School Daze


The fascination with school punishments and the cane seems to go beyond the spanking community. It is less common now, but not so long ago provincial towns and cities in Britain had regular school disco events. These were school days themed club nights where dance goers dressed as either retro British school masters (sometimes school mistresses) complete with cap and gown or as school girls. Inevitably the cane was a regular prop and the bending pose for six of the best was often used in publicity or in newspaper coverage.

Many years ago I read in the Guardian about an adult school for women who wanted to capture the innocence of yesteryear. A 30-something reporter even took part in one of their long-weekends. It was billed as having real classes with set tests. Low achievers and misbehaviour was punished with lines, being sent the corner and the cane.

The whole thing was supposed to be therapeutic, although the journalist hinted that she thought the whole thing might have been a thin disguise for a lesbian fetish party. She didn’t seem to mind that and one wonders if she didn’t volunteer to cover the story.

The event was attended by lawyers, at least one police officer and a number of real life teachers. No one was identified and it was all in strict confidence.

Centre stage was the reporting on the cane. This, we were told, was not played for laughs and real punishments of between four and 15 strokes were handed out, although some participants arranged in advance for alternatives. Something that the rueful reporter wished she had understood; or so she claimed.

How did the organiser (herself a retired headmistress) respond to allegations that some of the caning was too cruel and carried out on the bare?

Apparently classroom punishments were only on the knickers. Bare bottom caning was a private affair. She said that for the less rugged girls, there was always the slipper.

Was our intrepid journalist caned? Anticipating the question, the reporter reported that in her day girls did not tell.

These days there are clubs such as CLASS Ireland or the English Headmaster where you can explore this world.

4 Responses to “School Daze”

  1. 1 Brian

    I can vouch for Class being a fun event.

  2. 3 ArtieKat

    Another erudite article, DJ. Thank you for sharing.

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