In the Corner with DJ Black: another Story of S


A short while back we had a story from S. That one was loosely based upon a real life encounter between S and DJ Black. At the time, our favourite Dutch girl (good luck for later – this girl has bet her arse on the outcome – literally) promised a fictional account of her visit to Aunt Gerda in London. Well here it is.

This one calls for some reader participation, all her own idea, so good luck with that also.

Just a word to our sponsors. Although S is indeed a young woman, she is in fact a little older than she portrays herself. Just in case anyone believed that an innocent had fallen in to the hands of the evil DJ Black. In other words, no teenagers were harmed during research for this story.

Aunt Gerda’s Rules – by S

On arrival at King’s Cross Station, S was welcomed by Aunt Gerda and Katelijn. They hugged and kissed, happy to finally see each other again. The last time they met was three years ago when Gerda and her two daughters visited S’s parents.

Aunt Gerda had moved to London eight years ago with Katelijn, or Kati as she was known, and Maaike who were both born and brought up in the Netherlands.

Kati picked up S’s two huge rolling suitcases, which were rather trunks….
“What are you looking for?” Kati asked S who always glanced sideways

“Oh, I was just hoping to see Platform 9-3/4” S smiled and giggled.

Kati giggled too – they all read Harry Potter during their teens. “Silly you” Aunt Gerda said.

“By the way, where is Maaike, I hope she is ok?” S wondered.

“Yes, yes, she is just busy at home” Aunt Gerda said with a stern tone and Kati glanced away.

They took a cab to North London where Aunt Gerda lived in a small house with her two daughters. Gerda was in her late 40’s, a Dutch farmer’s daughter like S’s mum, who were both born and raised in a small village in the south of Holland. They never had to work on the farm. They went to a good school and both married early. S always thought that Aunt Gerda looked like an English governess. She already felt that when she was still a child and didn’t know what a governess was, having only seen a few pictures of Victorian England.

Now Gerda looked much more like one. She might have been a farmer’s daughter but she dressed, talked and walked like noblewoman – more so than S’s mother who had a similar upbrining and had also enjoyed excellent education. She was a really noble woman and that had always impressed S about Aunt Gerda, whom she considered as a kind of role model while growing up.

Kati looked so typically Dutch. She had two shoulder length blonde braids, blue eyes, a round face, always red cheeks and a cute rounded nose. All three girls, Kati, Maaike and S were tall – that must have been in their genes. S noticed that Kati had a bigger bottom than herself but smaller breasts. Katelijn was 18, a year younger than S, and her last year in high school was going to start in a week.

S’s school – LLTC, a Language Training Center – was going to start in a week too. She arrived early to settle in at her new home, with her new “family”. She was going to stay with them for at least a year – “But you will have to stay with Aunt Gerda if you really want to study there” was the only condition set by S’s parents to let her study in London.

While Kati and S were carrying the suitcases into the small English house, Gerda went upstairs. S wondered why Maaike didn’t come to welcome her.

Maaike would have loved to but she was upstairs, still kneeling in the corner next to the window in her own room. With her hands in the small of her back, nose pressed into the corner, the 21-year-old young woman rather looked like a naughty well-punished girl. She was bare from waist down, only wearing white socks and her bottom was sticking out, deep red all over with a few red angry marks on her thighs.

She was so embarrassed and felt as I she were back in her teens when she found herself in that position quite frequently. Maaike was told to stay in the corner until given permission to get up and she knew to better not do as she was told – especially when being punished. Her mum was pretty strict when it came to discipline.

She nervously shifted from one knee to the other when she heard steps on the stairs, hoping that it wouldn’t be S to see her like that. At the same time she hoped that her mum would not come to punish her more. While being in the corner she could never be sure if her punishment was really over. An hour ago she was still over mum’s lap as that horrid clog – the favorite implement of her mother, a large wooden Dutch shoe, traditionally without a leather or rubber sole – descended onto her bare bottom again and again.

