The Queen’s official spanker


Princess Christina scowled at the gathering storm as if it were a personal affront, although that was not only thing to keep her from the hunt. Her so-called tutor, Dr Gaius Ghent, had cancelled her day’s deerstalking on account of recent raids by the Tamarinds, as if she were some nobody who was afraid of raiders.

Dr Ghent had been a captain in her father’s latest wars and must be at least 30, the 19-year-old Christina fumed, resenting as she did an old man having charge of her. Well she would show him.

She looked at her velvet riding habit, which was the usual attire for one of her class and then at the soft tight suede breeks that she had been forbidden to wear since she had been deemed a woman. Who does the deeming around here anyway, she thought bitterly.

“In for a penny, in for a pound,” she chuckled as she grabbed the breeks.

She had grown since she had last worn them, so she opted for putting them over her bare skin. Then snatching up her bow she hurtled down the stairs to the lodge and out to the stables. In minutes she was racing through the forest. She even took to the western edge in defiance of any Tamarinds that may be lurking.

Gaius reached the stable yard just in time to see his charge ride off with a whoop.

“That girl will be the death of you sir,” the head groom said lightly.

“She will be the death of herself if she goes that way,” Gaius growled. “Better saddle my horse and alert the outriders to be extra vigilant.”


Christina got into the high country before she found fresh spore from her prey.

“Gotcha,” she said excitedly.

“I certainly have your highness,” came an answer.

Christina turned angrily only to be confronted with her tutor Dr Ghent.

“Oh it’s you. I can’t say I am happy to see you. Well since you are here keep quiet.”

“I’m sorry ma’am, but we must return to the lodge.”

“What, on account of raiders?”

“Well that would be reason enough, but we have received word that the Tamarind have broken the treaty. It’s war ma’am.”

“Well as soon as I have my stag,” Christina said absently, certain her quarry was near.

“To hell with your stag, don’t you realise that half the garrison is out looking for you. That means that most of the border villages don’t have any protection.”

“Don’t you curse at me, you… peasant,” Christina.

“I am gentleman scholar and officer of the royal guard. It is not polite to call me a peasant,” Gaius said with an edge to his voice.

“Peasant,” Christina spat.

“Put up your bow your highness and let’s be getting back,” Gaius said wearily.

“I told you. Not until I have my stag,” Christina said defiantly.

“If you don’t get back on your horse this minute I am going to tan your royal backside,” Gaius said insistently.

“Pah,” Christina gasped in surprise, taken aback by the sheer effrontery of her tutor’s threat. All the same she felt a frisson. The same thrill she got whenever her whipping girl was thrashed in her stead.

Gaius folded his arms and held her with a determined stare.

“Get out of my way,” she said imperiously, moving to go deeper into the woods.

“If you take one more step I am going to spank you raw and then cut a switch,” Gaius growled.

“You wouldn’t…” Christina was suddenly unsure of herself.

“Your father empowered me to take whatever steps I thought necessary in my guidance of your person,” Gaius said in one last attempt at reason. “For god’s sake since your brother’s illness you are more important than ever. This is no game. You may one day be queen. Please ma’am, be reasonable.”

“When I have my stag we can return to the lodge and I’ll be sure to send Katrina my whipping girl if you still want to carry out your ridiculous threat. I might even watch,” Christina said smugly.

“Very well ma’am,” Gaius said finally resigned.

“I knew you would see it my way,” Christina said triumphantly.

A triumph that was short lived. Her tutor seized her and dragged her as she berated him over to a fallen log. Once there he turned her over his knee and prepared to spank her.

“Get your hands off me. You can’t treat me like this,” she said frantically.

Looking down at her thick suede riding breeks he decided that he agreed. Loosening the lacing at her hip he quickly shucked her breeks down to her knees. Only then did he realise that she was nude beneath.

“Oh my god, how dare you?” Christina shrieked. “I’ll have you executed, I’ll have you…”

But Gaius wasn’t listening and brought the flat of his hand down with a smart splat.

“Yeowch,” Christina yelped.

There was a bright red handprint on the girl’s royal white bottom and for a moment it dawned on him what he was doing. He hoped his friend King Gustav didn’t mind being taken at his word where his daughter was concerned.

