Dreamscape (part two)


pony girlAwakenings

Amy spent the rest of the day watching the comings and goings in the courtyard and trying to make sense of what she was seeing and equate it with what Chloe had told her.

To pass the time, Amy had decided to treat the whole situation as an adventure, a game even. The bigger question of how and why this happened was beyond her for now and the only answers the presented themselves were too frightening to contemplate. So instead she would focus on the where and what of the situation.

One thing was obvious, in its own terms, this was a functioning world and their role, however bizarre and erotically conceived, had to have the semblance of logic. Most of the women here seemed passive if not enthusiastic about their role and as she watched, from time to time several of them were collected by… customers, owners, visitors? How did it all work and when would someone come for them?

It was well past lunchtime before Tomas came.

“So you wanted clothes did you? I get it; you’re the active types, not happy unless you are up and at it.” He tossed down a musty hemp sack. “Put these on and then come and eat.”

As he shut the door and walked away, Amy realised that the cage door hadn’t been locked. They weren’t even prisoners. No one expected them to run. She looked at Chloe to see if she had noticed too, but the raven-haired beauty was already rummaging inside the sack.

There were two pairs of boots with rounded toes that appeared to attach to the leg by means of elaborate laces. There were also two brown leather halters with lacing at the back. They resembled something that was somewhere between a sports bra and an Edwardian bodice.

The only other thing the bag contained were two wide leather belts with pouches.

“There’s no skirt or anything,” Amy said in dismay.

“We can put the pouches to the front,” Chloe suggested unenthusiastically.

“Is this how it usually works?” Amy was incredulous.

“I don’t know, I… I have only ever read about it.”

“What!? You mean we’re trapped in your untested fantasy?”

Chloe nodded and looked sheepish again.

It took a while for them to get ready and by the time they were, Amy felt even more naked than before. “Everyone can see our bottoms, we look… obscene.”

Chloe flushed and turned to look at her bottom over her shoulder and then at Amy’s. “We look hot, no I mean it, I thought my arse was… but look at you.”

Amy blushed. Chloe was right. She had the kind of body she always wanted, but why? Where were they? A faint sense of panic rose in her again and she quelled it. “Oh well, let’s get some lunch.”


Amy felt more than a little self-conscious sitting on the bench seat on her bare bottom, but Chloe had already decided to make the best of it and was eating her bread and salad with gusto. “This is good,” she said between mouthfuls.

“What is it?” Amy asked trying a mouthful. The dressing was to die for and it was definitely something she had never tried before.

“My favourite… oh, I’m sorry, it all keeps coming back to me doesn’t it,” Chloe winced.

“At least I know it’s not a dream now. I could never come up with this. I’m a lousy cook at the best of times,” Amy said ruefully.

“Unless you are just part of my dream,” Chloe ventured.

Amy frowned and was about to snap back, that Chloe’s doubts were her own problem. Then the dark-haired beauty added, “maybe we are linked somehow…”

“Aliens again?” Amy teased.

Chloe smirked.

“You’re taking this rather well,” Amy put in, a small suspicion growing in her mind.

Chloe paused in mid munch and then picked up a strand of spinach dripping in sauce and dangled it over her open mouth. “I am aren’t I? But then so are you all things considered.” The meal commenced.

After lunch Tomas pitched up with another bag and informed them both they had a job.

“What?” Amy baulked.

“You’ve been leased out. Behave yourselves and do a good job and the family might buy your contract,” Tomas said absently as he rooted around in the rough hemp bag.

Amy was about to ask more when she saw that Chloe was staring nervously at the bag. From it Tomas pulled out a clay bottle and two lengths of what looked like horsehair.

On the end of each bundle of hair was a rather phallic looking handle onto which Tomas began to pour oil from the bottle. “Both of you turn around and bend over the table,” he said, “bottoms out.”

Amy’s jaw dropped but Chloe was already meekly doing as she was told.

“You can’t be serious… I…”

“Come on don’t dawdle, you can’t go out without your tails, you know the Pony Guild regulations.” Tomas wondered if he should fetch the Master to settle the uppity one down with a whipping.

When Chloe had told her about her pony girl fantasies, she hadn’t mentioned this bit. She glared at the blushing girl who was looking sheepishly at her over her shoulder. “I didn’t know,” Chloe mouthed, but they both knew she might have guessed.

Amy swallowed and looked at the plug end of the tail. It was not as big as some she had seen online. And she had to admit that she had always been curious about such things. This is an adventure, she reminded herself. She sighed and reluctantly turned about and leaned over next to Chloe.

