Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife (part five)

Lizzie after Ma was done

Lizzie after Ma was done

Our Lizzie Baines story continues. The story started here.

After my sandwich I was allowed to go to my room. I threw myself down on the bed and had a little cry, more from exhaustion than anything else. Then after a while I got up and went over to the mirror. I laughed, realising that my skirts were still pinned up in back. Then I remembered my panties and blushed. Looking around I saw that someone had put them on the chair by the bed. For some reason I felt a relief about that, the last thing I wanted now as to have to return to the scene of my humiliation to collect them with everybody watching.

I turned my attention back to my behind. The welts on my bottom were spectacular; they were still vivid and well raised in some places, especially on the underside where I sat. I wondered how they must have looked some hours before when they were still fresh. I turned this way and that, bending at the waist to get a better view, Ma had certainly done a good job.

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” I said, suddenly feeling brazen and not moving from the mirror.

It was Mary. She grinned broadly at my posture, bent right over and arching my bottom up to the mirror. I blushed and grinned back.

“I have done that so many times.” She said still grinning. “I just came to say that you took it well and I thought Janey a little madam for bringing Becky in on it. I also thought you might appreciate some cold cream on that bruised tail end of yours.”

I nodded shyly and allowed myself to be led to the bed. I lay face down and Mary put great dollops of cold ointment on my still smouldering flesh.

“I should have done this for you last time.” I murmured revelling in the soothing effect Mary was having on my tail end.

“I should have asked you too.” Mary said in a faraway voice.

Remembering her magnificent posterior, I suddenly wished she had. I looked back and we exchanged looks. There was an awkward moment and it was her turn to blush.

“I’ll leave you to it. If you need more cream just holler.” She said backing away sheepishly.

I slept better than I had any night since arriving. In the morning despite some stiffness, I felt good. I suddenly felt clean and that I belonged, as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

As I sat gingerly on the provided pillow and exchanged smirks with Amelia I realised that I had got off lightly. I remembered the switching that Mary and Janey had gotten over the cigarette incident.

The conversation at breakfast was all about the Halloween party and barbecue. I thought it odd that they figured on a barbecue but I still wasn’t used to the warmer climate here compared to New York.

Janey asked about George again and I suddenly felt more upset about that then any dumb old switching. Mary caught it and changed the subject.

Over the next couple of weeks the chores were increasing about making the party a success. It began to turn cold. Ma said it was the coldest Fall she could remember. I asked if that would affect the barbecue, but Ma said that we would manage, even if we had to wear furs. We both laughed at the idea of furs in Louisiana.

The only other real upset was that Henry had asked to bring a keg of beer in, a couple of days in advance to put on the porch.

Ma kicked up about that.

“Why do you need so much beer?”

“We could always get a few jugs in I suppose.” He replied thoughtfully.

Ma relented double quick. She definitely wasn’t having any kind of shine, she said.

I had blushed when Henry arrived, thinking of the last time that we had nearly met. But like a perfect gentleman, he made no sign that he remembered it and certainly made no comment.

While Ma and Henry were deep in conversation Mary and I sat with Mary-Jane, his wife.

“How are you finding your life as a Baines wife?” She asked me.

“Its hard without George, I hardly feel like a wife at all.” I replied sadly.

“Oh my, I am so dumb. I am sorry I didn’t mean that.” She fluttered.

“No please, it can’t be helped.” I soothed. “You mean the rest. The rest is fine, for the first time in my life I have a family.”

“I heard about that, you have no folks to speak of is that right?” Mary-Jane said putting the other foot in her mouth. “Oh I declare, I’ve done it again, Mary just shoot me.”

We all laughed. Then Mary-Jane asked in a conspiratorial tone:

“You don’t find Baines family life just a trifle hard on the behind?”

I blushed. Mary-Jane was obviously highly talented when it came to the serial social gaffe.

“When we first married, Henry and I that is, I had just an awful time with Ma. She didn’t like this and she didn’t like that. We had no house of our own and when Henry was away in France it was just me and Ma and a whole parcel of kids.”

Mary sat tight-lipped trying not to laugh as we let our sister-in-law prattle on.

“I remember one time I went to get my hair done. Well a girl’s got a right to look nice, but Ma said I had better things to do than prance around town when there were chores to do. When the kids were in bed she gave a me a hell of a licking.” Mary-Jane broke off at this and looked around. “I seemed to remember Ma’s trick with a bar of soap when I used words like that, Henry’s not so keen on it neither.”

Mary and I exchanged glances but Mary-Jane continued.

“Of course these days its Henry that takes care of things that come up. You know he keeps a split length of plank like a paddle. Hurts like the dickens on my behind”

After Mary-Jane and Henry had gone Mary confided:

“We weren’t always in bed when Mary-Jane and Ma got to resolving their differences.”

I was too shy to ask for details, but Mary supplied them anyway. It seemed that I wasn’t the only daughter-in-law that had been under Ma’s painful influence. I realised that in part Mary-Jane must know how Ma was handling me. Henry must have at least told her what he had seen. She was only trying to make me feel better. Not that it was needed, but I did feel better about things knowing that I hadn’t been singled out as an unworthy Baines bride.

Shortly after that I got to see another side to Mary-Jane. It was less than a week later when she dropped by with some pans and china bowls for the party. I was the only one home. Or so I thought. Ma and Mary had been around but had disappeared.

I left Mary-Jane sitting with some coffee at the dinning room table and went upstairs to see if Ma was in her sewing room.

She was. And so was Mary.

Mary was draped over Ma’s knee with her epic behind bared for a spanking. I confess I heard it long before I saw it. Although the sound didn’t carry downstairs, once I turned the corner at the back of the house where Ma’s room was it got steadily obvious. I couldn’t resist taking a peek. Luckily Ma was half-turned away affording me a three-quarter view of Mary’s bottom. It was already cherry red and Mary was crying softly and announcing each impact with a growl.

I stood in awe, watching my first over the knee spanking, one that I was not actually participating in anyway. I might have stood and watched to the end and got caught had a hand not taken hold of my shoulder and led me away.

“This ones a private affair.” Mary-Jane said quietly.

I was embarrassed like a kid who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar as the older woman led back to finish our coffee.

“What do you think she has done?” I asked.

“Who knows, maybe nothing much, sometimes.” She didn’t finish and just shrugged. “Sometimes Henry just spanks me to settle me down, kind of lets me know where I am at.”

“You don’t mean he spanks you for no reason.” I gasped.

“Its not for no reason. It’s hard to explain. I expect you’ll understand when George gets back.”

“I am not letting George spank me, especially just to settle me down, as you put it.” I was indignant.

“Honey you don’t get no say. Besides before you came here did you ever think you would take a switching and spanking from anyone?”

I thought on this for a long time after she left.

When Mary finally emerged, it was as if nothing were amiss. In fact I doubt I would have noticed her sit so gingerly had I not been looking for it. Amelia for once had no inkling.

Then the night of the party arrived I was to get even more insight into Baines family discipline.

 To be continued.

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  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Another great installment — and something to look forward to for part six as well!

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