Maaike and her sisters wore clog sandals most of the time at home and if they found themselves over their mom’s knee, the sandals came off after a couple of hand spanks and then Gerda usually picked them up to continue spanking with them. Not wearing or hiding them didn’t help much, they had tried that in their early teens when they first felt the clogs. A clog sandal is basically wooden all over, in shape larger than the back of a hairbrush but smaller than a paddle. As the girls grew up, their bottoms got larger, their feet as well and they needed larger clogs. That all fit nicely, Gerda thought.

Maaike fidgeted thinking about her spanking. It hurt so badly. She knew it, she should not have kicked her legs… that’s what caused her to get these awfully stinging smacks on her thighs. She always got extras when she didn’t do her best to cooperate. She clenched her cheeks again to get the pain out but after over 40 minutes in the corner the worst pain had already subsided a little luckily. She wished she were allowed to rub. Hopefully those marks on her thighs wouldn’t be visible when wearing a mini-skirt. It was still very warm end of August and she loved wearing mini skirts.

Maaike was a blonde bombshell – long blonde hair, grey-green eyes, a beautiful face, full ample breasts, long legs, a firm round bottom, altogether an amazing body and a pretty face – and that didn’t go unnoticed by men either. She had a boyfriend whom she dated for two months but Aunt Gerda still refused to fully accept this relationship of her “little girl”. She disapproved the young man and had a close eye on her daughter, enforcing her house rules even stricter since.

Maaike should have told her boyfriend that she needed to be home before 11:30 the previous night. It was Friday and she didn’t have to work on Saturday so she thought her mom would understand. No, they were not having sex, she didn’t want that yet. They just went to see a movie and snogged afterwards and he fondled her a little. He never thought that she would still get spanked at home and she definitely would not tell. It was far too embarrassing. Though her boyfriend would have even liked the idea…. Finally Maaike was home a few minutes past midnight and didn’t think her mum would be that strict when she was just 30 minutes late. Gerda had let it go before but this time it was once too often.

Gerda entered the room

“You can get up now, Maaike. Get dressed and welcome S, she is happy and waiting to see you.” and in a very stern tone she added “I really hope you have learned your lesson today! If I have to spank you again for coming home late, it will be in front of both of them! And you will get more than your clog and definitely more than three demerits!”

Maaike’s eyes widened, she gulped and nodded “Yes Mum, I promise it won’t happen again, really!!!”

Gerda helped her up and hugged her daughter. She loved her and hated having to spank her but she wanted to protect her as much as she could all the same. Since she got closer to that boy at the beginning of summer she got into trouble nearly every other week for varying reasons and Gerda just couldn’t let her get away with all of that. Gerda saw that this behaviour badly influenced her little Kati, who at 18 did not act very responsible herself either and regularly got into trouble during summer.

Gerda and Heleen, S’s mom, were both brought up with “old fashioned methods” as people nowadays call it. They were spanked by their mother who used all kinds of kitchen implements, her clog of course and they felt father’s belt, his “rietje” (cane) or a twijg at times.

Whereas Heleen often tried to convince her husband that a spanking would do S good and that she would really benefit from it, S’s father was strictly against corporal punishments. Only once S got a quick hand spanking from her mom while her dad was on a business trip.

Gerda in contrast brought up Maaike and Kati using the same methods that she knew from growing up. It was clear that as long as they lived in her house they had to follow the rules. Since both were over 18, Gerda adapted her house rules to allow flexibility while maintaining strict discipline. She wanted to make the girls aware of their responsibilities, choices and consequences. S soon found out.

Gerda had already prepared S’s bed – she was going to share a room with Kati, whose room was a bit bigger than Maaike’s. They had squeezed in a second bed and table where S could do her school work.

Maaike quickly observed her bottom in the mirror, pouted and decided to better not wear mini-skirts for a couple of days. The marks on her thighs were going to be visible and – by the feel of it – were going to be quite tender for days. Maaike washed her face, got dressed and joined them all a minute later.

