Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife (part four)


!lb01Our story continues. Part five should be ready tomorrow. If you missed parts one, two and three the story starts here.

With the promise of my first switching on Saturday the week dragged by for me. The day after my little trip I went to see Mary in her room and tried to pluck up the courage to ask her about what a switching was like. We talk about ordinary things and she seemed oblivious to my plight. I detected an atmosphere between us. Then she said:

“I am surprised you got off so easily with Ma after yesterday.”

Of course, she didn’t know, why should she?

“I don’t think I did.” I said blushing. “She said, Ma said..”

“You got another whopping coming?” Mary asked the penny dropping.

I nodded still blushing.

“After that spanking you got I can see why she would delay it. Its no favour though, is it?” Mary said ruefully. “What she promise? A switching?”

I nodded with a grimace.

“What is it like?” I asked shyly.

“You’ve seen it. You know.”

“Does it hurt worse than a spanking?”

“It hurts different. But yeah usually its worse, it depends on how long she pays you out. That last switching I got was a good one, it may not be that bad.”

“Ma said she is not going easy on me any more, I think I am going to get it as bad as you would.” I volunteered, almost with pride.

“Oh boy you’d better hope not. That stunt you pulled was dumb and Ma was really broken up by it when she found out. If I had pulled a stunt like that, shit.” She caught on the last word and looked around anxiously in case Ma was about. “If I had pulled a stunt like that then she would probably drag me down to the turnpike and whip me good with a whole bunch of switches right where people could see.”

I blanched at the idea and Mary laid a reassuring hand on me.

 “I reckon I am an old hand when it comes to getting whoppings, she wouldn’t do that to you. Not this time anyway, but I wouldn’t try it again if I was you.”

“What will she do?” I asked hoping Mary was right.

Mary sighed and sat down on her bed. She thought for a minute and a strange look came over her face like she was remembering.

“You ever had to cut a switch?” She asked.

I shook my head.

“She’ll make you cut your own switch, just one if your lucky. But you had better mind what she says about what kind she wants. My grandma used to take me into the yard and if I cut the wrong one she’d switch me right there in the yard with the switch I picked first and then send me off to cut a new one for my real switching. That’s how Ma was raised. That’s how we were raised.” Mary told me and then added. “I reckon if she is real mad, no never mind, she either will or won’t.”

“What?” I asked in panic.

“Well you’ll get to go in the corner before and after. You’ll definitely be bare after.”

“Will she switch me downstairs?” I asked know the answer already.

“Always, either that or the porch. Like I said, doubtful that you’ll get it in the yard or at the road, not your first time.”

“Does Ma ever spank you? I mean instead of using a switch?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. We have a private chat lots of times. More often than you think, at least three times since you’ve been here.” She smiled at my surprise. “Come with me.”

I followed her downstairs and we went into the yard. We walked a short way down the side of the house along side the old road to some bushes and a tree.

Mary pulled a long thin branch away from the tree.

“That’s about the right thickness and length. It needs to be about a quarter inch thick and two and a half to three feet long. Just put your finger tips together so that your forearms line up.” She said holding up her arms so that her elbows were level. “The distance between your elbows is two biblical cubits or about three feet or a little under. It should be about as thick as your little finger. That way the switch gets bigger as the girl does.”

I found myself fascinated and I wanted to break one off and look. Then Mary did, using a penknife from her pocket.

“See its still green. That’s important too.” She handed the switch to me. “This one has some buds on it. Try and avoid those, unless you’re told too. My grandma switched my hide when I was 17. ‘Make sure there’s plenty of buds on there.’ She said.”

I don’t know why, but I felt a little better after talking to Mary. She made it all seem so matter-of-fact. That didn’t stop my nervous anticipation over days that followed.

Finally it was Saturday. I had butterflies when I woke up but at breakfast everything was normal. There were no smirks from Amelia, so I figured she didn’t know. Mary smiled at me encouragingly.

“Make sure you have a good breakfast, you’re going to need it.” Ma said to me when I sat down.

