A cool three million


As of midnight last night this blog reached its three millionth visit. What does one say? Gosh. Wow. Definitely thanks.

As we enter our fourth year, the blog has been upgraded to pro and in the coming months there will be more eclectic snippets of all things spanking. That sometimes means dancing on the edge and in the past a few people have been slightly offended by some of the content. Some have even said stick to the stories.

Well, whilst the stories are the most popular posts and again thanks, it was hard to foresee that such humble efforts would strike a chord with so many; but some of the non-fiction and cod history posts are among the most popular here and a story a day is a heavy gig frankly.

Several people have remarked that the stories have been better lately, maybe practice makes perfect. It is very encouraging that you have taken the trouble. One wag said that the story ‘From the sublime to the ridiculous’ just about summed this blog up.

Oh and to Anon, who asked ‘is it all true?’ Eh… No! Don’t you love those short pithy emails that are so easy to answer?

Coming up we have: Raw, Magic, Ad Astra, Abraham Heights, Sensei Spanking, a little something from Korea and a fair few shorts. Not to mention those things that just crop up out of the blue.

Oh since today is such a landmark day, this week’s Blog of the Week is… A Voice in the Corner. Stands back in amazement.

16 Responses to “A cool three million”

  1. Congratulations! And, by the way, did you really mean to say “Defiantly thanks.”? Lol!


  2. 3 million, it certainly is WOW. My blog has just reached 1 million so a long, long way to catch you up 🙂 Congratulation.

  3. Wow
    She must have been very naughty to deserve such punishment!

  4. Congratulations and may I say that you deserve absolutely every one of those hits? 🙂
    You have created something amazing here and you reach out to lots of us with your work.
    Thank you and here is to the next three million!

  5. 7 manhattan

    Praise where it’s due. As a stout supporter of spanking sci-fi I wish you all the best, or, as the Vulcans say: Live long and prosper.

  6. 8 Mindy

    Congratulations, DJ! You are an amazing writer and I enjoy reading your stories. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us. 🙂

  7. 9 paul1510

    hearty congratulations young man, here’s to the next three million. 🙂
    One question, I’ve read everything you have here and I can find no cod history posts? I think this may be something of a red herring! 😉
    I don’t nominate Blogs of the week but yours is always in my top five. 😀
    Perfection is always unobtainable, but you are doing better than most.

  8. 10 darwinian

    Here’s to a continuing success, with more of those great stories. Hope you find time to add to the Abaconti and Angela series, they are so well crafted.

  9. 11 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Congratulations on the milestone, Damien. I’d like to echo Poppy and say that you deserve every bit of the popular attention this site attracts.

    And on the stories vs anecdotes controversy that was much discussed a while back, I’m on the side of favouring those short, poignant real life anecdotes over the stories which I’m sure are the site’s main attraction for most people. Real trumps make believe just about every time in my book.

  10. 12 saucywriter

    And congratulations from me too, Damien, on this wonderful achievement. It’s really good to know that all the hard work you put into bringing us some of the finest stories on the entire ‘net has been recognised by so many.

    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the stories v snippets thing; to be quite honest, I think it is marvellous that you have set up this wonderful playground for us and invited us in; if there are aspects that ‘don’t do it for you’, I’m absolutely certain there will be others that do.

    Remember the old sayings – live and let live; you can’t please everyone; one man’s meat and so on. For me, Damien, you have the balance as near perfect as I could hope for. I wish you every success and hope we will soon be congratulating you on your 5 millionth hit!

    saucywriter – once hedgehog.

  11. Hey,

    Thanks for that – sorry I was slow in replying it is raining here (does that work here or is that just Top Gear?)

    Too many for individual replies (that’s what happens when you go away for 24 hours).

    Abaconti and Angela will be back at some point. Angela is the most popular post every week almost three years on! I think it was the first series I started.

    There is no question that the stories will stop or the random snippets. History is a vast pot to draw on and it seems that these days I am acquiring new Dotes.

    Thanks for the vote of appreciation.

    Don’t forget to drop by the great picture debate. It has drawn every response from Wow to yuck – so far. (Or don’t Lol)


    DJ 🙂

  12. Congratulations, DJ! Three million is amazing…that’s a lot of zeros and a lot of readers. Whatever you choose to write will always strike a chord with someone…keep following your muse–she hasn’t led you astray yet. And I will be here reading, curious to see where your imagination will take us next. Xo

  13. Awesome! Congratulations and keep up the great work.


  14. Hi Scarlet and Hermione

    Thanks you 🙂

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