“Heyyy Maaike, I really missed you” they hugged tight. S last saw her when Maaike was 18 and was really happy to see her again. Her cousin looked even more stunning now.

“I hope you’re doing well?” they started when Gerda interrupted

“Girls, please get the suitcases up in Kati’s room – Kati’s and S’s room – we will soon have dinner. You will have a lot of time to talk afterwards”

Aunt Gerda smiled and started preparing dinner. Kati and S both did their best to carry the heavy suitcases upstairs, putting them in a corner in Kati’s room.

In the meantime Maaike went to the refrigerator which had a tally sheet attached to its front. The sheet said

Demerits – School Year 2009/2010
Maaike   |||  ||  |||||  ||| ||  |||      18
Katelijn  || ||||||| || || ||| || |||| ||||| |||||||||| || 39

and Maaike crossed the last 3 demerits from the list – her recent 3 that mom had added last night. She already had 18 and wasn’t happy about that at all because if she earned more than 20, mom would add 5 extra as penalty. The only good thing was that the tally sheet was going to be removed in a week and they would start with a new one the new school year on September 1st.

S started unpacking but didn’t have enough coat hooks and spread the rest of her clothes on the table, chair and the floor around her bed. “Mom will not like this”, Kati said who had thoroughly cleaned up her room before S’s arrival. She had a brief discussion with her mom just a few days ago about keeping her room clean. “It’s ok, I will remove them later” S said “Let’s go downstairs for dinner first.”

S was happy to be there, her room was small but nice and it was a change to share a room with another girl. She didn’t have siblings so that was all new to her. She really looked forward to her first year in London.

While dinner was served Maaike was still standing and blushing a little. Aunt Gerda told her to sit down and eat. S didn’t pick up the clues, not knowing that usually after a punishment the girls didn’t get dinner but were sent to bed early or got only little to eat in their rooms. Obviously her aunt made an exception this time, not exposing Maaike’s misbehaviour and punishment right away.

Maaike sat down very gingerly, wincing and drawing her breath as she sat. S didn’t grasp it first but as Maaike sat very stiffly and always grimaced a little whenever she moved on the wooden chair, S really started to wonder. She knew the signs from when they were still children. She stayed with them for a few weeks over summer when she was 11. On one of these occasions, S got spanked by Aunt Gerda. She had a fight with both girls, which led to a trip over her aunt’s knee for all of them. She vividly remembered while noticing how Maaike shifted in her chair in the same way she did herself many many years ago.

They spent a lovely Saturday evening, talking a lot and playing some dice games. It felt as if they had never been parted and Gerda was happy to see them like that. At midnight she finally sent them all to bed.

When the lights were out, S couldn’t start sleeping immediately because of her exciting day. Kati was also awake and they started talking quietly in the dark. S dared to ask what she wanted to know the whole evening… she whispered but blurted out

“About Maaike… I mean…. You aren’t still getting spanked, are you?” in a nosy, curious tone.

Kati blushed deep red (which S couldn’t see), felt very uncomfortable and didn’t know how much she wanted to tell…. she turned in her bed, embarrassed, not knowing what to say and finally answered

“I guess you will find out anyway sooner or later but yes, we are.”

S drew breath loudly “Noooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyy!” she was shocked, surprised, and was prying…. wanting to know it all.

The inquisition started.

First Kati explained the tally sheet and the rules their mom established about a year ago.

“So if we’re getting in trouble, mom basically gives us demerits. The number of demerits depends on what we did. The more we have, the more we are in trouble.

We have to work them off by ourselves within two weeks. So mum does not set a fixed punishment for us but we have to choose one ourselves. She says it makes us show responsibility, helps us to understand the consequences and we come to terms with the punishment quickly because we decide it ourselves. “

“WOW that sounds strict! You have to choose your punishment yourself?? Well then take the easiest one!” S whispered

“There are rules for it of course and in some cases it is pretty clear what will happen. Oh don’t think you can get out of a spanking easily.”

