Dreamscape (part three)


pony girlWhat dreams are made of

The next day the camp was roused before dawn by the family’s father and by the time the sun came up the whole entourage was back on the road.

For Amy it felt strangely good to be jogging free in the morning air and she felt as if a weight had been lifted. Whatever had happened to her she was certain now she was not alone. She realised that before the conversation with Jane and the utter convincing night sky, she had been feeling that she had been singled out for some special torment and that everything in this world had been about her somehow. Now she that she sensed that she was just a minor character on the stage she didn’t feel quite so exposed.

That thought made her laugh given her current predicament, but even her strange occupation did not trouble as much as it did. Although every time they passed travellers on the road or journey through a small village, she felt acutely conscious that she was almost naked with an obscene tail thrusting out of her bare bottom.

Amy also took some comfort from the now sullen-faced girl who was forced to kneel up at the back of the cart. Every time the cart hit a bump she winced and chewed her lip clutching at the tailgate with white knuckles. Amy managed not to laugh openly, which couldn’t be said for the young woman’s younger sister.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed that Chloe had caught it too and was doing her best not to smile, although Amy noticed she was rocking her hips a little as she ran so that her tail swished. In the spirit of mischief Amy tried copying her and after a few minutes they were swishing away in unison and keeping perfect step.

“That’s pretty,” said a smooth baritone voice.

Amy baulked and missed her step as she saw a large man sitting on an actual horse, the first animal she had seen since in this strange land.

“Never mind him,” the sullen girl kneeling at the back of the cart called over.

Amy wanted to die. The guy on the horse looked like a cowboy and from the look on his face, he appeared to be leering. Blushing, she adopted a more neutral stride, but that didn’t hide her bottom or the obscene placement of her tail.

Chloe didn’t help. Instead of looking ashamed, she started to show off and began to trot in ever increasingly equine way whilst pretending she hadn’t noticed the man. Her adopted aloofness didn’t last and after a dozen strides she cast a look back.

“He’s following us,” she hissed.

Amy risked a glance. About 20 meters behind them, the man on the horse was keeping pace and showed every sign that he was enjoying the view.

“Ooh, this so embarrassing,” the kneeling girl wailed, oblivious to Amy and Chloe’s more obvious shame, but Amy knew that if he had noticed her at all, his chief interest was in the two ‘outriders.’


Amy and Chloe were mortified; the stranger on the horse had opted to make camp near the family’s night stop. As much as they had tried to ignore him, he sat at his fire watching them as they were ‘de-tailed’ and then bathed.

“Will you join us sir?” The father called over once the camp was finally set-up and his team was fed. “We are about to eat.”

“Thank you I will,” the man said easily as he unfolded himself from his position by his own fire and strode across the ground separating the two camps.

Even as approached his eyes held Amy and Chloe, even nodding in their direction before he sat down. He was tall, a little too tall even, as if nature was compensating for something. Also the ratio of his broad shoulders to his narrow waist and hips made him look like something out of hunk central casting; if anything he was just a little too perfect.

As Amy watched him she thought there was something familiar about his face, with its well-defined jaw and brown friendly eyes.

“He could put me on a leash any time,” Chloe whispered.

The words struck Amy like a wish, like a prophecy even. What had she wished for the haughty Chloe on the train? The familiar stranger stole one more glance at them as he sat down at the fire and turned his attention to the family. Seeing the man’s profile, Amy was overwhelmed, she knew who he was. The same power that had remade her had remade the afflicted man she had called a dwarf on the train. He was now how he wanted to be, or even as he saw himself. “You don’t recognise him?” Amy hissed at Chloe

“I am sure I would remember,” Chloe said grinning appreciatively at the horseman.

“He was on the train with us when…”

Chloe pulled a face and shook her head. “There wasn’t anyone else, well just some…” She paused and looked at the man. “Oh… I never would have…”

Chloe was blushing as she chewed her lip. Amy couldn’t quite make out her eyes in the growing gloom, but they glistened in the fire light and she could tell Chloe was crying a little.

“This is my punishment isn’t it,” Chloe said meekly.

“No… well I don’t think…” Amy was confused again. What about the night sky? Was that a trick of the mind? A detail filled-in to make this world more palatable? “It has to be more complicated than that or why else am I here?”

“Perhaps you are being punished too,” Chloe offered.

The man and the family’s father, the black-clad man, were talking animatedly now. At one point Amy fancied she saw them look their way, but it was dark now and the dancing fire set the heads of the campers off into myriad directions even as they sat still, so it was hard to tell.