Janey caught the glance that Mary threw me.

“What are you doing today girls?” Ma asked looking at me as if to say I know what you will be doing.

“I thought I’d be around in case you needed me Ma.” Mary said with a shrug and a smirk as she caught my eye.

Fare enough I thought, she has earned a ringside seat. But Amelia and Janey exchanged glances, they sensed something was up.

“I might go see Becky.” Janey replied watching Mary closely.

Mary and I helped with the dishes and all the while, I wondered when it would happen, corner time through lunch or supper?

“That’s OK but I need you all here for lunch.” Ma said.

“Can I invite Becky back?” Janey said not so innocently licking her lips.

Ma thought for a minute and gave me a hard stare. Then she shrugged.

“Just Becky, we’re not feeding the five thousand.”

A little smile played about Janey’s lips and I had a terrible sinking feeling. Amelia was smirking that Amelia smirk. They had guessed.

After breakfast Ma said I could have the morning to myself.

“When? I mean how?” I didn’t know how to ask.

“When I call everyone to lunch you can take your place in the corner. Mary told me that she showed you the old Hickory out back. After lunch you can show me what you’ve learned.”

They morning dragged by and I felt disjointed and out of the world. I walked out back to look at the old Hickory. It was right by the road and although it wasn’t well travelled, anyone who was about would know at once what was happening if they saw me cutting a switch.

I walked to the turnpike and back. That lasted almost forty minutes as I went real slow. It was still only an hour past breakfast.

I walked to the old jetty on the edge of the swamp. I wondered who owned the half-sunken old boat still tied up. I felt light head as the birds sang and listened to something far off that had a double whistle song. The world still dragged but by the time I returned to the house, another hour had crawled by.

I tried reading a book on the porch. I don’t remember what it was about. I don’t think I would have remembered if you had asked me five minutes after putting it down.

At about noon I went to see if Ma needed a hand with anything.

“The morning beginning to drag.” She responded with a tight smile then added, “Nice try but I wouldn’t ask you to help prepare a lunch you weren’t eating. I think its time don’t you?”

I swallowed almost relieved that the wait was finally over. Of course it wasn’t. It was about to begin in earnest.

“Slip out of your under things and tuck your skirts up in back.” Came the shocking order.

I stood transfixed for a moment like an animal in a cage.

“Come on it will be easier if you don’t wait for an audience.” She said firmly pointing to the corner.

I nodded and stepped out of my panties. I had trouble keeping my frock raised so Ma showed me how to roll it and hold it into the small of my back so that my bottom was left completely bare.

“I’ll pin this up before we go outside later, until then I want you nose and toes in the corner, please don’t move or defy me Lizzie Baines, you have enough of a licking coming as it is.”

I hastened to do as I was bid but my mind raced with the implications of what she said.

Strangely the wait in the corner was not as bad as when I was free to roam. I had certainty and felt cocooned in my own little sanctuary. Only the lightest touch of cool air on my exposed hinie kept me aware of my real predicament.

Then the girls returned. I heard Mary offer to help with the rest of lunch and I could feel Amelia’s smirk all the way across the room. I couldn’t help blushing, but it wasn’t the first time they had seen me so humiliated, like Mary said I was becoming an old hand.

Then Janey came in with Becky. I stifled a random sob; this wasn’t go to be as easy as I hoped.

“Wow, your Ma is harsh. Janey I never believed it when you said.” A strange voice I judged to be Becky spoke. “She’s a woman grown and married you say. I hope I don’t get no mother-in-law like your Ma when I’m married.”

“Janey you’re cruel.” Mary reproved her sister, nevertheless sounding amused. “Someone might remember this when it’s your turn.”

“Oh someone always does, don’t they Amelia?” Janey replied ruefully. “Like I always say, if its not your behind in a sling then kick back and enjoy, you can bet your life everyone else will when woodshed time comes around for you.”

Lunch was a long and embarrassing start to the afternoon and I knew it was only going to get worse.

