Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife (part six)


!lb06It was assumed that this would be the final part but due to circumstances beyond our control etc, there will be at least one more part, as the rest is not ready for publication. Our story began here and now continues.

The party started well enough. As the afternoon wore on members of the clan arrived. As nominal host Henry was there from the beginning, so that Ma was free to fuss around the kitchen getting things ready for the barbecue out back. Ma was in a particularly good mood as two of her boys had not yet been posted were on leave, although Ma’s daughter Cindy was without her husband Clark who had been called away at short notice. This was later to take on some significance during the course of the party.

Cindy was the only other wife there who had come without a husband. I had tried speak to her earlier but she had seemed reluctant to talk.

“I don’t think she wants to trade war stories just yet, Clark has only been gone a couple of days.” Mary-Jane had prompted when I tried too hard.

Ma was completely against her daughter living alone while Clark was away, but apparently, Cindy was resistant to coming back home for the duration. Then I thought I knew why, but then I was still an innocent in such things.

Instead, I turned my attention back to the party to see who else might be more talkative.

There were a few kids running about, including Henry’s two and then a few of the cousin’s kids added to the melee as the afternoon unfolded.

While Henry and Bill, Ma’s second son, made sure that the beer was OK, Mary-Jane, Bill’s wife Susie and I drank lemonade and talked.

“How much beer do you think those boys will have to drink before they know its OK?” Susie asked.

“I hope they leave some for us.” I said.

Susie and Mary-Jane exchanged looks.

“We both tried that one at my engagement party.” Susie rolled her eyes up.

Susie was only two years older than I and had been married to Bill for over three years. She was a pretty thing and much more articulate in her speech and manner than some of the other women. She had been a teacher at the local school and was the only one of us women to have proper education, unless you counted my brief stint at college.

“What happened at your engagement party?” I asked.

“Let’s just say that you know Ma don’t approve of women drinking.” Mary-Jane blushed.

“You don’t mean?” My jaw dropped. “Not at the party?”

“Well I wasn’t quite 21 and my folks would definitely not have approved.” Susie grimaced. “Ma was kind of standing in loco parentis so to speak, my folks being in Kentucky.”

“But I mean at the actual party?” I still could not believe that an almost grown woman would get dragged into the house for a spanking with everyone outside listening in.

Again, looks were exchanged.

“Still want a beer?” Mary-Jane mocked.

“I think I might pass.” I replied ruefully.

More guests arrived and one by one the brothers, brothers-in-law and assorted male cousins joined Bill and Henry in testing the beer while their wives joined the women to sip lemonade.

At dusk it got more than a little chilly and I went in to get a wrap and when I returned the food was finally ready.

We were having a great time and several people had brought musical instruments of one kind or another and began to play. As a relative newcomer, I seemed to be the centre of attention and between platefuls of food I was grabbed by one of the men and led around dancing.

Even Ma took turns dancing with Henry and Bill.

Once the party was in full swing and the evening was full upon us some of us walked down to the old jetty some distance from the house. Mary-Louise, Tom the middle brother’s wife and Susan, one of Ma’s married daughter’s and I listened to the cacophony coming from the direction of the swamp, which seemed to play a counterpoint to the banjo, fiddle and guitars playing back at the house.

“You girls having a crafty smoke?” Came a voice behind them.

Susan in particular started at the suggestion. It was her husband and Tom.

“Anyone for a beer?” Tom offered. “Come on I won’t tell Ma, just one won’t hurt.”

“I have some mints.” Mary-Louise offered enthusiastically.

The girls needed no further persuasion and accepted a paper cup of beer.

“It looks just like lemonade from a distance.” Vance, the brother-in-law said.

“If I get caught are you gonna save my hinie from Ma?” Susan replied dryly sipping her beer.

“I wouldn’t want to come between a mother and her daughter.” Vance said mockingly and shrugged.

I nervously looked back towards the house but gratefully took a cup, amazed at how under Ma’s thumb these girls all were.

“Sometimes Ma.” Susan didn’t finish her sentence; instead she offered a mock toast. “Here’s to Ma.”

“My ma was a skunk.” Mary-Louise said quietly.

“What was that?” Susan asked.

“My mother, god rest her soul, was a drunk and a skunk. She’d lay into me for no reason when she was on a bender and didn’t care enough to raise her hand when she was sober, which was not very often.” Mary-Louise said louder. “Your Ma’s alright by me.”

“Your mother’s not dead.” Tom replied. Then added something under his breath.

“It must be wishful thinking then.” Mary-Louise said bitterly.

“Now don’t let Ma hear you say that.” Susan was shocked.