“Looks like they are making a deal of some kind,” Jane put in, “I couldn’t help overhear you; you said you knew this man? Before I mean?”

Amy nodded. “Well he was there anyway. But he was different.”

Jane cocked her head and studied the men as they talked. “I think you are both about to find out your destiny here.”

“What do you mean?” Chloe asked in a frightened voice; still thinking of punishment.

“You’ll find out. You had better sleep now. Destiny can be very tiring.” Jane chuckled and turned over.


The next morning Amy and Chloe were kept waiting while the father went down the row of bending bottoms inserting tails. There were the usual gasps and squeals and from time to time the black-clad man had to swat a bare bottom or two to steady the girls down.

Amy was already apprehensive because the two of them had not been put in line for the morning insertion. Instead they had to stand naked from the waist down a short distance from the cart. To make matters worse the horseman had not ridden on, but squatted by the fire watching the whole operation as a small smile played about his face.

Finally the whole row of bottoms had been fitted with their tails and the women formed two lines at the trot and prepared to pull the carriage again. As they did so, Amy saw Jane, who risked a quick wink in their direction before getting into character.

“Excuse me… eh Sir, what are we…” Chloe ventured.

“Be silent,” the black-clad snapped, striding towards her and turning her about. “You are not to speak,” he yelled as he began belabouring her bare bottom with quick volleys.

Chloe yelped and squealed as she danced on the spot while she was spanked. “Yeowch, ow, I’m sorry,” she squeaked.

“Silence, I said,” the man bellowed. “I don’t care if you’re sorry, shut up.”

With one last wallop across Chloe’s bare bottom the man swung her back to face him and muttered, “You are this man’s concern now. He’s bought your contract.”

Chloe gaped and exchanged a horrified glance with Amy.

“But…” Amy started. Then black-clad man did not even look back as he strode out for the cart and swung himself into the front seat.

The girls watched as the wagon moved off pulled by 12 elegant naked women in perfect step. Amy thought there was something obscenely beautiful about the way each of the dozen tails flicked in unison.

Amy kept her eyes fixed on the receding wagon as the horseman stood up. Out of the corner of her eye she could see him saunter over, the same grin threatening to escape his face at any moment.

“We are a long way from London ladies,” he said in his smooth baritone voice, “what do you think?” He took Chloe by the chin as he spoke and forced her to look into his eyes.

She swallowed and began to blink rapidly.

“You have learnt not to speak without permission, I like that,” he smiled.

Amy blushed; she still thought he had friendly eyes.

“What about you?” The horseman said turning his attention to Amy.

“I think… I think this is… Ooh,” Amy stamped her foot. “What is going on? Do you know? You came here with us.”

“I see you haven’t learnt yet,” the horseman sighed. “We have to do something about that.”

Amy was about to say something about the game being over and wanting to go home when the horseman grabbed her and tucked her under one of his strong arms so that her bottom was turned to Chloe.

“Let go you big…” Amy spluttered to no effect.

The horseman snorted and spanked his hard hand down across her exposed bottom.

Amy gasped at the impact, her eyes flying open. Before she could complain the man spanked her again and then again.

“Oh God, Jesus, shit, ahh,” Amy danced as she got a spanking she would probably never forget. The man had arms like shovels and was streets ahead of the Master from courtyard.

The horseman took his time and the spanking lasted long past Amy’s tears.

“Alright, OK, I get it, please…” Amy wailed.

“Apparently you don’t,” the horseman said spanking ever harder.

Chloe hugged herself, both excited and frustrated. All Amy had to do was shut up and take it, but if Chloe spoke, she would be next.

Finally Amy growled angrily and grit her teeth.

“Now you are getting it.” The horseman stopped spanking her and set her back on her feet.

Amy danced with both hands clamped to her astonishingly red bottom; great tears rolling down both cheeks.

“I used to be Lionel, but when I woke up in an inn a way off from here, they called me Staid. I prefer it, don’t you? In fact I prefer everything about this world.”

Amy glared at him and Chloe averted her eyes like she had seen the other women do when the Master was speaking.

“Where do you think we are?” Staid said rubbing his well-defined chin. “Oh you may speak now.”

To head Amy off from saying something she would regret Chloe said, “We don’t know Sir.”

“Sir? I like that. Back on the train you looked at me like I was something you might have trod in.”

Chloe blushed.

