Weekly Round-Up


2 abel 2 bikini4-300x168 2 its-never-too-late 2 PB-again-500x449 2 SpankingOnline1 2 toonsBack in the attic while the study is revamped; it is round two and I am not holding my breath. Effectively this is the first day back to normal so I am still a little behind. There are no big stories slated, I will just have to see what the muse provides, but over coming weeks I hope to edge forward with old favourites and new shorts.

Meanwhile in Spankville things are moving on.

Ronnie Soul (who thinks I am a woman, which is ironic because I always thought she was a man Lol) celebrates her 1,000th post so congratulations.

Red Bottomed Harlot talks about manners, preferences and being black in the spanking scene.

Bonnie reveals that she has never entirely retired and has been a hidden hand.

The Spank Statement continues to get back to its old form with a nice run of articles. See theatre picture above for a hint.

Despite claims of slowing down Pixie has a new short out (also pictured above.)

Other pictures are from: Abel, About Spanking, All Things Spanking, Scarlett’s Real Magic and Spanking Toons.

8 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Thanks for the mention. I don’t know why but yes until recently I did think you were a women. I know now I was wrong. Sorry about that.


  2. 3 Raffe


    You must be sound some major work, I hope the wait and trouble will be rewarded.

  3. 5 Ann Blake

    The second picture has a familiar feel to it. Once during a vacation at the beach my step mother and I were having lunch with friends of hers. I assumed I could get a bit cheeky without any reprucusions…very wrong. After the second smart mouth comment my step mother pulled her chair out and demanded I come to her, trembling with all eyes on me I begged her to forgive. She looked up at the table and apologized ” I am sorry to have to interrupt this lunch but Sarah needs to spend some time over my knee and receive a sound spanking. ” The other mother smiled and told her to ” absolutely not worry about us.” She pulled my shorts down and placed me over her knee, snatched my bikini bottoms down and proceeded to give me one bright red sore bottom while everyone watched. I cried with all my heart, mortified to be spanked in such a fashion in front of the table. My stepmother was only concerned that my bottom and upper thighs were thrououghly smacked. The sound was loud and sharp, she continued spanking me for several minutes. My dad and his buddy walked in and she did not even look up. They poured themselves a beer and a waited for her to finish. Shaking his head my dad complimented my stepmothers fine job. I spent the rest of the day crying into a pillow in the family room with my shorts and panties down, bright pink bottom sticking out while lying over a small cushion on the sofa. A good lesson I never forgot. Sometimes it takes a bright sore red bottom to make a point.

  4. 7 Gareth Jones

    Perfect positioning from the female in the top picture who is not being paddled….

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