The spanking that followed was a decent affair, every bit as educational as any he had applied to his sisters or their maid’s bare bottoms before now. From the game-scaring howls that the royal princess expressed, it was certain that she thought so. Within moments the fast spanking had turned her bottom from white through pink to a good solid red.

“You bastard, you traitor, you ruffian,” Christina berated.

“You forgot peasant again,” Gaius chuckled.

“You are beneath a peasant you yeoman scum,” she spat angrily.

The jibe was well aimed; Gaius’s forbears were of yeoman stock, although he liked to think of them as petty gentry. Still a cut above peasant, he smiled, he had been remiss in her education it seemed.

“Peasants are but villains and serfs,” he scolded. “As land-holders yeoman are set above them, surely you know that.”

The impromptu lecture was delivered with another volley of spanks.

“Please stop you… gentleman scholar,” she amended as she began to show signs of distress.

Gaius looked down on her by now very red bottom and decided that the approach he had taken had been a sound one.

“First I want your promise that you will apologise to the captain of the garrison and the town’s alderman for all the trouble you have caused.”

“Go to hell you…” she spat angrily.

“I see,” he said darkly, renewing his efforts.

“You pig-dog bastard son of a poxy whore,” she raged angrily.

“Such language,” he tut-tutted, “perhaps this spanking has been long overdue.”

“I’ll be damned if I apologise,” she growled.

“Ok if it is to be, then it is to be,” he sighed dropping her to the floor.

She immediately clamped her hands to her glowing bottom and tried in vain to pull the tight suede over her swollen red nates.

“Leave them be, I am not done with you,” he ordered.

She looked up in horror and saw him begin to cut a switch from a nearby branch.

“Look maybe I should have come back when you said and I’m sorry I called you a peasant, but I won’t apologise to those commoner scum at the lodge,” she said taking a bargaining tone.

“Peasant is it? You think that a greater insult than… what was it pig-dog and calling my mother a harlot? Perhaps we should ask King Gustav that, I wonder if he would agree.”

“I-I… look, I said I’d come back alright,” Christina was well aware that she was out of her depth.

The ex-soldier moved the princess easily and draped her still struggling over the fallen log.

“Now I am going to teach you a lesson you will never forget,” Gaius said with feeling, adding, “Ma’am.”

In a swishing-whisp the switch struck Christina’s exposed bottom with a line of fire and she growled angrily.

I won’t cry, I won’t, she promised herself under her breath.

Over the next 10 minutes Gaius was to test that promise and by the time his charge’s bottom was criss-crossed with many dozen vivid welts he was to find it lacking. First she began to gasp and then she growled at each impact. Then finally she began to yell out tearfully and began to beg.

“Are we done here?”

“Yes oh god please,” Christina sobbed.

“Now I am really going to curb your pride,” he scolded. With that he hauled her to her feet and threw her face down over her saddle so that her welted bare bottom was pointing at the forest canopy. “Let’s see how proud you are after I lead you back to the lodge like this.”

“No… no… no… please, you can’t do this, please… I’m sorry, I’ll do anything,” this was bad, she decided. It had taken her years to prove that she was a power in the land and a princess grown, oh why had she been so stubborn, she berated herself.

It took more than an hour to get to the rise and all the while she prayed that he would give her one more chance. Then from her extra-humble position she saw the smoke.

“What’s that?”

“It looks like you have a few less peasants your highness. The Tamarind have struck, no doubt while the garrison was out looking for you.”

“Oh god no,” she began to cry again. “Please you have to let me down, please Dr Ghent I am truly sorry.”

“If only I believed you ma’am,” Gaius said dryly, “what a day that would be.”

“Dr Ghent I crave a noble boon,” she said formally. “All I ask is that you listen. If you still want to punish me this way after you hear me out then so be it.”

She could not believe what she was saying, but suddenly something had changed. She could not be a spanked brat.

“I’m listening.”

“Please allow me to dismount. Please Dr Ghent.”

He helped her down and then without repairing her dress she knelt before him.

“Gaius Ghent, if you will forgive me and allow me to keep my dignity on this day then I, Christina Harland, Princess Royal of Scandia, will grant you a royal boon. In that you Dr Gaius Ghent will have the right to spank or chastise me in any way you see fit form this day on, when you deem my behaviour warrants it.”

