Holodeck Hell (part 8)



Part one here

They had slept and awoken and then made love again, all before falling back to sleep. Now and then he engaged her in a manner she once thought of as conventional. Occasionally he even turned her across his knee for an unrestrained spanking. Little by little Tzara lost herself until no longer knew which was up.

“The sun sets,” Galen said, his words dragging her awake. “I am hungry.”

“We have been… all day,” Tara said in wonder. Strangely she realised that she too was hungry. This was too real, this was insane. She ached at both ends of her body and deep in places she scarcely wanted to think about. Between waist and thighs she was sorer than she could ever remember, especially on the backside and deep between her bottom cheeks her intimate bud sizzled like a tender hot coal. In fact all beyond that felt as if a whole army had passed through.

“Too much?” he asked, one eyebrow quizzically cocked.

Tzara licked her lips and realised she could still taste him. She shook her head. It was true. God help her, she even wanted more.

He smiled. “Let us eat,” he said and pulled a bell rope. “My men will be wondering what happened to me.”

“It seems a shame to get up now My Lord,” Tzara said in her best sultry voice.

Galen studied her with eyes of cold steel before his smile reached his eyes. Having appraised her, he said, “You are all I hoped for, more perhaps.”

“I guess you tamed me,” she answered, deliberately omitting to address him as lord. It was the most challenge she could muster just then.

He didn’t notice and moments later Maria arrived with a tray of food. No doubt she had anticipated the request.

“Oh my god,” Tzara gasped as she was overcome by the scent of the tray.

“Once she has eaten, conduct Lady Tzara back to her rooms,” Galen told the maid. Then grabbing a handful of food he strode from bed and headed into the other chamber.

Tzara made to protest and watched his retreating nakedness with longing. Then she saw Maria grinning at her. She shrugged. “The food is good,” Tzara said now with her mouth full.

The maid glanced in the direction of what was presumably a bathroom of some sort. “Much is good no?”

Tzara grinned.


The next day Tzara ached in places she didn’t know could ache. Having slept face down, she also suspected that sitting down was still out of the question. Still, she had slept well and after Maria helped her get dressed, she went to breakfast.

The halls were familiar to her now and she found her way to the great hall easily. Only her third day here and already she was already getting acclimatised. As she thought of Galen she had butterflies in her tummy and wondered if… she shook herself. Yesterday had been a long way from her comfort zone in many more ways than one. Her body wasn’t ready to repeat the experience even if she was.  Not that she was sure about that either.

To her disappointment Galen was not at his table, nor was Lucinda. In fact she hardly recognised anyone. She was grateful though that this time there was a pillow at her place on the bench, not that it afforded much comfort so she did not linger.

There was a castle to explore and she still had to work out the purpose of the game. Was the aim to become a great lady and marry the lord of the land? Or was she a spy working for Galen’s enemies. This last thought disturbed her and she found that she hoped not.

Her best bet as a starting point was to seek out Lucinda. Maybe her friend would give her a tour of the castle and tell her more about the social workings of this society. She knew that the day before Lucinda had been spanked by her master and had spent at least some of the day standing in the corner of his office. Yesterday the very idea had shocked her, but now she was curious. Maybe they could trade war stories.

“You girl,” Tzara addressed a passing maid; she hoped she sound authoritative rather than officious. She suspected she had failed.

The girl dropped a curtsey but otherwise appeared unimpressed.

“Where will I find Lady Lucinda?” Tzara asked the girl.

“In her quarter’s ma’am,” the maid answered.

“Which are?” Tzara pressed her.

The girl all but sneered and made a hazy lazy point down the hall. “The… ladies like yourself are quartered in the west tower… ma’am.”

Tzara might have said more, but she realised now that she was in a privileged position. Lucinda was right, she did have status. “Thank you,” she said.

The girl curtseyed, but her manner softened a little with Tzara’s expression of thanks. No doubt the use of manners to the lower classes was a rare thing.