S gulped “What gets you demerits and what does it mean?”

“Well, I can tell you from experience that for instance lying earns you three demerits, detention at school typically two and a note from school 1-2, a spanking at school another three. For back talking with mom or swearing it differs, breaking curfew at least a three but more like a five depends on how late you are and if you’re caught drinking it can be up to a seven, so better you don’t!!”

Sylvie’s eyes were wide open but she did not understand yet what that meant.

“You can basically choose the punishment to ‘work off’ the demerits yourself but you’ve to tell mum right at the beginning so that you don’t keep thinking about it all the time and change your opinion constantly during the punishment. Mom will sometimes make a suggestion and it’s usually best to accept hers because she chooses what will be over quickest. That doesn’t mean it will be easy though.”

“Oh ok, but what do seven demerits mean actually in terms of punishment?” Sylvie looked puzzled.

“Yeah right, I forgot to mention that yet. As I said you can choose how you work off your punishment. A spanking typically pays off two demerits, if it’s a very hard one mum makes it count for three. She tells you in the end how many demerits you can remove from the list. If you ask for a spanking, you never know if you will get a two or three. Maaike got a three today, which means she also got a taste of the cane. The cane is usually involved in a three.”

“WHAT???” Sylvie couldn’t believe it and swallowed.

“Well yes, a three is nothing you want to get. As I said, you can choose, there is some flexibility but not much. You can pay off three demerits with a very hard spanking… most times the cane is involved.”

“OK but what is the alternative? What else can I choose?” S said.

“Well three can also be paid off with a grounding for one week.”

“OK, that doesn’t sound too bad” S nodded.

“I don’t know, S. During that week you get restrictions, you are not allowed to watch TV, or use your mobile, no fun and you get additional chores from mum. And she keeps a very close eye on you. It happens quickly that she goes to the tally sheet and adds another demerit if you forget to do chores or mess up. It happened to us before that we had earned another two or three demerits at the end of the week and then we got spanked anyway.”

S gulped.

“Ok, so two typically means a normal spanking, you can pay one off by writing lines and half demerits are paid off by additional corner time for at least 30 minutes – usually more and you never know when mum calls you out of the corner.”

“Oh gosh that’s really strict” S turned in bed and started to worry if she’d be subject to the same rules.

Kati added “If you collect 20 demerits per school year, you earn five extra demerits that have to be paid off as well. And 50 means 10 extra but luckily that has never happened yet.”

Kati answered truthfully all of S’s questions about implements, length of the spankings and more until it was far beyond 1:30am. When they heard steps outside they went quiet…. “good night” both finally whispered and stayed quiet. This was soooo exciting, S couldn’t believe it, living with them and they still got spanked. She felt a strange excitement and couldn’t stop thinking about it all. She could hardly fall asleep, and dreamed about all she had heard. She wondered if the same rules would apply to her as well while staying with them.

Next morning Aunt Gerda woke both girls up and saw the mess in the room – clothes spread all over S’s side of the room. “Oh my…. young lady” – she addressed S “you will have this mess cleaned up by lunch time today” she checked her watch “you have three hours left. You can have additional coat hooks from me.” then she sat down on S’s bed and glanced at her daughter, who nervously sat up in bed, glanced back at S while she explained

“S, we have some rules in this house. All who live here have to follow them or there will be consequences.” S’s eyes widened. She knew were this was going even though she wanted to look innocently as if she knew nothing.

“Rules are needed so that we can coexist peacefully” Aunt Gerda went on “and consequences are similar to what you have experienced when you stayed with us many years ago.” S swallowed. “Young ladies at your age are not too old to get spanked, S. I talked to your mother before she sent you, explaining to her that I could only take care of you if the same rules applied to all in this house. Making exceptions for you would be unfair towards Kati and Maaike. Your mother wholeheartedly agreed and understood. She asked me to take care of you the same way as I take care of my girls.”