“That’s it, here we go,” Tomas soothed.

Next to her, Chloe gasped, but as Amy watched, a look of quizzical amazement flooded the girl’s face and even as she bit her lip there was a hint of pleasure.

Then Amy felt something cold on her anus and squeaked. Never had a man touched her there. She made to get up, but Tomas held her firmly in place. Something pressed against her bottom hole and it yielded. It was horrible, she told herself, but it wasn’t, she had to admit. Little by little the tail went in, pressing against part of her that had gone uncaressed for so long, both in her mind and bottom.

It was over more quickly than she could have guessed and she stood up. The tail tickled between her bottom cheeks and the whole sensation was strangely sensuous. She was also very conscious now of the leather pouch pressing against her sex as she became as aroused as she ever had been.

Chloe looked like the cat with the cream, although she was blushing more than Amy knew a woman could. Amy also noticed that the girl would not meet her eyes.

“Chin up girls,” Tomas extolled them, “pick up the packs by the door, light duties today, you’re more show than anything. The family just wants a couple of status symbols to flank their carriage.”

Chloe suddenly got into character and began jogging towards the gate with light easy steps and a strange upright stance. Amy gaped after her only to receive a swat on the bottom. “Off you go I said,” Tomas scolded.

Amy squealed and trotted off after Chloe trying to imitate her style of run.


Both women stood facing the gates to the outside world, the tails in their bottom insistent and urging them to action. They both wore small packs tight to their backs. They didn’t know what was in them, but it was too light to be of consequence.

Amy’s mind was racing, she had never been so embarrassed, or excited and aroused. To feel it all at once was almost overwhelming. She glanced at Chloe and could only wonder what the girl was thinking. The butterflies in her stomach had sharp wings and she wanted to flee. Either run away to her cell or run wild and free to the world beyond.

Somewhere there was a clack of wood and a tortured squeak and the gates shook. Then they began to swing open, gap between the two doors easing open to reveal the world beyond inch by inch.

Chloe sighed and began to pump her legs like an athlete warming up. Amy swallowed as the narrow cobbled street came into view.

Standing on the cobbles was a two wheel cart with a rounded roof of the kind that ancient gypsies might have driven. The back was open and two colourfully dressed teenaged girls sat there absorbed in a game of cat’s cradle. This was too surreal Amy thought as she gaped at the scene.

A man in black leather travel clothes sauntered around the cart, here and there tugging at it as if he were making some checks. Amy blushed; she was naked for god’s sake, naked with a… tail in sticking out of her bottom. This was insane.

“Come,” the man ordered with barely a look in their direction as with two great strides he sprang up into the front seat of the cart and out of their line of sight.

Chloe trotted forward as if she had being this all her life and after a slight hesitation, Amy joined her as the cart began to move forward.

“Where are we going?” Amy hissed as she took up position behind the cart.

“That one is talking, she’s not supposed to be talking,” the younger girl said in a voice that carried the kind of pretentious grandeur that only the very young or the very old could be comfortable with.

Amy looked at her; the girl couldn’t have been more than 17 or 18 and was dressed much as Juliette usually was in school productions of Romeo.

“Don’t look at her,” the older girl snapped. “You’re not supposed to speak to us, or look at us.”

Amy was about to answer back when she caught Chloe’s eyes. They carried a hint of danger and urged her to play along. Amy blushed and looked down at where the wheel met the road as the cart clattered along.

The streets about them looked like an English medieval town, but the heat and brightness was more like Spain. Also, Amy noticed that there was no one about and thankfully they were trotting through empty streets. She stole another glance at Chloe, but her companion was faithfully staying in character.

The other thing that demanded Amy’s attention was the sound of the horses. It was wrong somehow, the footfall of the hooves was far too light for the cobbled streets. Then as the street broadened out and cart started a turn at the corner she saw why. Instead of horses, there were a dozen near naked amazon women in harness pulling the cart along. Oh my god, Amy gasped, what the…? As she watched them she was amazed that each kept step so that their bottoms all dipped in unison an effect emphasised by the neat swishing tails that protruded from each woman’s bottom. More than that, each woman had blinkers framing their face and what appeared to be bits in their mouths.

“Oh my god,” Amy said aloud.

“You, pony girl, if you speak again, I’ll tell Papa and after you have been soundly whipped, you will be both fitted with bits,” the older girl in the cart said imperiously.