“That’s because your Ma has got standards and won’t speak ill of no one. Even if her hand is a little too firm sometimes.”

Our conversation was interrupted by a disturbance back at the house. I noticed the women ditching their beers and I drank mine down quickly. As we all walked backed to see what was going on Mary-Louise handed out the mints.

Ma was yelling and Henry was trying to calm her down. Bill wasn’t helping as he seemed to be having a quite separate argument with his wife.

Mary and Janey were stood nearby looking very sheepish and I knew immediately that this involved them in some way. Cindy was also standing to one side as if looking around for somewhere else to be.

It gradually emerged that Mary, Janey, Cindy and Susie had all been caught on the other side of the house smoking and sharing a beer.

“We just got talking about Clark and one thing led to another, we were just trying cheer her up.” Susie was saying.

“How does smoking cheer her up? Honey we have talked about this.” Bill was close to yelling.

I could see that a couple of the families on the cousins’ side were gathering up their kids and mouthing their goodbyes to Henry. Mary-Jane already had her youngest sleeping in her arms and was ushering the other reluctantly towards the family car. Henry nodded and waved at her, indicating that he would follow with Bill.

Amelia slinked like a cat out of the shadows taking a keen interest in the emerging events, licking her lips as if anticipating some cream.

“I was afraid this would happen with Clark away, he is not gone two days and you are encouraging your younger sisters in smoking a drinking.” Ma continued her rant.

I caught a look on Mary-Louise’s face and Susan grimaced at me sideways, our three sets of bottom cheeks must have twitched in unison. Susan even hastily swallowed another mint.

“OK so I shouldn’t have smoked, I know I promised, but I am grown woman and if I want a beer with my sisters-in-law then that’s my business.” Susie protested.

“That’s right Ma, I am married now and I don’t need your permission for every least thing.” Cindy agreed.

Mary winced openly at that comment.

“Is that a fact miss-high-and-mighty? You get down yonder there and cut me a switch before I cut me a dozen.” Ma exploded. “And Bill you’d best get your wife home or she’ll join them.”

“I’ll take her home alright, but as far as I am concerned she can face the music here first.” Bill growled.

“Bill you can’t?” Susie wailed.

“Perhaps if we owned up, she can’t switch us all.” I whispered.

“Please don’t do that, you have no idea.” Susan hissed back.

Vance and Tom were already sidling off with broad grins on their faces. We would get no support there.

Ma’s face was impassive and she stood glaring at the miscreants with her arms folded.

Mary and Janey were already walking towards the old Hickory with heads bowed while Cindy stood wringing her hands desperately appealing to Henry with her eyes.

“You can’t make me.” Susie wailed.

“Lucinda Crane and Susan Baines if you aren’t down yonder by the time I count three I am going to cut every switch from that tree and use ‘em.” Ma barked.

The other Susan standing next to me blanched at this. I could well imagine she was remembering when she still used that name. The three of us merged back into the shadows as the drama unfolded, trying to put a little distance between ourselves and any potential to be on the receiving end of Ma’s justice.

Five minutes later the four cowed women returned to followed by Ma who had obviously supervised the whole expedition.

“Bill please.” Susie pleaded.

The other three said nothing. By now the party was a lot quieter. The children and some of the more distant relatives had all left and the rest were standing around in discreet groups pretending to be talking about something else.

“Well you girls sinned in public and there ain’t no one here who ain’t family so I want four little sets of panties around your pretty little ankles and your noses pressed to the wall along the porch there.” Ma ordered.

“Not out here Ma.” Lucinda begged.

“Bill, I know I got it coming, but please take me home, I’ll fetch the strop everyday for a week if you say.” Susie made one last appeal to Bill.

“Still want to own up?” Mary-Louise said dryly from the shadows to my right. “You think Ma wouldn’t make it seven little hinies in row on that porch?”

I glanced over towards Vance and Tom, apart from Amelia, they were the only ones openly enjoying the show, I knew she was right.

Once the girls were in position with their hands on their heads and panties at their ankles, Ma went behind and pinned up their skirts. Susie was crying softly in shame, but the other three Baines girls were more stoic.

The porch was well lit and even from where we were, I could clearly see a row of four bare bottoms.

Ma inspected the switches in her hands then put them down on a table on the porch and returned to the party, leaving the four girls shivering and awaiting their fate.

 To be continued.

3 Responses to “Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife (part six)”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    A cliffhanger for sure. Hope part 7 is just around the corner.

  2. 2 lily

    Love this..can’t wait to read more…please more!

    • 3 DJ

      Well you are in luck there are nine more parts – just follow the continues link at the bottom of the story.

      DJ 😉

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