“It’s OK, new world, new rules; a new life if we want it.” Staid smiled with genuine warmth.

“New life for you anyway,” Amy said sullenly, rubbing her bottom.

“I’ve got a spare shirt you can wear as a short dress. The town’s that way,” Staid said with a point. “You can go or stay. But if you stay we play out by the rules and see where it leads us.”

Chloe nodded eagerly.

“If we stay, where are we going?” Amy couldn’t meet the man’s eyes.

Staid pointed west. “I don’t know why. But it seems that’s where I should be going.”

“Yes,” Chloe breathed. “It all feels right now, like…”

Amy pouted. She wasn’t going to admit she felt the same.

“Alright then, turn around so I can fit your tails,” Staid said enthusiastically as he rubbed his hands.

“What?” Amy gaped at him, but Chloe had already turned around and bent over.

“Do you want me to take my belt to you?” Staid said evenly.

Amy blushed and with an involuntary stamp of her foot turned reluctantly around.

Chloe smiled through her gasp as the tail end was inserted in her bottom. Amy winced and protested all the way and the operation took far longer.

“This is…” Amy spat through her teeth.

Staid spanked her hard. “No talking now. Not when your tails are in.”

Amy stood up and scowled at him. But when the time came to leave she fell into the step alongside Chloe trotting meekly after Staid on his horse.


Night had fallen and the air had a slight chill about it. Amy could feel the fire on the backs of her legs, but she couldn’t see it from her position net over the fallen tree.

Chloe was next to her pressed up against her with her bottom sticking up like her own.

Their tails had been removed, so there was nothing to obstruct the imminent application of Staid’s belt.

“Look I’m sorry I complained about… well it’s been a long day, my tail was chaffing a bit.” Chloe eyes darted in her head as she tried to address the unseen Staid behind on the other side of the log.

“I only said she had a point,” Amy put in. Her voice sound girlish and meek.

Before she could say more Chloe jerked her head up and hissed. Amy felt the impact on her companions’ bottom even before she heard it. There were several more before Chloe gave herself over to tears.

Then it was Amy’s turn and she gave up all thoughts of Chloe.

Staid’s belting was far worse than the spanking she had received and from the way he was going at it, he was pacing himself for the long haul.

Amy was still struggling for her breath when Staid let in on Chloe again. The formerly cool brunette wailed and even in the gloom, her lemon face could be seen. Amy had to admit it was comical.

She recalled how she had wished this on the girl and how to on dark lonely nights she had dreamt about cowboys and big men taking her in hand. In some bizarre way, this was what she had always wanted.

Then it was her turn again and her ragged breathing gave way to open sobs. Maybe at that moment she would wish herself anywhere else, but even by the time it was Chloe’s turn again she was comforted by the clean hard clarity of her painful submission and it felt good to cry.

Staid looked down at the two round red bottoms shining in the firelight. This was his dreamscape, his world as he had always wanted it, needed it. Perhaps these two wanted it too; needed it even and in a moment of time their desires had all combined. Who knew? Who ever really knows anything? The world exists because we think it exists.

The two women were sobbing gently, their two bottoms bobbing up and down in time with their crying. Staid examined the redness of their bottoms. He wanted to give them more, but he wasn’t cruel.

Amy waited expectantly as she cast a glance at Chloe. They both knew it wasn’t over, like the dream, it wouldn’t be over until they all needed it to be.

Staid shrugged. They were healthy girls. He would make it up to them later he thought as he let his belt fall heavily across Amy’s bottom again.


5 Responses to “Dreamscape (part three)”

  1. 1 paul1510

    great little story, really enjoyed. 😀
    Poppy, maybe your dream has come true. 😉

  2. DJ,
    I loved it. I made my long comment as a reply to yours at the end of part 2.

    Paul, I saw nothing about chocolate or bubble baths in this story so I have no idea what you mean. 🙂

  3. 3 DJ

    What does it all mean? I think it was just a bit of fun. But I wanted to explore the boundaries of fantasy and when exactly do fantasies collide or come together.

    Whoose fantasy was it? Did the person with the strongest fantasy win or did the strongest person win? Did the all win?

    What would a reality built on fantasy look like and would you want it? Assuming it was yours and not this one?

    Thanks for reading?

    DJ 😉

  4. I want to write properly and answer all those questions- it would be a bit of an essay

  5. DJ, I like the way you described it in the story: that perhaps all of their desires combined. A cautionary tale for who you sit next to in a train, though. 🙂

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