After lunch, Amelia and Mary took a long time with the dishes. I knew that Amelia would be doing all she could to slow things down. Janey and Becky were strangely quiet and I knew that all eyes were fixed upon my naked rear end. Then Ma came and stood behind me and started adjusting the back of my dress. I realised that she was putting pins in so that the back wouldn’t fall if I let go with my hands.

“There that should fix you.” She said with some satisfaction.

Even then I must have stood in the corner for another half hour before Ma ordered me out.

I saw Becky for the first time. She sat at the dinning room table wearing a broad grin. She had ridiculous amounts of red hair and more freckles than there were stars in the sky. She must have been 18 or 19 but looked younger on account of her juvenile style of dress. I couldn’t meet her eye and kept my face firmly fixed on the ground.

All eyes were indeed on me and I realised facing the audience was infinitely worse than being buried in the corner with my hinie on view.

Ma led me out of the door into the yard. Given my state of exposure it was the hardest step I ever had to take. I heard a scuffle behind me as the girls made to follow us. Despite the sun, I felt the chill on my exposed behind.

I was walked down the side of the house to where the old Hickory was, praying that no one was active on the road. I glanced back towards the house and could see that the other girls were spilling out into the yard to follow the unfolding events.

At the Hickory Ma handed me a penknife and asked me to show her what I had learned. I had a knot in my stomach as I remembered what Mary had said. I actually lined up my elbows and tried to spot a straight length of branch that was the right thickness. Ma smiled at this and I wondered if she went through the same thing once.

At last I made my choice and cut a length. Ma took it from me and trimmed it, making a few comments to include me in the process. Then she led me back to the house, I hope she hadn’t chosen the yard as Mary warned, while my hands floated behind me to cover my naked posterior from any prying eyes. The girls giggled and retreated back into the house as we approached.

Back in the house the four young women sat in a row at the dinning room table swallowing their smiles and looking for all the world like they were waiting for a show to begin. I suppose they were I reminded myself.

!lb02Ma directed me to lie over the arm of the chair as I had seen Mary and Janey do twice before. I felt incredibly exposed with my head down and my bare bottom sticking up for all to see.

“Don’t reach back and don’t get up until I’ve done.” Ma cautioned.

Then it began. A streak of fire laced my tail but before I could react it was joined by another. The switching was steady and harsh. Within moments, I was squirming and gasping like a fish out of water.

Mary was right it was different to a spanking. To start with the sting was pure pain overload. But more than that, it went on building even as it was joined by each fresh assault.

My eyes began to leak and it was all I could do not to break down in front of the others. I had enough awareness to feel to feel an acute embarrassment despite the distraction of the pain.

Of course it was all in vain. Ma laid on with a will and I was soon howling like a small child. She set my bottom on fire from top to underside and all along the tops of my thighs as well. She was definitely going for the sit-spot. I guess she wanted me to eat standing up for the next few days.

I don’t know how long it lasted but I was definitely one sorry girl by the time she was done.

Ma let me cry for the longest time and I made no move to rise. Then Ma said:

“You are a part of this family now. We love you. If you ever try and turn your back on it again you’ll get such a licking. I’ll take you out there on the porch and when we get to this point in the proceedings, I’ll take you out back to cut another switch.”

I responded by breaking into fresh sobs.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the corner. Thankfully Becky was ushered home and after another hour even Amelia had had her fill and I was left alone with Ma, my very sore bottom and a growing cramp in my legs.

Although the throbbing in my behind was still raging, by suppertime I was back to myself. So standing in the corner through dinner was no less embarrassing than it had been at lunch. Worse still the smell of Ma’s home cooking was torture on my by now very empty stomach.

After supper Ma relented and I was allowed to eat a sandwich standing at the table with my well welted bottom still on display. I never tasted anything so good.

“Still hate me?” Ma asked.

I shook my head. It was true. I had been stupid and proud and I had been punished. I had survived. Until next time.

To be  continued.

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  1. 1 Elly

    I can hardly wait for part five.

    I love Lizzie’s slow acceptance of family discipline.

    E x.

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