Tzara followed her nose and soon the castle became both busy and less well decorated. Somewhere food was being cooked and its smells competed with wood smoke somewhere near outside. Also outside someone was hitting something with a hammer with a steady metallic clank and Tzara even heard the neighing of horses.

The west tower was entered through a heavy wooden door off a wide passageway. Somewhere deep in the castle were the kitchens and to the right a courtyard. This Tzara had surmised from the light chill that came from that direction as people passed through another set of heavy doors. She paused to study the route to the exit and wondered just ow complex this world really was. Then she refocused on the task in hand.

The stairwell beyond the doors was winding, but wide enough, but she hesitated until another passing maid made a quick bob and told Tzara where to go.

“Oh thank you?” Tzara called out, but the girl had already gone.


The door was ordinary enough. It was small and not half as ornate as Tzara’s rooms. It was shaped with an arch that came to a point and a tall woman, let alone a man would have to stoop to enter. Tzara knocked once.

“Who is it?” a distant voice called from within.

“Tzara,” Tzara replied.

There was a long silence and then the same voice, now obviously Lucinda called out, “Please go away.”

“Oh… I only wanted… sorry,” Tzara yelled back. It was awkward talking through a door. “Are you alright?”

Hearing no reply Tzara made to go. Then she heard a groan from within. “You had better come in,” Lucinda called, but she sounded put out and reluctant.

The door opened easily and Tzara entered. “Look I am sorry, I’ll go if…” Then she paused.

Lucinda was naked. Not only that she was tied at the wrists and ankles spread eagled and upright to the bedposts. She had her back to the door so that she faced the bed on which she was unable to lie.

Tzara could see that Lucinda’s bottom was a deep red and mottled with small welts and bruises. It looked at least as sore as her own behind and what a bottom it was.

“Oh my god,” Tzara gasped.

“I apologise for sending you away, please don’t tell my master, it is not really allowed you see.” Lucinda sounded utterly miserable.

“It looks sore, shall I cut you down?” Tzara moved to help.

“Please no,” Lucinda said in panic, “Don’t you know? I am being disciplined.”

“Disciplined? What did you do? I mean…” Tzara walked around so that she could see Lucinda’s front.

“Don’t worry about that,” Lucinda said ruefully. “I am sorry about… well it’s embarrassing.” She made a face. “How can I help?”

“Help? I think you need my help,” Tzara had stifled a laugh. “Are you alright?”

“My arms ache the worse, well apart from my… well you know,” Lucinda made another wincey face and made a gesture that in other circumstances might have been a shrug.

“I could untie you and then tie you up again?” Tzara suggested.

Lucinda laughed and shook her head. “Thank you, but… well for one thing I think I deserve it and another… I could no more lie to my master than… well he would know, I promise you. Then we would both be in trouble. Look it is not so bad.”

Tzara grimaced and began to flutter. She had no idea what to do in the situation.

“Why don’t you sit down? Do you want anything? You will have to summon the maid and won’t she love it?” Lucinda rolled her eyes.

“No I am alright thanks,” Tzara said and sat down and immediately regretted it.

“Looks like you have problems of your own,” Lucinda chuckled.

“Lord Galen…” Tzara chewed her lip shyly.

“Not all blistered bottoms I hope?” Lucinda said.

Tzara blushed and rapidly shook her head.

“I knew you would… suit one another,” Lucinda looked genuinely pleased.

“And the Lord Chamberlain, are you suited?” Tzara looked dubious.

“Karl, Karl is… well Karl. I wouldn’t want him any other way,” Lucinda said ruefully.

“Crazy town,” Tzara sighed. The expression was one from her childhood and lost on Lucinda.

“So how can I help?” Lucinda asked again. Her breasts and naked sex were thrust out and proud. The question seemed incongruous.

“I was… well hoping for a tour round,” Tzara said but gestured to Lucinda’s predicament. “I thought we could compare notes.”

Lucinda chuckled. “Tomorrow I will get Karl’s permission to show you around,” she said, “As for comparing notes, as you say… well you tell me all the grubby details and I will tell you why and how I am being punished.” She winked.

To be continued


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  1. Love this one

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