A 1950s wife’s tale


1960s wife spankedNot sure where this is from. It may have been published in the original Privilege booklets when they were still produced in A5 or else it was from an article in Forum magazine (another A5 booklet) which back in the 1970s and 80s frequently had spanking and BDSM related articles. This is probably from the late 1980s or early 1990s.

The memoir itself relates to events that more properly happened in the 1960s but date from a marriage between an 18-year-old girl and a much older man in 1958. What is so interesting about it is that the woman concerned would have been horrified at the time to confront certain aspects of her marriage and would probably have shied away from anything that smacked of ‘perversion.’ So she had to find a way to dress it up so that she could live with it.

Her story:

I was no stranger to corporal punishment in my youth; it was just never a big deal. Dad used a slipper and Mum had a short green stick that she used to wrap around my legs or bum. So when Kenton and my parents made getting a spanking or a bit of stick a condition of marrying him, I saw no problem with it.

Kenton was more than 20 years older than me and worked in a bank in the city. So when I moved from Bedford to Surrey I lost all my friends and didn’t know anybody. In some ways this made it easier to adjust to my new life; although in other ways not so much.

For instance on one occasion early on in our marriage, Kenton asked me to cook dinner for a client and his wife. I was no great shakes as a cook but nevertheless decided to prepare one of the new fashionable curries that were in all the magazines. Unfortunately I had no idea how to cook rice.

In those days telephone calls were very expensive and Kenton had told me not to use the phone without his permission. So because I had no friends nearby I had no one to ask about the rice.

In the end I made far too much. I had pans and pans or it; I had no idea that such small amounts would ‘grow.’ Consequently dinner was a disaster.

That night Kenton told me off for about 10 minutes and then put me across his knee and spanked me until I cried. I thought it was horrible, but afterwards I had a strange warm feeling that made making up so much better.

I think after that I didn’t mind so much and for a long time I think I made ‘mistakes’ on purpose.

One other thing happened after about two years of marriage. After a big row I went home to mother. Mum and Dad were not impressed and phoned Kenton to come and get me.

After that Kenton got a cane. It was not at all like the stick my mother used to have and I had to get half naked and kneel up on the bed. Nothing had ever hurt so badly and afterwards I had marks that lasted for days.

Making up was a good as ever and Kenton promised that he would only ever use it if I was really bad.

So the pattern was established for our life. Every few weeks I would ‘get something wrong’ and I would be spanked and then we would make up.

This went on until I was in my 20s and the first of our children arrived. Then as these things do, I had little time to provoke him and he I think settled down with his well-trained wife.

Then one evening we had a dinner party with an important friend and client of my husband’s. The children were at a friends and I had taken days to prepare the blasted thing. Soufflés were all the rage back then I had even made one in the week previously just to rehearse. On the night the blasted things didn’t rise and I was in a foul mood. Not only did I smash things about in the kitchen but I swore at the client’s wife when she tried to give me some advice.

Kenton was furious. Right then and there I was scolded and sent to bed. He actually called me a brat and used the words to the affect ‘sent to bed without my supper.’ You can imagine.

After they had gone I was made to get up and take my nightie off. Then I had to bend over the bed for a harsh caning. I got a tremendous number of strokes and I was really crying after.

The funny thing was, making up was every bit as good as it had been before and we talked about it. I said if he spanked me sometimes I wouldn’t be such a fright and if I knew I would get the cane as well when I was frightful then it would help.

It was jolly difficult to arrange around the children, but I have to say it worked for us and I was spanked and caned until I was 44 when Kenton sadly died.

24 Responses to “A 1950s wife’s tale”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Thanks for sharing that no-doubt true and believable story. I wonder how many times this sort of story has been repeated throughout human history. More than a few times, I’d bet.

  2. 2 Old Tom

    When I was a young boy I knew for certain of two women spanked by their husbands. We boys used to talk about it but thought nothing of it as it was clear men were in charge and our own backsides were slippered, belted or caned often enough. Now I realise it wasn’t that common, perhaps it was just our neighbourhood.

  3. 3 paul1510

    I agree with Karl, this sort of thing certainly happened in the ’50’s and later.

  4. I thought that was a lovely kind of story and it is good to imagine relationships like that. I am sad that Kenton died.

  5. Wouldn’t I love to find such a woman. In reality, though, I don’t think I could really give anyone a punishment spanking.

    P.S.: I just love the way the English describe things. If only Americans could be so elegant.

