipped her over his lap.

Her bottom was quickly bared and although she blushed to the roots of her hair she wisely made no smart remark as Anita had done.

The spanking hurt and that surprised her. There was a dry sting in her behind that quickly grew until she couldn’t help wriggling on his lap. Tom thought it was quite the nicest bottom he had ever spanked and paid her out in full as it turned from light brown to deep crimson.

By now Karen was breathing heavily and tears came unbidden to her eyes. Don’t you dare, she told herself.

“It’s alright to cry a little.” He said soothingly as he spanked on, harder if anything.

It was his kindness that made her crack and with one great breath, she heaved out a sob and began to cry in earnest. Tom didn’t stop at this, but began to spank under her bottom as if to lift her cheeks and extend the redness to a full bloom. Karen hugged into him and prayed he wouldn’t see her arousal.

Then finally he stopped and set her gently on her feet.

Karen had the strangest feeling. Her bottom both burned and ached in a satisfying way and the tears rolling down her face felt cleansing. She glanced at Anita was still kneeling on the floor with her bottoms down kneading her behind vigorously.

“I think you had better go, don’t you?” Tom said kindly.

The two blushing women repaired their dress and then with Tom’s help re-launched the boat.

“That was some holiday adventure wasn’t it?” Anita giggled once they had reached St Jude’s.

But Karen was lost in thought.


Karen saw Anita off at the station. She was supposed to get the next train but she already knew she wouldn’t. Once Anita was gone, Karen went back to the harbour and hired another boat. Within the hour she was on her way back to the cove.

She was there almost four hours before Tom rolled into the harbour.

Karen sat up and stared at him sheepishly.

“You know what happens next don’t you?” He said darkly.

“Yes.” She whispered.

Then Tom tipped up the boat and began to uncoil his belt.

“Over you go.”

Naked she put herself face down across the upturned boat so that her bottom pointed at the sky.

“It stops when I decide.” He said gently.

“I know.” She murmured biting her lip.

Then belt seared her bottom and she sighed.


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