Gaius had not expected this. It certainly removed any lingering doubt that he had over stepped the mark. It would also be churlish to refuse a royal boon. Not that he imagined that he would ever take advantage of it.

“Very well, repair your clothes, we must ride hard.”

They gained the town in half an hour and were surprised to see more than just garrison troops waiting.

Lord General Genic was there in person and as they rode up he knelt.

“The town, was it attacked?” Christina asked frantically.

“We arrived in time, but your majesty, I have grave news.”

“Your majesty? Oh no, please no,” tears sprang to Christina’s eyes.

“I must inform you that three days after his son died peacefully in his sleep, King Gustav also went to glory. Your majesty, the King is dead,” General Genic intoned, then after a long pause he screamed with the enthusiasm of a fanatic, “Long live the Queen.”

Gaius looked at his stricken queen and felt as sick as she looked. It did not escape his notice that he had just spanked a queen, but that seemed so long ago now and almost unimportant.

“I must ride to the capitol at once. Dr Ghent, Sir Gaius as you will be known, you will take charge here. Your days as my tutor are over I fear,” she offered him a tight smile.


Ten years had passed and Sir Gaius, having distinguished himself in the late wars against the Tamarind, had acquired several baronial estates and eventually after a term in office as the Vice-Governor of the New Territories, he had been made Count Alavus.

He had not seen the capital or his queen in all that time and as he rode within sight of Halmstad his heart soared. He had hoped to find his nephew and his family, his only living family, but as he reached the city gates a herald was waiting for him.

“My Lord, you are Count Alavus?” He asked.

“I am.”

“You presence is required at the castle, my lord.”

“Which castle?” Gaius said wearily and yawned. What had he forgotten to attend to now?

The herald frowned and glanced at his shoulder emblem, wondering if perhaps he had forgotten to put on his royal livery on that morning.

“Halmstad Castle, the Queen wishes to see you,” the herald offered tentatively.

“Yes I see,” Gaius said shaking his head, “of course. Forgive me I have been long from court and I forget the protocols.”


Christina had not been idle these last years. Gone was the silly girl who put hunting before her people’s safety. With Lord General Genic’s help and others like him, the war had been won. One such other was her father’s old friend Gaius Ghent, now the Count of Alavus. Not only had he been a key general in the late war, but afterwards he had organised the captured territories finances and had even brought the former subjugated peoples to regard her armies as liberators rather than conquerors. She needed such men at her court. Besides, she remembered with a blush, Gaius Ghent was not a man to hold back in the name of propriety, he would say and do what he thought was right regardless of his own interests. Not that she had always appreciated that, she chuckled at the memory.

The thoughts of the man had begun to distract her, she cursed herself. God I need to be wed, she sighed. Instead of continuing to the council chambers, she took the stairs to her own private chamber.

Katrina was waiting for her.

“Are you sound?” Christina asked.

“Always your majesty,” Katrina dipped in a curtsey.

“I need to be focussed for the council meeting and I am… distracted,” the Queen blushed.

“I am at your disposal,” Katrina curtsied again.

Katrina had been Christina’s girlhood whipping girl, a fad at the time, which her late mother had introduced to the court, although the king her father had favoured more direct means. These days and especially after her long-ago encounter with Gaius Ghent, she wondered if her father was not right. Nevertheless, as queen, even the indignity of a whipping girl was something to be dispensed with.

However, when Katrina had been dismissed she had pleaded for a position at court, not being trained in anything else and so little-by-little her position as personal maid had transformed back into a secret whipping girl of sorts. One who was willing and able to serve her queen’s special desires.

Being well-practiced it took only a minute for Katrina to strip naked and lay herself face down on the bed where she was fastened with silken cords at her wrists and ankles. As always her bottom was raised by use of a small pillow so that it was well presented for Christina’s pleasure.

The queen examined her servant’s small tight round bottom, lamenting a little that there were still traces of a previous whipping preferring as she did to mar unmarked flesh. As she studied the target she drew the cords of a medium martinet through her fingers. Then after a long pause she whisked it down smartly extracting a small gasp from Katrina.

“You are much in need today your majesty,” Katrina observed as she braced herself for what she knew now was going to be a heavy session.

“Yes,” Christian breathed, but it was not this thrashing that was most on her mind, but another from long ago.

