Holodeck Hell (part 7)



Part one here

Tzara still lay firmly across his lap. The spanking had lasted for what seemed hours and she had long since surrendered to the idea that it would never end. At some point she had stopped yelling and had given over to moaning and gentle tears.

Sensing that she had reached that point, Galen tilted the woman further across his lap and cupped her lower curves with his right hand. Her bottom was a rich deep red and generating real heat. With a wry smile he noted that the woman was wetter at the hot end than the other and he ran a tender finger down the cleft between glowing rounds.

Tzara groaned and rolled her hips.

“Do you know who is in charge now?” Galen asked in a soothing baritone.

“Yes my lord,” Tzara sighed. At that moment he owned her and she could not even remember who she was.

Galen slowly undid the ties on the back of her gown and then told her to stand up.

Tzara did not want to move, he might spank her some more but at least she was safe.

“Stand up,” he ordered.

Reluctantly and unsteadily she gained her feet and looked at him with lost eyes. The dress slid from her body and into a puddle on the floor leaving her naked except for the breast supporting corset.

“We have established that you are not a virgin in the usual sense of that word, but I will have you as no one has before,” Galen said commandingly.

“Yes my lord,” Tzara could scarce draw a breath.

“Now kneel down and thank me for spanking you,” he said. As he spoke he stripped off his shirt and began unbuttoning his breeches.

His body was magnificent; all smooth rolling curves of muscle all perfectly aligned. Once he slid out of his lower clothing the view got very much better. She had never seen a man so fantastically aroused.

Fellatio had never been her favourite pastime and only a handful of lovers had been worthy of the attempt. But she knew what he wanted and for once she was ready to devour a man down to his soul.

“Thank you my lord, thank you for spanking my bare bottom so soundly,” she whispered loud enough for him to hear. This time she embraced the seeming humiliation of the words and savoured them as she would savour much else. Then eagerly she opened her mouth wide as she knelt forward to take the plum sized head into her mouth.

“Easy girl,” he groaned.

But she knew what to do, too well. He knew at once that a quick roll in the hay was not her only experience.

“You have done this before,” he groaned.

She smiled up at him with her eyes and took her mouth down the whole length of his manhood. Then it was his turn to surrender.


The very naked man had to recline to recover himself as her regarded his latest concubine. He watched as she grinned at him and licked the last from her lips and swallowed it. She looked far too pleased with herself.

“You really have done that before,” he chuckled.

“Not like that,” she said insistently. It was true. Never before had she enjoyed that experience. “Thank you my lord,” she added and for once she meant it.

“Nonetheless I must have you as no one ever has before we consummate our arrangement. It is the custom,” he challenged. His honour was up and he would not fail.

“I will do whatever you want,” she said and wondered if she meant it. Her mind raced with endless possibilities, both imagined and seen on countless planets and sex-shows.

“I know that,” he grinned, “But in truth I can only do this once or twice more.”

Tzara sucked in her cheeks and considered his words with excitement. She could still taste him. “I am truly not that accomplished in these matters,” she told him, hoping her words matched his thinking.

He nodded. “I ought to spank you again,” he growled.

She nodded and found herself blushing that she no longer resented the suggestion. “You are the first to do that at least,” she told him.

He looked surprised and his expression softened. “Bend over the bed,” he said.

She darted her gaze to the great four-poster and wondered if she was to be punished again. The idea gave her a surge of arousal and she had to catch her breath. My god, she thought, how to be perverted in one easy lesson. Then feigning reluctance she crawled to the bed and clambered up on to it so that her sore bare bottom was turned to him. What with last night, this morning and whatever he intends for me now I won’t be sitting down any time soon, she thought ruefully.

Once there he moved behind her and instead of spanking her he began rolling his hands over her punished red flesh; soothing oil into her skin until she cooed.

“You know what I intend?” he said softly.

“No my lord,” she whispered.

Then he touched her most intimate place and gently inserted a slippery finger.

“Oh,” she gasped.

“I may have to spank you again just to get… oh no…” he said and she could hear his grin in his voice although she had opted to flop forward and close her eyes.

“Oh my lord,” she said breathless.

“Has anyone ever…?” he asked.

“No my lord,” her eyes flew open and she tensed a little against the sheets.

He smiled and eased his finger in a little more deeply as he began to slide his member through his oil dripping hand. “I am almost sorry,” he murmured. “There was another thing I wanted to try.”

“We can do that too,” she blurted, having no idea what he meant. But distracted by the suggestion, she was taken by surprise when he entered her. She gasped.

For a long second she thought his finger had become a fist and then a whole arm pressing into her. Then pain was bearable but she bit down on the bed cover all the same.

“Slowly, slowly does it,” he said in a strained voice.

Tzara just clenched her face and groaned. This was different that she had expected. The sensations were… she groaned again.

He slid himself all the way in until a biting tight steel ring gripped him at the base of his cock. “Do you hate me now?” he groaned.

“No My Lord,” she gasped.

“Now hold it there,” he matched her breathlessness.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” she panted in time to her breathing. He boldly goes… she thought.

To be continued




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  1. WOW!!!! This segment was smokin’ hot!!! Your writing never ceases to amaze me!!!

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