The Academy rules


The Academy is dedicated to the education and training of young women between the ages of 19 to 25. It is necessary therefore that all rules are followed and any breaches are dealt with appropriately. The Academy operates an honour code and it is desirable that all students report any misbehaviour on their part to their mentors or a senior member of staff. Failure to do so is a level three breach of discipline and will be dealt with accordingly.

All students must make themselves aware of these rules and new students are liable to be examined on their knowledge of them from time to time. Any failure to remember any rule or part of any rule is regarded as a level one breach of discipline.

All breaches of the rules will be dealt with by corporal punishment in addition to any other sanction that may be applied. Please note that all such punishment will only be applied to the naked bottom of young ladies receiving correction.

Some guardians require that their young women while under The Academy’s care may require more than the usual incentives. To this end, weekly straighteners are offered to needful girls.

Students that require this kind of guidance must report to their mentor or senior member of staff after lunch on Saturdays.

Although the exact nature of a straightener is usually decided in agreement with a girl’s guardian and her mentor, we offer an outline here of a typical guidance session.

New girls who have had no previous experience of The Academy’s style of training whose guardian has authorised more stringent methods may expect up to eight strokes of the cane or 12 swats with the junior paddle upon their bared bottom. This does not preclude harsher applications if the guardian or the mentor deems it necessary.

For students that have had previous experience or are not new to The Academy then guidance may be more sternly applied. Girls needing this level of attention may expect up to 12 strokes of the cane or 18 swats with the junior paddle.

Please note that girls attending a mentoring session must wait outside the staff member’s office facing the wall and may not speak to anyone until they are given leave to do so. It is customary, as with punishment drill for all students to report promptly at the same time and return to face the wall until all students have been dealt with. Some mentors may require girls to turn up their skirts and remove or lower their undergarments pending a guidance session, as is the usual practice during a punishment drill. Although this is not normally done all students must remember that they must adhere to their mentors instructions at all times and all procedural matters are entirely at their mentor’s discretion.

Punishment guidance for level one offences

Remember all corporal punishment is administered upon the bare bottom. This is to ensure that correction is more memorable and humbling for the girl concerned.

As with guidance sessions the student will report to the appropriate member of staff at a given time and will stand with their nose touching the wall outside the office. Students awaiting correction will always adjust their dress so that their bare bottom is on display without regard of the popularity of the public area or the number or nature of persons present. This includes other staff and students or any visitors.

Once called into the office the young woman will assume any position that they are directed to do so. They may then expect to receive up to 12 strokes with a cane or 18 swats with a junior paddle. As an alternative, the disciplinarian may administer an over-the-knee spanking with the hand or the slipper for as long as is deemed appropriate.

Please note that young women under going regular straighteners or who have returned for a repeat the same offence may expect to have their punishment automatically upgraded to a level two correction.

Punishment guidance for level two offences

The standard procedure for level two offences is as above. However, in this case the disciplinarian may administer a sound spanking in addition to swats or the cane or upgrade the punishment to 18 strokes of the cane or 24 swats with the junior paddle.

Punishment guidance for level three offences

Please note that young women who have reported for a level three offence are not automatically upgraded to level four punishment for repeat offences unless they are held to be in rebellion or open defiance of The Academy.

Level three miscreants can be soundly spanked at the member of staff’s discretion with corner time and repeated spanking as a prelude or supplement if there for repeat offenders or poor attitude under correction.

However, the primary sentence is usually as follows. A girl can expect 30 swats with the junior paddle followed by up to 24 strokes of the cane. The caning usually follows the paddle in this case and the mentor may reduce the strokes if the girl is sufficiently repentant.

Punishment guidance for level four offences

Level four punishment is very serious and can only be administered after consultation with the Head. Level four punishments once authorised can be repeated at set periods at discretion and will often be so if there are aggravating circumstances or it is a continuing fault on the part of the miscreant.

The girl will be soundly spanked with a small paddle or similar until the disciplinarian is assured that he has her full attention. This can be repeated and combined with extended corner time at the punisher’s discretion.

The young women will then be secured if necessary to receive either:

No less than 24 and usually no more than 36 applications of the medium birch, followed by up to 30 strokes with a senior grade cane.


No less than 15 and usually no more than 30 with the senior (drilled) paddle, followed by up to 36 strokes with a standard grade cane.

It is noted that with experience different students will dread different combinations to a greater or lesser extent and that can be factored into a punishment for the students benefit or the punishment’s enhancement as is deemed appropriate.

Punishment guidance for level five offences

Level five punishments are usually only awarded by the Head in consultation with the student’s guardian as an alternative to expulsion.

For level five punishments, the young woman is stripped naked and made to don a punishment gown. This affords some semblance of modesty but leaves the bottom bare.

The miscreant will then face the back wall of the stage so attired during general assembly on Monday morning. When all other business has been dealt with the girl will be secured over the public frame provided for this purpose.

She will then receive 24 strokes with the heavy paddle-strap, followed by 36 strokes of a judicial birch.

She will then stand in front entrance hall for the remainder of that day with her nose to the wall opposite the main door. Then for the remainder of that week, she will wear the punishment gown at all times.

Furthermore, for the remainder of that term she will have punishment chores and report every Friday to her mentor for a level three punishment.

Level one offences include:
Ignorance of the rules
Coming last in class studies
Coming late to class
Talking in class
General untidiness

Level two offences include:
Public disturbance
Being out of bounds on the premises
Coming late to a meeting with a staff member
Failure to report wrongdoing (of others)
Foul language

Level three offences include:
Failure to report wrongdoing (of oneself)
Being out of bounds off the premises
Being incorrigible
Inappropriate sexual behaviour
Honour offences
Incomplete chores

Level four offences include:
Bringing The Academy into disrepute
Persistent or rank insubordination

Level five offences include:
Assaults on staff
Discussing The Academy with outsiders to its detriment

Please note that evading any correction is punishable by sanctions being upgrade one level. Any offences not mentioned above would be dealt with by the Head in any manner that is deemed appropriate. The Head also reserves the right to upgrade or downgrade a sanction according to circumstances.

9 Responses to “The Academy rules”

  1. 1 Elly


    what a strict school – this is horrendous, where did you get this from? When can I enroll?

    Elly x

  2. 2 Sylvie

    Wow I’d love to read more stories about girls in that school.

    It reminded me of this excellent story


    • 3 DJ

      This was originally a bit of background to a rather juvenile story that was never completed so time ago.

      I was thinking of writing an episode as a day in the life as an ocasional feature if this kind of thing attracts any interest.


      • 4 Sylvie

        It definitely attracts interest.
        I can imagine that there might be inconvincible young ladies (reminds me of myself :-P) who might have to return for a repeat… would love to hear more.

        Who’d be so mean to enroll girls for ‘weekly straighteners’?


  3. 5 DJ

    I knew a girl once who claimed that she got six of the best if her grades slipped. She may have been fantasising, but this was not in the UK so who knows.

    I am guessing her guardian would definitely think about it. I know she would have done 😉

    OK so watch this space – I have a cunning plan.


  4. 6 Cash

    Keep posting stuff like this I really like it

  5. keep me informed i like stuff like this

  6. 8 Svetlana

    For some reason this appeared among the “top posts”.

    There’s some really strange appeal in mixing spanking passion with the bureaucratic language of a rulebook. I can’t explain it, but it’s there. Same thing with the politeness (“Please note that …”).

    Oh, and “straigteners” sounds so much better than “maintenance”.

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