Then stroke after stroke was lashed in until Katrina’s bottom was a study in red rills searing across every inch of her skin. Still Christina did not stop, but lay on until she too was panting with passion and the exertion of it.

Then dragging up her skirts she fell upon the woman and began to grind her sex into the abused flesh, all the while remembering the sting on her own bottom up in the hills on the day she became queen. If the room had not been well sound-proofed then at the moment of crisis, the whole castle would have heard her scream one word.



Christina sat as calmly as she could in the throne room as a seemingly endless procession of courtiers and well-wishers were presented. But inside her heart was racing and the tight stickiness she had addressed earlier with Katrina had returned. It was all she could do not to turn this way and that for a better look at the receiving line in the hopes of seeing him.

Then there he was. He wasn’t as old as she had expected. But then he was barely beyond 40 and she was no longer a girl. His hair was still cropped and thick, although by now it had turned silver. Also he was not as tall as she remembered and still looked more like a school teacher than a soldier.

She had been such a child back then, her head easily turned by a boy in armour rather than by man of wisdom. But no longer, for as queen she had come to know that there was always another pretty boy willing to kill and die for her, but wise men were rare. And there were none wiser in her whole kingdom than Gaius Ghent, Count of Alavus, hero of the New Territories.

“His Lordship, Gaius, Count Alavus,” Gaius was finally announced.

He bowed low with an air of one who mocked the courtly virtues and she stifled a giggle.

“My lord, it has been a long time,” she smiled with a regal inclination of her head.

“Indeed your majesty, I am honoured that you remember me.”

“My lord, as you once predicted, I will remember you for as long as I live.”

He frowned, a littler puzzled and then his face took on a sardonic look as he appeared to remember.

“I think I was referring to the lesson I was teaching at the time rather than myself Ma’am.” He said graciously.

“That particular lesson could never be separated from its teacher,” she countered. “You recall I granted you a royal boon as a result, indirectly at least.”

His gaze held hers and for a moment he wondered if she was looking for some long cold revenge.

“I think perhaps that a boon offered by a princess so long ago has since expired,” he said, unable to conceal his amusement.

“I will decide when a boon has expired and besides as I recall I was already a queen when it was granted, although I did not know it.”

“Then it was a lesson well-taught as it never needed repeating.”

There was some impatient shuffling around them as the court gradually realised that there was a game afoot that was beyond their ken. Christina glanced around and saw that some of the more vigilant court observers had detected the chemistry between her and Gaius.

“There are always other lessons. I wish you to join my council and resume some of your former duties as my guide and adviser,” Christina said as imperiously as she could manage.

“I am not sure…”

“With respect my lord that was not a suggestion.”

“Your Majesty.” Gaius bowed. “I am honoured.”


“A lot of men died in the war,” Christina said sadly as they walked in the castle garden.

“It is ever thus in war,” Gaius agreed.

“Some take more chances with lives than others. For instance they tell me you withdrew from Ulmo rather than take further losses. You were much criticised.”

“There was nothing to be gained but fleeting honour and I doubt if the men’s wives and children would have thanked me for that.”

“That is what I mean,” Christina said quietly.

They walked on a little and the Queen smelled the roses and thought of all the men who would forever be denied such joys.

“I was advised not to send a fleet to Malmo,” she said quietly.

“Hindsight is a curse,” Gaius whispered. “You were not to know.”

“But my advisers knew. I was told the position was untenable.”

Gaius said nothing.

“Nine thousand died that day,” Christina looked ashen.

“Then let us be thankful the war is over.”

“I have heard word from the Imperial Ambassador.” It appeared to be a non sequitur.

Again Gaius said nothing. The Queen would come to the point in her own good time.

“He tells me that the Emperor is calling in on the terms to the Treaty of the Rhine.”

“I see,” Gaius said, now seeing where this was going. “You think there may be war.”

“The Franks are already massing at the Imperial border. I think the time for ‘may be’ has past.”

“Now I understand ma’am, you are thinking of the fallen to come.”

“I need two things from you. That is what I am thinking.”

“Indeed Ma’am?”

“You will like one, but hate its coming. You will resist the other, but come to enjoy its execution.”

“I like not the sound of either already.” Gaius forgot himself and she was thankful for that.