    • There are quite a few elegant Americans – and more than a few women who apreciate a firm hand I promise you. You may surprsie yourself if you try. 😉

  6. I do like the sentence: Mum had a short green stick that she used to wrap around my legs or bum.
    Was the stick green as in freshly-cut and bendy? I wonder.

  7. 10 Liz

    I am spanked by my husband. This lifestyle may be ‘unusual’ these days, but it really works for a happy marriage. we both know our roles in our house. We’re not totally traditional, I work outside of our home full time as well, but we are very happy with what domestic discipline has done for our marriage.

    • 11 Old Tom

      My son and daugher in law enjoy such a marriage too. She does not work outside the home but they do have 4 children and she can be spanked by my son and is from time to time. It did wonders for their marriage although we were quite against it at first. The whole initiative came from her.

  8. well there is spanking done often and vastly in almost all secondary schools in my country. despite the many cries from the foreign rights companies.
    i dont hear many stories of wife spanking though heard my workmate telling us stories of how her gfs get spanked and how she wouldnt allow to be spanked by her hoh if he was the 1 in the wrong.

  9. 13 Ed

    I love to spank my wife. I surprised her when she was not expecting it. We are alone in the living room, I will walk her over to an armless chair, sit down and motion for her to stand between my legs. She is now figuring out what I have in mind. I bend her over my left knee and put my left arm over her back to restrain her. She resists and I grab her arm with my left hand.
    I raise her skirt and pull down her panties. She knows she is going to get it! I begin to spank her with my right hand. She protests and begins to squirm so I tighten my grip on her arm and squeeze her legs between mine.
    I begin to spank her harder and harder with my hand. After a few minutes and about 20 hard firm smacks with my hand her bottoms are starting to turn a nice pink color. She says to stop, but I just tell her to be quiet and that it is over when it is over!
    After a few more minutes and another 20 or so hits with my hand, her bottoms are becoming nice and red! She again protests and squirms a bit more, but she is helpless to escape my firm grip. She starts to sob.
    I quietly pull out a paddle that I keep in the reading table drawer to my right (actually a 3/4″ x 2-1/2″ wood furring strip 15″ long). I place the cold wood softly against her bottoms and rub it slight so she can tell what is about to happen. She says “no, please!”, but I grab the paddle firmly in my right hand and swing it back a good foot or so and then accelerate it to her bottoms. She lets out a little moan.
    I tell her to take a deep breath and hold still. I tell her that she will get 15 very hard swats spaced 3 seconds apart and that she is to hold still until completed about 45 seconds from now.
    The first strike lands as she lets out a little yelp. From about 18″ distance the paddle makes a loud crack and I’m sure it really stings her bottoms as it land across both cheeks. One-two-three seconds and I hit her the second time. She cries out in pain. Three second later and hit number 3 brings a louder cry.
    Every 3 seconds another hit. After hit 4 she is really squirming to escape but to no avail as my grip on her is too tight. After hit 5 she is starting to sob uncontrollable and her squirming is getting worse. After hit 6 she is crying and sobbing and the tears are flowing. Hit number 7 smacks against her extremely dark red bottoms and she is no longer resisting, but instead capitulating and in acceptance of her situation.
    As hits continue to land on her bottoms every 3 seconds, her dark red bottoms turn to black and blue with welts by hit 12. She is crying hysterically but is in acceptance. She knows that the spanking will be over soon as I count off hits 13, 14 and 15.
    Now the room is devoid of the smacking sound from the paddle and all that remains is some soft whimpering. She knows the spanking is over and her extremely bruised and welted bottoms are exposed to the cool room air.

    • 14 DJ

      thank you for sharing.

    • 15 Leila

      You are good husband , thanks. I enjoyed when you writed:
      She is helpless.

      • 16 johnsonjelena45

        I agree with you Leilia, I hope your still on this site and could message me? I would love to have a message exchange with you.

  10. 17 paul

    Like the above accounts of spanking certain women need to be soundly spanked hard on a regular basis i can be a strict disciplinarian my preference is wood hairbrush and small thin cane used over the knee has my spankee kicking and howling tough but spanking should be effective!!!

  11. 18 Caroline

    I always thought I needed that too. I dream of it at night.

  12. 20 Leila

    When I was student of electrical engineering , I got a bad mark in electromagnetics.
    My aunt caned me stingy 12 strokes & I must stand in corner for 30 minutes with bare sore bottoms while her daughters
    and; her son (16) could see me.

  13. 24 SI

    Very interesting experience by Leila. How did you feel after the caning? Were you excited on any way.

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