Now it all made sense and S understood why her mother wanted her to stay with Aunt Gerda. She was always the one who thought that S needed a stricter hand. She probably intended S’s stay in London to be educating in more than one way. S unassertively nodded “I understand Aunt Gerda.”

“Well, I do not know if you fully understand but you will learn over time. I will explain some of the basic rules briefly and Kati and Maaike are responsible to guide you and explain it all to you in the next few weeks. If they fail, they will also face consequences, they both know that. They had been asked about this arrangement before as well and they both know what it means for them.” S gulped and looked at Kati who blushed and nodded.

“You will be home for dinner on school days and curfew on weekends is 11:30 if you go out with friends or my daughters. Swearing is not accepted and gets you a mouth soaping in addition, just to warn you.”

It sounded all very strict to S and 11:30 was way too early. How are they supposed to have fun and party? She was going to discuss that later with Kati.

“I hope you are not smoking because that’s a definitive a no go in this house”… S tried it and joined in a couple of times at parties but did not really smoke regularly so this wouldn’t be a problem for sure.

“You all have chores to do and keeping your room clean is definitely one of them. If I find such a mess again in this room you will both get spanked. It is your room and I don’t care who caused the mess.” Aunt Gerda said angrily.

“Well, you better get to work now. I am sure Kati and Maaike will explain the rest later.”

S gulped and could hardly believe what had just happened. At the same time, she had a tingling feeling between her legs and didn’t understand why.

“But it doesn’t happen often, does it?” she asked Kati when her Aunt had left.
Kati blushed “Well… more often than I wish” S bit her lips “how often?”

“Well… usually not that often but this summer I nearly got it every other week S. During school last year about once a month I guess.” S lost her voice.

It doomed her that she could get spanked that often as well. She felt excited, aroused but also anxious and worried how such punishment might be. She didn’t have real experience with spankings. She had so many questions and it all whirled in her head.

“I think I basically explained all the rules already last night” Kati said. She knew well that all would apply to S as well when she told her about them.

“Okay, I better get started” she quickly said and started to clean up the room… it took her nearly an hour to remove all her clothes and get the room into the clean state it was before she arrived. Aunt Gerda smiled and approved when she later saw it. She was happy about S’s reactions and wrote her sister an email about it later on. She was glad that her methods already showed an effect and really hoped that they would help to improve their life together. With three girls in the small house it wouldn’t be easy.

When they went downstairs S keept asking Kati about her punishments and they had a look at the tally sheet on the refrigerator which now looked like this

Maaike   |||  ||  |||||  ||| || |||       18
Katelijn || ||||||| || || ||| || |||| ||||| |||||||||| || || || ||   45
S              0

“There is already my name on it!!!” S was quite surprised. “Yes, and you better make sure the 0 stays there at least until we get the new tally sheet in about a week” Kati added.

S looked at the sheet closely. “So each one shows a punishment you got?” she didn’t wait for an answer “OH gosh! why did you get a 10 earlier this year???????”

Kati blushed. This happened just two weeks before the end of term and she remembered it vividly.

“Uhmm well, mum visited family in Holland and we were here alone. The night before she returned I was out with friends and came home at about 3am and overslept the next morning. Mum would never have known if I were not two hours late to school. They called in to ask why I was late. It was on the answering machine and when mum arrived later that day from the airport she heard it. She wanted answers when I got home… I got five for being home late past curfew, two for lying because I didn’t tell her the truth immediately and told her on the phone that everything was fine until she found out herself and another three for being late to school and for getting detention there.” Kati thought for a moment and whispered “That was not the only night though…” she giggled and grinned “but mum doesn’t need to know everything… especially not the incident with Jeremy”

S’s eyes got wide, she gasped and looked at her with an open mouth “WOW” and after a while asked “and what was your punishment for all of that???”