After a while the strange carriage with its unusual ‘draft-animals’ led the two women along increasingly busier streets. Amy stole a glance at Chloe, who despite some flushing, seemed to be taking the whole affair quite literally in easy strides. Amy might have clutched at her exposed bottom or ran off screaming, but barely a head turned as they trotted along as if they were invisible. This was an illusion Amy seized upon and hid behind as she jogged along behind the cart.

Amy was surprised that she could run for so long, she had never been this fit, not even at school and if it hadn’t been for her enforced exposure and a slight chaffing where she would rather not think about, she might even had enjoyed the experience.

Again she tried to fathom the puzzle of her new existence. It was far too real to be a dream, but she hadn’t entirely given upon the coma theory. Just because Chloe seemed to be real did not mean that she was. However, there were far too many details that she could not have made up for her to wholly accept that as an explanation. That left purgatory or alien abduction. If this were a dream then I would doubt neither one, she realised, but… where did any of it get her?

Lost in her reverie she failed to notice the gates and the town’s outer wall until the cart rattled under the low arch and through the open gates.

The countryside beyond took her breath away. It was like walking into a painting by Thomas Cole; impossibly bright and hopelessly romantic.

“Oh wow,” Chloe muttered.

Amy shot a glance at the two girls at the back of the cart and feared for her bottom, but there was no sign that they had heard.

Jogging along as she was, she had to keep her eyes on the road, so it was impossible to look at her companion for more than a second at a time, making Chloe was hard to read. But Amy suspected that Chloe was embracing this world far more than she was. And why not, she thought, it was Chloe’s fantasy after all. Then she thought of the Master and the spanking she had received. That was a scene that had played out in her mind many times long before she had come to this world.

After a long while and with the sun low to the horizon, the cart slowed and came to a halt next to a bridge crossing a stream. The girls had been running all afternoon, but only now did Amy feel the least tired.

As they stood panting the black-clad man emerged from the front of the cart carrying a long whip and dragging a thin silvered chain. Following along were 12 nearly naked women as docile as he could want. Each was covered in a light sheen of sweat and so similar were they in appearance, Amy doubted that she could tell them apart if she were to see them again.

The women were led over to the stream where they were unleashed. Two or three collapsed to the ground at once, while others began to strip off harnesses and what little else they wore. Except that is for the tails they still wore, which still protruded obscenely from each of their bottoms.

Then two or three waded out into the water and began to wash, an activity that was soon copied by the others until a dozen naked women splashed and giggled away.

“You can join them if you wish,” the man mumbled as he walked back past Amy and Chloe.

Chloe broke into a run, dropping her pack and stripping off her halter as she ran. Amy watched her tight neat bottom as she went, the tail still thrusting out from between her buttocks. She grabbed at her own and tugged on it lightly, it wasn’t an unpleasant sensation, but it made her feel foolish. Also after a long afternoon on the road it had definitely begun to chafe. Some instinct told her not to attempt to remove it yet, so leaving it in place she began to undress. By the time she reached the water’s edge Chloe was already making friends and had joined a line of women all wagging their tails at their team mates on the bank.

“You’re new to this aren’t you?” The woman that spoke was like the rest of the women, tall and athletic with shoulder length dark brown hair tied back in an tail that echoed the one in her bottom. She was kneeling at the bankside washing part of her halter.

“What is this place, I mean…” Amy let the question hanging, why would this woman know. Instead she said, “Yes, it’s my first day actually.”

The woman looked off into the middle distance and then back at Amy. “You are an indentured girl aren’t you?” She said. “What did you do before? Before you woke up I mean?”

“Woke up? Then you…?” Amy dropped to her knees beside the woman and seized her arm.

“I was living in Guildford. I was waiting to be interviewed for a job I didn’t want and to cap it all my boyfriend had just left me. I was so unhappy. Then… well I must have fallen asleep or…” The woman shrugged.

“Died?” Amy whispered.

“I thought that for a long time. I really don’t know.”

“My other guesses include coma and alien abduction.” Amy offered a weak smile.

“I put my money on government experiments, industrial VR or drug induced telepathy. My name is Jane by the way.”


“So you woke up this morning. That’s rough. I woke up in a prison cell having apparently been caught pick-pocketing. It seems those of us who cross over already have a history here, even if we can’t remember it.”

“Are there many of us?”

“I don’t know. I have met a few, but most people here are either natives or don’t remember their former lives.”

“I don’t remember everything,” Amy sighed. “But… Chloe, she says this was all just a fantasy in her head.”