“I am raising you to Duke and giving you command of the conduct of the war. I want minimal casualties and that is your forte.”

Gaius was pleased. Not for the honour, for that would bring him trouble from the jealous nobility, but at last he could conduct a war free of those aristocratic fools. The grief of it would come later as Christina was pointing out.

“I also want you to chastise me for my failings in the last war in the hope that I do not repeat them.”


Christina had hoped for a spanking, a small surrender over his knee. The childishness of it appealed to her. But when Gaius arrived he held two wicked looking canes.

“I see you have taken me at my word,” she swallowed.

“I think you are playing games with me,” Gaius said darkly. “So let us see how you like this game.”

She curtsied, not knowing what to say.

“Remove your clothing below the waist and bend over that stool.”

A defiant look set upon her face and she let her robe fall to the floor to reveal that she was almost naked except for a ruby corset and stockings. His heart did a small flip and he felt the sap rise. As he watched, Christina turned and lowered herself face down across the stool and presented him with the magnificent backside he had seen so many years ago.

He lined up the greater of the two canes, although he had originally intended to use the other, have brought the heavier cane just for effect. Her attitude had changed his mind. He patted her firm white bottom with the stick, a bottom, which she pushed back a little and offered it all the more.

Did I do this, he thought, contrasting her attitude with the one she had shown as a girl.

Then he shook himself and took hold of the moment.

To her that moment lasted forever. She dared not look back as she heard the slow building hiss of something. But she did not hear the actual impact. Instead she felt overwhelmed by a sharp line of fire at the crowns of her bottom. Her eyes went wide and all the breath was dismissed form her lungs so she had none to cry out with.

He took her reaction as royal fortitude and added another pure white line to her pale bottom in short order.

Christina clawed at the stool still bereft of a scream. That is until the third stroke bit in and then she gave it voice.

“Oh god,” she panted.

The white lines were dark red now, one atop the other, marking a path downwards to her white thighs.

“How do you like the game now ma’am?”

“Beast,” she spat.

He delivered six more in half a minute by way of an answer so that she bucked a growled at the stool. But nothing held her but her will.

He paused to allow the tears to come and then he added the last three.

“Are we done?”

“For today I think,” he said quietly.

She got to her feet and made an awkward curtsy.

He bowed and left.


The next morning Christina traced the 12 neat hard ridges from the top of her cleft down to the one that had settled on both thigh tops. She had settled on lumbago as the reason for her stiff walk to the council chamber. Quite how she would explain not being able to sit down at all once she got there, she did not know.

As she made her painful way through the court she noted the sour looks she got from the spoilt girls of the nobility who had come to court looking for husbands.

Perhaps it was time to take some of them in hand, she thought.

Then as the pain pushed in again she used it to focus on the matter in hand. Gaius had a war to fight. If he returned victorious she could marry him. But that plan was her secret for now.


9 Responses to “The Queen’s official spanker”

  1. 1 anushree

    dj, I like your historical stories best.
    Hope gaius wins.
    And congrats for a job very well done. Really great.

  2. 2 Paul

    DJ, marvelous, one of you best yet.
    Christina and Gaius come across as very real.
    I’d love to read more of those two.

  3. 3 anushree

    I will go for the 2nd best.

  4. Excellent, DJ. Another story I wouldn’t mind seeing turned into a saga. Impressive how you had war in the story, but didn’t allow it to smother the tale. Great job as usual.


  5. 5 fatherjim

    All that has been said is true! Definately worth a sequel, though I fear the noble bottoms of quite a few brats will pay for their haughty ways in time of war and danger.
    I have read about a certain Governor’s wife, laid down and stripped quite bare in full view of Imperial Tsarist Russia’s court and whipped till , well, it was quite a whipping!
    So, a few female brats spanked in the royal court would be more than fitting!

    Thanks for all you do!


  6. Loved your story, excellent and a wonderful picture. Thank you.


  7. Throughtout the royal years in Great Britain, I would have loved to be the master royal spanker. And my duties be it morning, noon, or night. Would be, to raise a naughty females dress up high, take down her knickers, and cane that bare bottom of her’s, painfully. One can always dream, being “Sir Six of the Best’.

  8. 8 George

    Best girls know how to appreciate sound discipline.

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