Kati’s face turned deep red, she swallowed “I got a very hard spanking first, got grounded for a week and another hard spanking at the end – which was 3+3+3 altogether and for the rest I chose corner time twice that week in the evening”

“But you could have also chosen 3 spankings instead of grounding?” S suggested

“Are you CRAZY, of course yes but I couldn’t sit for days after my spankings!!! NO Option!”

S couldn’t relate but believed what she said. She just said “You’ll have to tell me about Jeremy next!” and giggled.

Kati added… “well the only problem was that Maaike knew what I did and she didn’t stop me. She got a two for not stopping me and for acting irresponsibly.” Kati looked at S “And now I am responsible for you S since you are new here. So please behave or I will get in trouble too!!”

S nodded, she started to understand and gulped “I understand, I’ll do my best, ok?”

It was a quiet but exciting first week before school. They went shopping a couple of times to get all they needed for the new semester. S was going to start at the LLTC, a Language Training Center and Kati was going to start studying French at university.

To celebrate the end of summer on Saturday evening they went to a last big party of one of Maaike’s friend’s. S borrowed Maaike’s red short dress which barely reached down to her upper thighs. Maaike and Kati dressed in a very tight top with lots of cleavage and a push up bra. Aunt Gerda didn’t see them when they left the house, she was visiting a neighbour.

All three girls went to this huge party very close in the neighbourhood. There were drinks, cute guys, loud cool music and they had lots of fun. S did her best to impress Kati’s and Maaike’s. Maaike’s red hot dress helped a lot!

After two hours S had two guys on her side, flirting with her. They provided drinks and to look cool S didn’t hesitate to drink and flirt with them. It was a great evening but close to 11:30 Maaike urged to go home. She felt her mother’s clog just a week ago and was really not looking for more.

It was hard to convince S without mentioning ‘curfew’ in front of the guys. She was already a bit drunk but finally followed. They were home at 11:35 and Gerda was waiting in the living room, watching TV.

“I’m glad you’re on time today” was the first they heard when entering. Then Gerda turned around and saw a stupid smile on S’s face, she was swinging her hips.

“Hi Aunty!”. Kati and Maaike both pushed her in the back but she didn’t stop and couldn’t stand still.

Gerda went closer and smelled alcohol.

“Young lady! DID YOU DRINK?”

But before S could answer, she looked at her neice’s dress.

“S, this is definitely NOT appropriate clothing!!! That dress barely covers your bottom!!!”

“But this is Maaike’s dress” S added and giggled. Maaike pushed her in the back but it was already too late.

“Oh so you’re telling me Maaike gave you her dress? I didn’t even know she HAD this dress!!!

That’s a two for you Maaike, you better go upstairs now young lady. We will have a lengthy talk tomorrow!”

Then she looked at her younger daughter.

“Kati, I asked you to help and guide S in the beginning. And what happens? You watch her drink and don’t stop her. You know very well that such clothing is not appreciated in this house and you didn’t advise S not to wear it. That’s a three for you and you better join your sister upstairs right now!”

“But Moooom, that’s not fair! I didn’t do anything wrong! I couldn’t know that S would get drunk.”

“You could have stopped her! I am sure you saw her drinking!” She looked at Kati who blushed and wanted to continue arguing, “I’ve had enough of your back talk and arguing. That’s a four for you and you go upstairs to your room now, immediately!”

Kati turned and went and Gerda picked S by her arm

“And for you my dear, you put on this shocking, lascivious short dress and I am sure you know that I would never ever let my girls wear such a dress! You can only be glad that this is your first punishment. You’re going to get two for that and for getting drunk you’ll get a three!

That’s five demerits for you young lady!!” Aunt Gerda was really angry and S pouted and stared at the floor. “And now go to your room and think about how you’re going to pay off. I expect your answer tomorrow morning!”

S slowly walked “shit” she thought while she stumbled up the stairs ‘damn, five is really a lot!!!’ She completely forgot that Kati just earned four because of her and Maaike got two… the oldest one of them had 18 already. With two more, she was at 20, which meant five extra for her.