“I have heard that before. In many ways it turned out to be my fantasy, but not like this. Well I was looking for…” Jane shook her head.

“How long have you been here?” Amy held her breath.

“About 10 years I think. I was 26 back in Guildford. I woke up here as a teenager again.”

Amy gaped and desperately tried to hug herself and gasped, “Oh god.”

“It’s alright, really it is,” Jane took her arm and squeezed. “A few months after I got here I think… I think I could have gone back. It is hard to explain, but I think I made a choice to stay.”

“What happened?” Amy needed to know everything now, she pleaded with her eyes.

“Like I said I woke up a criminal. The next day I was taken into the prison courtyard and… well they stripped me and tied over this bench thing. I was birched until I thought I would… well it was quite difficult shall we say. I couldn’t sit down for a week afterwards.”

Amy remembered being spanked by the Master and the tail in her bottom seemed to get bigger.

“After that I was given a choice: indentured servitude, public auction or pony training.” Jane shrugged and looked away. She was blushing. “I don’t know why but… being a pony girl seemed better than the alternatives. It seemed like fun even.”

On some level Amy could understand that, besides who was she to judge.

“At first the training was hard,” Jane continued, “almost everything I did was wrong and my trainer had to spank or whip me almost every day. And the chafing from the tail…” Jane rolled her eyes.

Amy blushed acutely aware of her own tail. In her existence she had already been acclimatised to be being permanently buggered by a tail root, although she had no memory of her training.

“I spent the first three months after my training hitched to a wagon like this. I hated it.” Jane let a smile dance on her face and her eyes focussed on the memory fondly.

Amy frowned at this.

“Then I was given courier work. Couriers and escorts do what you are doing. They either deliver packages and mail or join an entourage just for show as a kind of status symbol as you are today.”

Amy nodded.

“It was wonderful. I had never felt so free.” Jane pulled a face and scowled at her pulling halter.

“You have been a pony all this time?” Amy was incredulous.

“No, mercy me,” Jane laughed. “My sentence was only five years. After that I apprenticed to a training house and now I train girls and rent out short lease teams.”

Amy let the puzzlement show on her face. By now all around them the girls were coming out of the water and were taking up positions face down on the bank. Even Jane smiled at the sight of a row of bare bottoms complete with horsehair tails sticking up like a row of leaks in a garden.

“Let’s join the queue for tail removal, we can bathe after,” Jane said as she rolled on to her belly. Then as Amy joined her Jane continued her tale.

“My partner, my boss really, well he… he’s quite strict and I… well to cut a long story short and I was packed off on a short lease as a kind of punishment,” Jane explained ruefully. She was blushing, so Amy refrained from requesting details.

Instead she asked, “You mentioned that I was indentured and you were on a short lease, what’s the difference?”

The line of girls was getting quiet now and their conversation began to sound loud. The sun had already dipped below the treeline and the hush of the girls’ matched that of the falling night. Amy shivered and realised it was getting cold.

Over at the camp there were dozens of lanterns now lit and someone had put up a large tent. There were also three fires, one for the family and two more that were destined for the women.

“Most of these girls are just… slumming it,” Jane continued in a hushed voice. “It’s like a kind of holiday.”

As Amy digested that bombshell she saw that the black-clad man was coming over. “At last,” one of the girls groaned.

“Most,” Amy whispered, “most of the girls you said.”

“Some are being punished and are serving a sentence, others like you are on secondment from their indentures or are apprentices,” Jane whispered back. “It’s complicated, best be quiet now, I’ll tell you later.”

The operation to remove the tails from 14 women was as funny as it was embarrassing. One by one the women gasped as, wide-eyed and gaping into the grass in front of them, they felt the driver of the wagon place a hand into the small of their back as they lay face down on the ground and then grasp their tails. With a gentle but firm tug he pulled each tail free.

As he came nearer to Amy and Jane the giggles of anticipation, were replaced with panting and sighs of relief. As the man reached Jane she gritted her teeth and gasped. Then she smiled ruefully at Amy as she took her turn.

“Time for a quick swim before supper,” Jane whispered, and Amy nodded gratefully.


After a swim, Jane and Amy stood naked on the bank. The cool fresh air hushed against Amy’s skin and for the first time since waking up she thought that this world might not be all bad.

“Come on, let’s eat,” Jane said as she walked confidently towards one of the pools of light that marked where women sat eating. Amy followed, still a little self-conscious about her nudity until she saw Chloe beckoning her from the other fire.

