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Weekly Round-Up


Sadly I am in transit again and have not had time to write a full-out report this week. There is a lot out there though. Firstly the pictures. In no particular order: The first is a historic find taken from Abby Sage’s Naked, if you want to read the text she has written out for […]

Snowed Under


Actually it is raining, but rained-under isn’t so romantic. It’s funny how the holidays leave less time for blogging than the usual working week. Never mind there is some cool stuff coming and I don’t mean snow, although now that it is surplus to requirements I bet that arrives too.

Our story started here. Candida wanted to flee, but there was nowhere to run. In fact to even to attempt it would make her father look bad in front of two elders. No, she had made a choice now she must live with it. With a sigh her skirt was folded on a chair next […]

It is summer and as usual it is hard to fit everything in. There are two stories, two features and a bit of fluff in the pipeline, but none of it is ready. So meanwhile here is some music, well a picture anyway. It is just not good enough; you should complain. Go on, dare […]

She thought she would enjoy a drink this Valentines Day. They way things are going, it’s enough to make anyone want to get massacred.

Happy New Year


A Week end?


A weak joke as well, but with the next post not quite ready it might be worth mentioning that as of today this blog has had 900,000 visitors. More soon.

Her foot touched the bedroom floor with barely a sound as she stepped off the sill. She could just make out the shape of the woman on the bed. She was lying on her front only half-covered by the bed sheet. The curve of her naked bottom was stark even in the gloom. This time […]

This picture suggests autumn, even though it’s indoors and as the next story is not quite ready and we had just hit the three quarters of a million visits mark, why not post this.

Due to a small and (hopefully) non-critcal malfunction, there will be a short interlude. Normal service will resume shortly. Meanwhile here is some music (eh picture).