Gerda went to the refrigerator…

Maaike   |||  ||  |||||  ||| || ||| || |||||      25
Katelijn || ||||||| || || ||| || |||| ||||| |||||||||| || || || ||  |||| 49
S               |||||                                                            5

© The Story of S


What should S choose?

Now dear reader – this is different than usual. There is no punishment presented.
You, dear reader, are kindly asked to comment which punishment you would suggest for S to pay off her demerits.

You know all the rules – they are outlined in this story. Comments are open for two weeks.

Your dear S, mentored in real life by DJ Black, urgently needs correction similar to S in the story. She will pay off her debts as well in exactly the same way as S in the story. Her punishment will be the one most favoured by you who comment.

So consider what might be easiest for S (or most beneficial as DJ Black ‘asked’ me to add). It is all up to you.


13 Responses to “In the Corner with DJ Black: another Story of S”

  1. 1 Christian

    I think one big spanking (to pay off 3 demerits) and then a while later another little one to pay off the remaining 2 demerits. Good luck with that.

  2. 2 S

    Grrrrmpf…. oh my

    Thank you Christian, how very kind of you…


    p.s. I hope you liked the story.

    p.p.s. For those wishing to send their comments directly to me, use
    It’s a temporary address I’m using.


  3. 3 Christian

    Oh you are most welcome my dear. And yes I did like the story. I hope you will write more.
    P.S. You always sign your name S. What do I get if I guess your first name? Care to bet your rear end on that lol?

  4. 4 S

    Thanks, I’m happy you liked it.
    Since there isn’t much response I might get out of it after all 😉 Since the readers make no choices, maybe I can avoid a decision as well…

    About my name… well…. okay… all who want to participate:
    Send 3 choices of my name to my email address (see above). If somebody guesses right, we’ll see how to go from there. No promises yet but there will be a reward.


  5. 5 Tim

    Hi S

    I liked the story.

    For 3 demerits I suggest:

    A moderate spanking (2 merits worth)

    Corner time (1 merit)

    Another moderate spanking (2 merits)


  6. 6 Jane

    Hi S

    I really loved your story. Aunt Gerda sounds strict.

    I am afraid whereas spanking is all well and good, there is nothing like the cane to make a girl stand up (cos you won’t be sitting) and take notice.

    Probably some corner time like Maaike got only with witnesses this time. Tee Hee.


  7. 7 nunya

    I loved the story and I don’t think you should get to wriggle out of a punishment just because some silly little readers get intimated by making sure they follow all of the rules for the punishment system. I do believe that might count as back talk and you might earn extra for trying to get out of your punishment. I second Tim’s suggestion above. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂


  8. 8 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I think that as the S in the story has not had a real spanking for a long time, she’d better start off with a 2-point spanking, then in a week’s time another two point spanking followed by corner time.

    I also think she should apologize to the other girls for getting them into trouble and either do something nice for them and/or offer to go over each of their knees for some sort of spanking payback. Or is that not done in this household?

    Thanks for writing this for us, S. And hope to read more from your pen in the future.

  9. 9 Christian

    Oh drats, I missed your reply “S”. I sent you an email. Hope I am not too late.

  10. 10 mariana

    I enjoyed your story dear, S … it brought me back some memories and swirl me up with fantasies and pictures in my mind …

    I suggest it be some lenghty corner time at first (1), then a regular spanking (2) … in the next day some more corner time (1) and then ask for another regular spanking (2), it will show that you are really contrite specially for letting down your cousins so quickly … and hoping that the extra demerit be wiped from each of your cousins …

    all the best,

  11. 11 peter1z

    Any chance we hear from S again?

    • 12 DJ

      S has had to return to the Netherlands for a while.

      She sends her apologies. DJ

  12. 13 Christian

    I think we will hear from S again shortly. And being as I guessed her name on the first try (I had insight on that) she is in a little hot water lol. Poor S…. Okay I am done feeling sorry for her hehe. Off to contemplate a naughty girls punishment…

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