The women formed two groups around the outer camp fires to eat their meals and as they ate, Amy told Chloe what she had learned.

“Is it a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’ or is this really a kind of heaven then?” Chloe pondered.

“It’s not my idea of heaven,” Amy retorted.

“So when the time comes you’ll go back then?” Chloe said with a mouthful of some kind of porridge-like substance.

“Of course, won’t you?” Amy gasped.

Chloe thought for a minute and then shrugged. “You really think that we’ll get a choice?”

“That’s what Jane seems to think,” Amy said thoughtfully.

“And what about Jane, do you really think she is like us? Or is she just part of this dream?”

“If it is a dream, then I am having it not you,” Amy said indignantly, realising that she hadn’t even doubted Jane’s story. “If it isn’t then if there are two of us, then why not three or four even. Maybe everyone here is from another world.”

Their conversation was interrupted by a commotion over at the family’s fire. The man seemed to be arguing with the older of the two girls who had sat at the back of the cart.

“But Daddy you can’t,” she wailed.

“I warned you before, this family has a position to think of…” The rest of the man’s answer was lost in harsh whispers obscured by the girl’s protests. Then as if running out of patience the man seized his daughter’s arm and dragged her over to the back of the cart, which was well illuminated by their fire.

After some low growling from the man the girl blanched and began to ruck up her skirts. Then she bent over the lowered tail gate of the cart and let her long thigh-length draws fall to her ankles.

“Higher,” the father growled as he pulled his belt through the hoops of his trousers.

The girl gingerly hauled the skirts up on the small of her back and holding them up with her left hand, steadied herself with her right against the back of the cart.

Even from where Amy and Chloe sat they could clearly see the girl’s tight white bare bottom in the fire light as the first blow of the strap seared across it.

“Daddy please,” the girl cried with a wet wail. It was her only protest as her father continued to strap her bare bottom for several long minutes.

“I wonder what she did?” Chloe hissed, delighted at the turn of events.

“I don’t know, but it couldn’t have happened to a nicer girl,” Amy smirked as she continued to watch the girl’s correction.

The punishment lasted for a good while longer, by which time the girl was sobbing hard and her bottom had been visibly reddened. To add to her shame, once her strapping was over, the girl was made to stand facing the back of the cart with her skirts still raised and her draws at her ankles until the family turned in for the night.

“Looks like the cabaret is over,” Chloe smirked as she lay back to look at the stars.

As Amy joined her she noticed something like sunrise on the horizon and then she saw it.

“The moon looks big,” Chloe said with a frown.

“It’s… it’s not the moon, it’s…” Amy shook her head, the object they were looking at was three times the size of the usual moon and was marked with greenish-grey, brown and pink bands.

“Shit me,” Chloe said in a hushed voice, “we definitely missed our stop on the underground.”

Amy scanned the sky with her eyes for any sign of a familiar star system or constellation, there were none; the alien abduction theory rolled up several notches in her mind.

To be continued

7 Responses to “Dreamscape (part two)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    spanking and fantasy, for me a perfect cocktail, as for Pony girls I’ve never seen one outside of the Internet. 😀

  2. I LOVE the idea of waking up in a world that reflects your internal fantasy (if that is what this is) and I have not considered pony girls before but you make it all sound wonderful.

  3. Being forced to live your fantasy is a very hot idea. I’m going to be more careful what I think about, however. At least until we find out exactly how this happened…

  4. I feel EXACTLY the same way, Scarlet.

  5. 5 DJ

    Now that part three is out – I wonder what you think now?

    I was worried about this. Was it too philosphical? Did it objectify women too much? It was a side step for me – I hope it wasn’t off-topic.


  6. I loved it (and you know if I had not loved it I just would not say anything).

    I was almost ready to get angry at the treatment of the women and then I stopped and wasn’t angry at all.

    They found the way they wanted to live, it fitted their internal landscape. I loved the ending (why are we having this conversation on this thread?) – it made me want to talk to someone about it, it made me want to write about it.

    I liked how challenging it was for me, the girls’ choice I mean. That is the point of fantasy, of ideal lives, they are seldom what other people would choose for you. But you conveyed their joy in your writing and I found myself understanding them and even feeling a sense of what they felt.

    You are an amazing writer.

    • 7 DJ

      Thanks very much Poppy 🙂

      I am glad you liked it – you are a sensitive and feminine writer – just the type of person I thought I might offend – so coming from you I am glad you liked it…


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